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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 36

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  • John
    Partû36 Knowing that in this life of uncertainties and evanescence every action will have an equal action and reaction and Too far east is west , one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2013

      Knowing that in this life of uncertainties and evanescence 'every action will have an equal action and reaction' and 'Too far east is west', one should be capable of reading from the horizon of star wars and the interplanetary exploration that this flexible and delicate life to tune it to conducive for living as a social animal. Our social coherence seems to be cracking down as the gender war between man and woman and so many other man-made divides, supposed to be treated as one human body, Mt.19, apparently as a fight like cats and dogs as two species, is raging as a classless society that finds its own destiny by internal feuding and conflicts. `Naked I came and naked shall I go'' of Job's exasperation conveys the truth that we come and gather together as birds do spend a limited time on the branches of a tree and fly away soon to unknown destinations. As a shroud has no pocket, we can't carry anything beyond the grave, in the same way we came naked to this rough and solid earth shamefully. The cry that accompanied with our birth continues till the grave, sounding that this sojourn travel as a mere funeral procession, full of sound and fury signifying nothing, the reason for the Lord to recommend only as a panacea or command, `love one another', 13, 34.

      Man who boasts as a free and independent being is all along in this earthly life lives as a parasite, not dependent on others. He cannot live alone as man, because earth, moon and other planets cannot live without depending the sun that gives solar energy and light, so also he depends entirely on Nature and other fellow beings. Planets cannot exist without the force of attraction; man also cannot survive by the force of chemical attraction that is the external form of love that bind us all together. The man who live with the animals live and his mobility also will be on 4 foot as like that of the animals. People in solitary confinement, though supervised and looked after 24 hours by supplying all the amenities of life, yet the cruellest punishment also yearn for the company of his fellow beings. Such some people enjoy the company of supernatural beings, as in the case of Evangelist John in Patmos islands, to prove that man need the company of celestials and earthlings at every moment of life. God could create man with one eye in the front and the other at the back side and the 2 larger arms so that he could see and use his arms doing any work on his body, so also asexual multiplication of the species, with no complementing functions of man and woman together. I may be able to make a list of such comparative observations that man is a tiny island in the shoreless ocean of naked realities, but that I don't like to dwell upon now. I know the difficulties of day-to-day management of my life with one arm and one leg, despite I strain my body for typing with one hand. "I am never alone, when alone", Oscar Wilde, because of the presence of ethereal forces.

      Man needs parents and siblings and the other dear ones for the physical accomplishment of needs and development for all the days of our lives, so also for sharing his feelings that makes the mental maturity in his development. I don't like to drag the topic by making more observations of our daily life during each stage. The union between man and woman is the birth of a child, the cause, and after some years it dies, the effect; though we know the physical cause and effect. What are the intrinsic and immanent process of the cause and effect outcome that centeres around inside and around the effect. We are only the catalytic agents, but who can grasp the immanent energy and power that culminate into such effect of moulding an offspring. There should be somebody to harness this synthetic work, as in the case of manufacturing and making of machines and tools. How does a person die; though he doesn't want to die, notwithstanding, it happens involuntarily? Where does he go after his death? Religions say either to Heaven or hell, because there are millions and millions of the dead revisit their relatives who also meet them in their dreams. The psychiatrists have proved that they go to either dark or luminous regions after their death and meeting their already known people. Therefore, we need companions in life and also after death.

      Life comes down to this earth with a cry and at the time of birth; there are convulsive torments before and at the time of death. Many people scream and exhibit violent seizures at the time of panicking death; there are testimonies that they see angels or the messengers of Death, the reason for their unnatural expression of fear. As St.Mary was scared of the horror of death, it is alleged and stated in the book `Soul after Death' that Jesus came and accompanied her to the Heavenly abode. In the shoreless ocean of realities, man finds what he seeks or yearns for. Man has the full freedom either to reject the existence or acceptance of God.

      Does it mean that we come independently and easily down on earth and live a life of the flesh in sex immorality of tasting our instincts by raping, killing, carousing, ruling over others and freely and easily exiting this plane that end in a vacuum. It is sheer nonsense and hypocrisy that these Godless people preach and exhibiting by shedding crocodile tears for the wailing and suffering people. God is not the steward of the sufferings of any sort, it is the Devil who takes over the righteous, as in the case of Job, or sinful people when God's angels leave from our vicinity, just like in the case of Judas, 1.Cor.10; Ps.78. This plane that is the stronghold of the Devil is haunted by his diabolical demons that infect all of us with all sufferings. Therefore, there are hierarchies of religion and secular administration try to bridle the religions and society in order to quell the self-conceited roles of wicked people.

