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Re: Muzris Church history - Neither Orthodox Nor Catholic or Protes

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  • Geevar kannanayakal
    Muzris Church History. National Geography recently  telecasted  a documentary establishing trade between Rome to Malabar via Alexandria.  They did find
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 15, 2013
      Muzris Church History.

      National Geography recently  telecasted  a documentary establishing trade between Rome to Malabar via Alexandria.  They did find black pepper in a big clay pot( Similar to " Nanagady") found in Trichur Museum. These kind of "Nanagadies" are commonly found multiple hilly areas in coastal  area near to Arthat and Kunnamkulam while excating for foundations. National Geography did genetic testing and found out that intact black pepper found in Alexandria came from Malabar cost.  They also claim that approximately 600 to 700 ships loads traded through Alaxandria from Malabar coast.  Age of the pepper they found in the storage was couple of 100 years before christ. So this is scientific proof that Malabar coast was connected to middle east and westen countries before the Christ.  Through the trade culture, religion, language,technology, science and customs migrated between countries.So Christianity spread in Kerala almost same time it formed in Jerusalem. 

      Christianity in Kerala developed with out any foreign interference till the arrival of Kanai Thoman who escaped from religious persecution from Muslims. Many of the Bishops from Persia took these ships when they had trouble in their own mother counties. First wave was Nestorians who booted out by Syrian orthodox with help of  Muslim leader. Same thing happened to Syrian leader when Muslims became a strong political power in Middle east.  They all came to Kerala Cost by Ship. Why they never went to any other states in India?. We can not say "India" Those times because India was not a Country in those days.  They all Sailed to Malabar Coast.  That is the strong evidence that Middle east Christians knew "Malabar" has Christian community and tolerant Kigs and Queens. "Malanka/Kerala" is the only geopolitical area where Christians never got persecuted.

      While Churches in Jerusalem , Antioch and Rome were getting destroyed by Romans and Arabs but  Kerala Christians enjoyed political power in Travencore, Cochin and Malabar.  Old Kings and Queens gave more rights, lands and money to Christians to maintain high stands, built beautiful churches and establish modern educational institutions. We still continue to enjoy some of those rights even now.  So after enjoying all these support why our church never became strong and powerful ? 

      Answer to that questions still remains in our self.  First thing we like to fight for "True Faith".  Now we have a problem. What is "True Faith"?  For last 100 years our church( Malankara Orthodox syrian Church) continue search for that "True Faith".  I can say it is like one of our "Grand Parents" getting angry at grand children for hiding his eye glasses.  Now it is really late, our Children and Grand children are asking us to reach for our own head to find the Glasses we forget. We are learning Church history through "Sabavalarunu". It is a good book for basic Indian Orthodox History.  Every Historian has theory to prove and they find every thing to state they are right. I read a old book " Shuthi Chovakapetta Suriyani Sabha" by E. Philipose.  That book was written during Royal court fight between Marthoma Church and Orthodox church. Main supporting point of that "History" book is to prove "Malankara Church" was under Patriarch of Antioch.  That book helped form a theory to win the Royal Court case. "Malankar Sabha Valarunu" is book written by Very. Rev Fr V.C . Samuel  during late 80s  to prove Marlankara Orthodox Church  is a autocephal church. 

      As a history student we must know limitation of each book so that we can pick up right things with out getting entangled by Authors interpretation.  Let us search for "True Faith"

      Geevar Kannanayakal Varghese
      Detroit. Michigan. USA
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