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Shri Alex K Paul - an asset for the Church.

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  • Mathew Samuel
    Last weekend we in St. Paul s Albany, NY celebrated our 8th Perunnal on the Feast day of St. Paul and St. Peter - June 29th weekend. As part of the
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      Last weekend we in St. Paul's Albany, NY celebrated our 8th Perunnal on the Feast day of St. Paul and St. Peter - June 29th weekend. As part of the celebrations, on June 28th Friday we had a musical concert by Shri Alex K. Paul. That is how Albany got introduced to a wonderful personality and a proud son of the Malankara Orthodox Church.

      The gifts and talents that God has bestowed on Shri. Alex K. Paul is there for all to see. He has brought out some fantastic hits in the world of Christian devotional music including the song "En Yehove.." as seen in the You tube version here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51h44LHs29k
      He has composed, directed the music and produced albums as seen here. Also he has been a playback singer in Malayalam films and been working with the greats of the Malayalam music industry. Here is more info: http://ism.net.in/clients/smaimusic/index.htm

      But what is not often seen is - he is a deeply devoted and knowledgeable Orthodox Christian and also a down to earth person. I have seen many talents in our Church, some of whom have risen to great heights in the secular society, but not many have managed to keep the faith and the humility. Alex K. Paul seems an exception.

      With his deep knowledge of music, his vast experiences in the music industry, I am thinking, he could be a great asset for developing the music in the Liturgy of the Church at some point, provided he has the time and the authorities in the Church can find the right role for using a person of his caliber. Music is an important tool to propagate faith, and developing the theology in India for the Indians using the music that Indians relate to(not only Malayalees), this can be tremendously valuable in the fruitful witness of the Indian Orthodox Church. And I am thinking people like Alex K. Paul could become useful in such efforts. Having spent a couple of days with Shri Alex K. Paul.
      I am just voicing my thoughts, that this becomes a reality someday.

      Mathew Samuel,
      Albany, NY
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