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Greatest Reality Show ever staged

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  • joseph
    Greatest Reality show ever staged God created the Universe. Why? To have objects for His cosmic love. GodÆs Synergy wanted release and objects for reciprocal
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 14, 2013
      Greatest Reality show ever staged

      God created the Universe. Why? To have objects for His cosmic love. God’s Synergy wanted release and objects for reciprocal love. Creation is pleasing. It is pleasure; Happiness. After each creation God found it good and pleasing.

      What about biological evolution? God’s creation does not deny the modern big bang theory or biological evolution. Biblical six day creation is simplification for those times when it was written. It is evolutionary creation. Creation is continuing. The big bang reverberation continues. Universe is an ever expanding phenomenon. New things are emerging; coming to our knowledge. Recent discovery that besides earth there are not 3000 but 6000 habitable planets is an eye opener.

      Adam’s sin is the curtain raiser of the show. Disobedience displeased God. Sinner must bear the consequences. Adam was banished from Eden. Adam and Eve lost the constant companionship of God. Yet God loved His creation and his later generations intensely. No wonder, He incarnated as Man to go through all sufferings to crucify Man’s evil and salvage him from sin on a permanent basis. This is not so simple. Peter denied Christ and later repented. He saw the glory of resurrection. But Judas did not wait to see. He went and hanged himself. Repentance is the key to be with God.

      Why God allow man to sin? War, plunder, adultery, wickedness, lust for neighbor’s house or wife, stealing, murder, idol worships including of money, greed, over exploitation of the earth, destruction of environment and consequent floods, earthquakes, famine, epidemics are all against the commandments of God. Knowledge and self consciousness drive man to sin. He exercises his free will. God has no role in it. Man does it on his own. Satanic Eve’s-like persuasion helps.

      There is a view that man is born with a definite purpose. Every individual moves on a pre-destined trajectory. It is his fate. This will imply that God create evil. This is not true. God created man in His own image, likeness and free will. God is spirit (John 4-24). Man is made in the spiritual image of God. Man is not evil. Man’s knowledge-arrogance commits all crimes.

      If it is fate, there is no provision for repentance and salvation: the quintessence of the Bible and teachings of the Church fathers.
      Reality show starts with Adam. His future generations continued Adamic sin of disobeying God. God sent His emissaries and prophets one after another to warn or punish man. Men repented many a time and God always forgave them. He yearned for His synergic objects. Finding emissaries ineffective in abolishing the recurrent sin, God sent as the last resort His own son Jesus to them. The reality show escalated to its climax.

      He, born in a manger of Virgin Mary and Joseph, a poor carpenter, was an historical person. God became man like any other. He lived for 33 years among them teaching them and as a model of good life.
      In His last three years it was a consistent show of overcoming evil and defeating Satan. He relieved all kinds of sufferers who were slaves of Satan. Physical and mentally deformed souls got relief and food to lead a better life. His words and care for the suffering under-dogs was relief for all marginalized. He was showing the modalities of bringing heaven –a new society-- in the World of men of sins. He even invoked His Godly miracles to feed the multitude or to give back life to Lazarus.

      God in other religions also incarnated as man, but in pre-history. Jesus was born during the reign of Roman emperor Augustus Caesar and when Herod (BC 37- 01) was ruling Jerusalem. There was an occasion. Emperor ordered a census to impose new tax for increasing the revenue. Qurinius the ruler of Syria implemented it. Pilate was the governor. Joseph and Pregnant Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem their home town for enumeration. She delivered Jesus in a manger. This is a well recorded history.

      The show came to its climax in the crucifixion at the time of Emperor Tiberius (14-37 AD) in 33 AD. Jesus lived it. His vicarious suffering for extricating man of his Adamic sin at birth was the biggest reality show ever staged anywhere. The weight of the wooden cross he carried made him to fall inviting more flogging. Soldiers flogged and thrusted a crown of thorn on Him. The affliction sliced and shred his flesh from the bones. The fourteen stations of the Via Dolorosa on His last day as man was mind chilling to the weeping underdogs in the accompanying crowd. Finally they crucified Him alive. This was the most dastardly reality show ever staged. Sin of man in him suffered all this and died. The God in Him twisted the crown of thorn into victory of Easter. He resurrected from the dead to show that man can overcome evil permanently. This is the glory of Easter.

      Prof.Joseph K.Alexander
      Director of Collegiate Education (Retd)
      Chairman , Kerala Regional Branch,
      Indian Institute of Public Administration
      FORMER Member , Executive Council, IIPA, New Delhi.
      Kanianthra, Medes Lane
      Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram
      695034 Phone 0471-2321955
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    • susan
      Dear friends, As I understand it, Darwin s Theory is taught as a theory, that is, a probability. Genesis tells us that creation was by the will and plan of
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 15, 2013
        Dear friends, As I understand it, Darwin's Theory is taught as a theory, that is, a probability. Genesis tells us that creation was by the will and plan of God, and not a result of circumstances. They are neither mutually exclusive nor do they ratify each other.

        Susan eapen, Thiruvananthapuram
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