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Re: Why Women Were Never Priests

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  • John
    Dear Ronnie, Ronnie Daniel wrote: `Before we justify our behavior with any text from the Bible, we need to understand it s context. There are verses for those
    Message 1 of 6 , May 10, 2013
      Dear Ronnie,

      Ronnie Daniel wrote:
      `Before we justify our behavior with any text from the Bible, we need to understand it's context. There are verses for those who drinks and those who don't. There are verses for those who pray and those who don't. There is a whole book itself called "Song of Solomon" or "Uthamageetham" where God is not even mentioned a single time. We may some time wonder why it was written and why a book with such filthy language was included in the Bible, if we do not understand the behind story and context of that book.'

      I also suggest everyone to follow the same that won't give others a chance to be misled. The true believers of the Orthodox Church believed this faith with real devotion for so many centuries. How come we entertain all these new thoughts for the last 20 odd years. We submitted the reports to the Supreme Court in 1995 that man is the head of the family and now we have approved that women have voting rights that surely in a few years fight will lead for women priests as happened in other global churches. Taking in general, can't we come to the conclusion that money can `talk and walk' is the catalytic agents to precipitate all the filths to come out of the Pandora's box at the end of days. Let us stick to a general policy and argue, instead of picking up isolated sentences from here and there. I stop it there.

      Ronnie Daniel wrote:
      `Manhood and marriage for many among them is a license to dominate women. There is a whole text about what Jesus said about marriage and resurrection in St. Luke Chapter 20 verses 34 onwards. First read this and analyze St. Paul's teachings in that context. `

      If you can't try to find any worth of what some of us have been writing on the basis biblical teaching over 6, 000 years and also other religions, together with multitude of corroborating evidence, there is no meaning in continuing our dialogue and discourse.

      Ronnie Daniel wrote:
      `There is no head and tail comparisons in Jesus' teachings. Everyone created by God in this world and faithfully believing in Him was/is an angel from heaven and going to be an angel in heaven. Can't people at least try to learn to treat every other human being as an angel from God?'

      I don't understand the theology and the purpose of why angels' taking birth on earth. Is it for like that what happened in Gen.6? Or is it for angels to get promotions? God came down once and for all. I may have some inklings of thoughts about what Clement of Alexandria of the early church also believed on the biblical evidence of Mt.20, 1-21, that the neutral angels who didn't take part in the epic war of antiquity between the God's angels and Lucifer soldiers are sent down to take their birth for filling the mansions left behind in Heaven, Jn.14, 2, the reason for all the unwanted soul are kept in abeyance with out getting a chance by selective parents. Those violent angels are the only souls to come down now, but a God of justice giving chances to try their mettle to enter into glory, so that they can show their worth in these last tumultuous days of hooliganism and global carnivorousness.

      Babbling with biblical verses has resulted in so many church denominations, probably the disguise of dark angels as angels of God, 2.Cor.11.

      Please don't reply by selecting a sentence/s from my message.

      E.S. John, Australia
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