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The Creator and the created order- part -35

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  • John
    Part-35 I won t blame the global evangelist who sent the letter about which I have replied in part-34 because of the internal rivalry and feuding that is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2013

      I won't blame the global evangelist who sent the letter about which I have replied in part-34 because of the internal rivalry and feuding that is happening in our church is unbelievable. Fearlessness of God and shamelessness of man due to the wrong notion of spirituality and religiosity and individualism that acquired from the wrong concept of freedom and democracy spanned anarchy to its zenith. People are not concerned about the pure faith and many are embroiled by the democratic rights that mislead them to wrong corners, thinking that they have to fight for their rights as in the secular system with a misconception that God is not doing anything in their favour. I heard one sermon of a bishop of blessed memory saying openly that our bishops and clerics who won't miss the daily newspapers, but miss reading the bible except during Evengalion time. I feel that the bible was written exclusively for the Protestants, the reason for many of our members don't read it, even doubt whether they have a copy of it. `'You are wrong, because you know neither scriptures nor the power of God'', Mt.22, 29; Lk.24, 25. Thirumeni, though became a member of our church from another Protestant church, criticised many of the daily paraphernalia, like the choir, extravagant rasa, celebrations that consuming money and other celebrations of pagan and heretical types that have become the backbone of our church extravaganzas. We give utmost importance to the Liturgy, queen of all sacraments, and don't want to know how it can be translated into our lives fruitfully. As we don't know the meaning and significance and holiness of the same, many come to worship at their own time and convenience, if they have time of leisure; and go back like the blind man who went see the elephant by a single touch.

      Just like the bible that doesn't explain science behind the commands, attendees must have a willingness to study and understand the symbolical presentation of the sacrament basing on the scriptures. They have to meditate and study the significance of each symbolic enactment of the Liturgy. There are other sets of people who neither believe in the existence of God nor in the Devil, nor do they listen to the logistics of the faith, but says that there may be an unseen power that they don't care because they can live otherwise, as many Godless people are successful in making almighty dollar and live a luxurious and egoistic life. They take the h.Qurbana whenever they feel like without believing. They spend daily reading of cheap magazines, including the magazines of obscenities and astrology and watching all pleasure-giving movies, documentaries, cinemas and what not. Everything that gives thrill to the eyes and heart captivate them as their daily routines. Their criticisms and judgement of others is astounding. They don't read any religious books or religious magazines, even if given free, but their head weight that shows their ignorance is classical. A fool does not understand anything from a wise man, but the wise comprehend many crystal truths from a fool or a vice man.

      We have oceans of old literatures of many civilizations that are written by inspiration and ecstasy, a product of the Spirit of God, whereas we are induced under the spirit of intoxication of hard drugs and alcoholism, the result of which is horrendous rapes, brutal slavery and killings. Once we give license to something in an open and permissive society, everything will go from the ordinary to the worse and then to the worst. Nations rising against itself in every country is a menace and havoc that create international treachery and crises that have no solutions. Every country has been made an enemy against itself by the fire of freedom and the fire confronting fire is the daily misdemeanours of each nation. How many billions are squandered for judiciary, law enforcements special commissions and compensations in the name of freedom and individual rights. Democracy is a good utopian concept, just like freedom and liberty that ruined the Eden beauty. Even ants obey the leader and go in a line, but a free man is out of date now, as he is stinky and a divided personalities. Greatest evil is found where the highest good has been corrupted'', just like the rottenness of an egg.

      The man who has no reading of philosophical and religious books and leading a voluptuous life is a burden to the society. `'Reading makes a man and writing makes a man full'', not a fool Dr. Johnson. But that was in the days when believed in God and His commands. The copycat majority rule in church and secular system has made a Pandora's box that made a carnivorous society of megalomania and individualism. An uneducated youth of modern society who has no knowledge and experience of life and its yokes is treated as equal to a man in his 50s; it is a heinous crime and dynamite that is exploding at every corner of the global village. But we don't have time to read good books as both partners are working, even over-time, so as to pay the bank loans earlier than the loan period. Even if he reads or watch under intoxication, it is only cooked up and flavoured themes with obscenity and detective ingredients, science fiction that are outright fictitious of out of the world adventures and battles. Man is a great nothing, the reason for the Creator to guide His flock with Judges and the prophets and His own handpicked anointed ones in the OT period.

