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Re: Patitha Veedu Became C.M.S. College

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  • john kunjukunju
    Dear Thomas, Thanks for the explanation. I wrote, what I heard and understood and that I am not sure about its correctness; please do not take it as an
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      Dear Thomas,

      Thanks for the explanation. I wrote, "what I heard and understood" and that I am not sure about its correctness; please do not take it as an authentic statement by me. I still believe further study is needed in the matter.

      The Yabobaya SS started in 1920 has nothing to do with the then ruler, Viceroy of British Govt., giving land for Yabobaya SS long before, that is, before the beginning of problem in 1910/11/12 years.

      Again, it may be noted "Yacobaya" has nothing to do with the present Puthercruz society formed in 2003. They fraudulently used the name applicable to all Malankara Syrian Christians, preset, Marthomma, Thozhiyur and Orthodox churches, who are yet holding the same tradition. "Yacobaya" is common for all of us, because historically it meant monophysites, a nomeclature wrongly applied to us by the Romans and melkites in the sixth century. The very word, "Jacobyte" Syrian Orthodox Church is in Antioch detested and heretic. In many articles they claimed "We are not Jacobytes,"! It is the highest level of ignorance or pride and contradiction that the Puthencruz society took this name and allegedly HH approved it. But that does not mean that we are not Yacobaya.

      Another point is that we think the Puthencruz society has willingly gone out of the Holy Church and so they have no rights over the Malankara Church properties. I would surely agree the outgoing party must not claim anything from the former, looking back to 1912/34, there is a claim that the present Malankara Orthodox is a break away group from the Holy Church from 1912. And so they should have also not claimed the properties that belonged to the erstwhile united, one church. There are many who find logic in what both factions say. But clear position is that since the former Patriarch faction accepted and obeyed the 1934 constitution from 1958 to 1974, they have no reason to invoke 1912 division. The whole things stand settled as of 1964. So clearly the new society is the breakaway group from the Malankara Church. In this sense I agree with Mr. Thomas. The point I highlight is simply that arguments of both sides have logic, but Christian agape outweighs all logic and is far greater than logic and brethren must give in, and somehow end the culture of division and hatred.

      Thank you and God bless you,
      KK Johnachen, Philadelphia
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