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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 21

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  • John
    Part 21 Now let us look into such a deplorable situation that the humanity has drawn into. I write on the basis what I have understood from the philosophers of
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      Part 21

      Now let us look into such a deplorable situation that the humanity has drawn into. I write on the basis what I have understood from the philosophers of religions, science and the traditional and empirical knowledge and also from what I have gathered from my observations and knowledge which I learnt from pains and bitter sufferings. It is not intelligence, the brain faculty, that make a man grasping the farcical vicissitudes of life, but it is the feeling, heart empathy, making the bitter sides of this transitory life. It is not the muscular but the heart vibrations that travel in different frequencies in different planes equip a person to read the emotional and mental aspects in different situations of complexities that mould one to make an inroad of into the unseen problems. Very simple and elemental feeling can translate the vibrant extrasensory planes that are invisible as the permanent beauty of Eternity. The Nobel laureate Tagore, the 14th child to his parents, was while in his Calcutta home saw a an elder brother, allegedly caring his younger brother in a wild and thunderous stormy and rainy weather by covering with his clothes and protecting under an umbrella when they were crossing the road. `Genius is bisexual'; it doesn't mean that a genius need to have bisexual relationship, but has the potentialities of masculine strength and penetration into the many-sidedness of life, coupled with feminine quality of intuitive insight into the complexities of life.

      Minor incident makes storm in the heart of sensitive people like Valmiki and Tolstoy and many other giants who made history by their self-sacrifice. Therefore, delicate sensibilities to empathize and identify the feeling of others nurse the suffering humanity. Woman who is formed from `the bone of his bone and the flesh of his flesh, Gen.2, not from the crude clay like Adam, is of delicate sensibility that has to look after the young ones with a feeling of remorse and sympathy, whereas man is created to protect the family from all outside dangers and has the ability to have more muscular strength comparatively with a precocious intelligence than hers, `parakrama buddhi', proving that man is the brain and woman the heart of humanity. `parakrama buddhi' does not mean that he has to fight with others, but take a non-violent approach with equanimity of mind. Nature has embedded these two main types of abilities separately in man and woman, though there can be of various mix by hermaphrodite version and masculine weaklings. They have been doing the deputed Nature's for the last 6,000 years. Exchanging these roles without man conceiving the young ones will make ripples that are detrimental for today, tomorrow and the time yet to come.

      Basing on these characteristics, let us look at the global society of today, despite Australia is 5 to 10 years behind than the other developed countries, perhaps because of geographical separation from others. I cannot picture a modern humanity through small prism of small pieces of message because it is humanly impossible to imagine or sketch the panoramic landscapes of assumed equality of our own making that appear in the form of anarchy, lawlessness and pandemonium that is eating away the ocean of mankind globally. Antichrist is described by St. Paul as the man of lawlessness, Thess.2.2; Eph. 6, therefore, there we are now. Woman who is the primary agent of grooming the humanity, jumped into the ocean of wantonness that is ravaged by anarchists and militant groups of extremists to fuel the problems in exponential ratios.

      Sports that inject masculinity into girls made another chapter of havoc. The latent powers of woman have been triggered by so many incentives that converted her as of alien creatures that I have categorized as `bionic woman' who have conquered the front line combat forces in distant lands, without honouring the formula, `give what is due to God and give what is to due to Caesar'. Thus a bionic human species of alien mould is the ultimate outcome, just as in the beginning of time, Gen, 6. Look at the sports industry venues and behind the scene criminality. Doping that has been an international criminal industry has become a thorn in all world sports and competitions that was meant to develop to not only getting high achievements in individual and group performances, but also as ambassadors promoting cordial relationship with countries and nations that are at loggerheads with one another due to supremacy and political and power domination. Drugs testing that are needed for checking cheating and dissembling that buy fame and name cost millions of money and rivalry among nations.

      Everything that has a noble and sanguine aim has culminated in earning cheap names and fraudulent moneymaking games in every sphere of life, including religions. I write these things to remind you about the birth pang of finishing of eon in an alarming tone.

      Will follow in Part 22..

      E.S. John, Australia
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