      Democracy smothered the Spirit of God that is within; what remains within and without is bestiality that hails the BEAST from the inferno. Only when man and his kingdom become a brute society, the Beast from the Hades will come to this world to rule over us. I have been writing this for a long time, but none of us listen my cry of the wilderness that allowed the wolves to annihilate me. `'I saw a beast rising out of the sea, with 10 horns and 7 heads, with 10 diadems upon its horns and a blasphemous name upon its heads. And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like bear's and its mouth was like a lion's mouth'' Rev.13, 1-3. These imagery of the leopard, bear and the lion are ones that St.John saw in his Revelations in reverse order as the king Nebuchadnezzar's Babylonian kingdom, lion's, the bear's Roman empire, and the leopard's British empire, Dan.7; Rev.13, 1, that prophet Daniel saw in his visions. The obvious reason may be the antichrist is lenient to religions in the beginning of his rule, then hardening his heart that of Pharaoh's and become an incarnation of the prince of perdition. The tribulation period is 3.5 years and the next 3.5 of great tribulation, iron rule, when he ignores the god of the women, Dan.11, 37. THUS THE LAST BEAST, MARXIST COMMUNISM, SIGNIFIES AS THE COMBINATION OF MONSTROCITIES OF ALL THE BEASTS PUT TOGETHER. THE ANTICHRIST IS THE TOTALITY OF ALL ATROCITIES THAT PUT TOGETHER IS THE INCARNATION THAT MAKES HIS GLOBAL EMPIRE OF GREAT BABYLON.

      Read the Book of Revelations and prophet Daniel's book with meditation and prayer. I have given these details of my humble observations in my books. Also, find out how many heads that black-coloured Ravenna, the symbol of Satan, in unison with the 7 heads and 10 horns of the Indian mythology has. Time is drawing near as there remains only 5 `panca Panvanmar', UK, US.AUSTRALIA, CANADA AND NEZELAND WOKING together concertedly, despite RODESIA AND SOUTH AFRICA, the Dutch origin worked under the umbrella of UK, bailed out of the supremacy of white rule few years back. I am enthralled by the insight of PANCHALI's role as their common wife whose never-emptying food vessel has enough food always to feed the hungry souls. This Panchali is their common church that has enough food, HOLY QURBANA, to all the believers of the world. Thus God gave sufficient hints to the hungry and the unquenched ones in the B.C. era itself, and the church in the A.D. era became the custodian of this treasure house.

      This is the reason for the 5 Oriental churches, Armenian orthodox, Antiochian, Coptic, Ethiopian and Indian orthodox churches, survived through the persecutions of the ages to give the incorrupt food to the whole world. Dethroning St.Thomas, the Antiochian church seemingly has sold their birth right to the newly formed Erethrian ORTHODOX CHURCH and consequently driven away from Syria. The fate of the Syrian, the alien Jacobite church, hangs probably on the verdict of the Indian Supreme Court to form an illegal church within the Indian orthodox church for temporal reasons of power and greed. A war that started by the spiritual untouchables and moral outcasts, for temporal gains 100 years ago, has been conflagrating by killing so many faithful believers, draining away the money collected from very poor farmers and coolies, spilling our church politics into open society that prodded over us and made us as a laughing stock and sacrificing our believers who formed 4 heretical church denominations, Malankara Reeth, etc.

      Taking these hard-earned lessons as an example, will our laity warlords who have no insight, foresight and far sight and supported by inexperienced religious ministers make amends from their hidden agenda for their earthly glory by invading the nest, just like the Syrian church did against the cuckoo birds which made its nest for the safe stay and hatching eggs, so as to our future generations avoid confrontations, conflicts and infighting and bloodshed. While detailing about the Beast I have dragged into this topic unawares. More details in my books.

      Will follow in part-36

      E.S.John, Australia
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