      There is a Speaker in Parliament to control even the models, elected representatives by the electorates, prelates and their subordinates need to put under the harness of their selfish members, there is a PRESIDENT AND A PRIME MINISTER in each democratic nations, there is the UN and their various bodies to avoid international treacheries, there is Amnesty International to oversee whether justice is done, there is charities like World Vision, Red Cross, etc to serve the grieving and sobbing multitude, yet bloodshed, mass murders and mass graves, inhuman raping of all ages plunder and flourish abundantly and extravagantly in the inhuman society. If we can't govern this planet with probity and rectitude, how a universe that have millions and millions of planets and stars orbit around in silence and obedience. If there is a storm in a tea cup, there is a SOVERIGN LORD to propel radar this 14-plane universe to track and bridle each fluctuation that can turmoil it. Oh, foolish charlatans, there is an unseen power, God, that controls everything, for which we have to give gratitude every moment for our breath. Unless one accepts the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man is nothing and futile that only makes the bastardisation of humanity. Every moment of our existence here or hereafter depend on others; obedience to the rules of the conduct of life that is imperative with our lifeblood is walked over, the net result is the eternal agony in the Bottomless Pit, Rev.20. Soon after our death we are under the mercy of the angels of God or Death; even if righteous or evil, we have to go through the 20 tollhouses of the Devil for 40 days. Disobedience shown to the Creator and His laws force man to become an alien of peace in this life and on the side of the grave. I don't like to linger on this topic with vast volumes, hence put a full stop of this phase.

      If you think that you can befool or defeat or ignore God with your unjustifiable and loose arguments, you live in a fool's paradise. Daniel's vision of the 4th animal that translated as the MARXIST COMMUNISM WHICH DOESN'T ACKNOWLEDGE GOD AND HIS CHURCH, DYNAMITED THE COUNTRY AND THE CHURCH AND LAID FOUNDATIONS FOR A GLOBAL GODLESS EMPIRE THAT IS GOING TO CULMINATE AS THE ANTICHRIST'S EMPIRE THAT DRIVES THE GLOBAL CHURCH UNDERGROUND FOR 7 YEARS, Rev.12, 14-17, as in the days of the catacomb of the early church. Russia sent first time the air modules and astronauts into space in 1960 or 61, and the then Russian President KRUSHEVE made an audacious broadcast that they didn't see God in the heavens or in the wild space while they spend the time in the spaceship. But America is the first country that made man walk on the moon by overtaking or subduing the Russian combusting claim in 1969.

      But that Marxism of Russia fell on the ground without 'the touch of a human hand', in 1989. The homegrown mob pulled down it to the ground and prodded over it. Look at the church that is resurrected from the ashes of the same soil. This is seen in the Indian mythology of old. The 5 Pancha Pandavas', THE 5 ANGLO-SAXON BROTHERS': UK, AMERICA, AUSTRALIA, CANADA AND NEW ZEALAND, common wife PANCHALI, THE CHURCH, was about to be molested and made naked in a civic function of the royal invitees and the guests by the elder brother `Duryodana' of the 101 KAURAVA BROTHERS, SEEMINGLY THE NON-ALIGNED NATIONS, but was foiled because the more he pulled out her cloths, the more cloths with which she was wrapped around is a Heavenly intervention. This is a clear-cut and transparent truth that Christ and His Bride cannot be caricatured or eliminated from this world or in the next. These unethical Godless Durodhanans can hurt CHRIST and His Bride with whatever tool they hire to overpower the only OMNIPOTENT, OMINIPRESENT AND OMNISCIENT SOVERIGN ALMIGHTY, the ascribed Prime Mover, without whom the history of man, his story, is unimaginable. I SHORTENED THIS VAST ANALYSIS IN A CAPSULE.

      I don't know why these faceless and ungrateful people do run after the occult powers, astrology, black magic, palm reading, etc, that I may discuss in part-37.

      E.S. John, Australia
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