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The Creator And The Created Order - Part -15

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  • John
    Part-15 I would like to state humbly that I am not targeting any religion, nation, institutions, churches or individuals who are not responsible for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 7, 2013

      I would like to state humbly that I am not targeting any religion, nation, institutions, churches or individuals who are not responsible for the carnivorous conditions that are going to predate upon globally. Just as Judaism was the barometer of the first coming of Christ, it is the church that is being by under the spirit of the age, is our indicator, Lk.18, 8. Consider the vexation of president Carter. Are women discriminated at all? No, definitely not. I had proven biblically and the message posted in this site last year that both Adam and Eve had Heavenly manhood prior to their fall, and would regain it in Eternity, but Eve shared a different complementing role with Adam that is in unison with the part they played in the fall, 1.Tim.2. If Eve took an active in their downfall, it was reciprocated by becoming Adam the main game player in the fallen state. If Eve was the giver of the fruit and Adam the recipient, their roles were exchanged by he becoming the giver of the fruit from the Tree of Life and also the reproductive raw material of the human race and she the recipient. This is to prove that God is just and righteous in everything what He does; we get the share of the work which we deserve and also competent enough, or other words, `character is destiny, what the dictum means.

      She would give birth children with pain and he would rule over her because her `desire shall be for your husband', Gen.3, 16, and the enmity between the serpent and man also prevail, because `he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise your heel'. This same law of God and Nature still continue without any change; how could anyone claim that she is man who is also woman equally in this carnivorous class war which apparently is self-annihilation. There is no sexual equality or equality in anything in this world or in Nature, Rom.8, 22-25. The Indian gurus give two main signs of the Iron Age, one is that man will be dominated by woman, Is, 3, and secondly the human race during this period will be infected with incurable diseases, as 7 plagues described in Rev.16. Does anyone need more signs and symptoms for the contagion of the Noah's age of chaos? If 6, 000 years of Judeo-Christian period didn't make any notable changes in the Eden laws, how can this transition take place without anybody's notice, all of a sudden. God shortened this period for the sake of the Elects of the Spirit, otherwise nobody would be saved, Mt.24, 22; it is the age of `false christs and false prophets' and that is what we are going through the pang of it, Mt.24.

      `Because wickedness is multiplied, most men's love will grow cold' Mt. 24, 12. This is what happened to the great fall of many evangelists and zealous Christians. These faith- suicidal people think logically without having abiding faith that is tested in the fire of the Saviour's sufferings. They are, therefore, jumping into quick conclusions that God is unjust and cruel.
      There is inequality in wages, which is unjustifiable. The same job, the same wage for both sexes. Nobody has any authority to change God's Eden covenant, unless God change the biological conditions of man and woman in an explicit way. As it was before, man is the giver and woman give birth the offspring with pain, unless sedated, and suckle and continue doing all the pre-natal and post-natal care and nurture.

      Nothing changed so far. Thus political, secular or the Union official has no right to encroach in the field of maternity. As the church is the only authority to execute the Lord's laws and ethics, what the laws made by the politicians are totally baseless, despite wooing some denominations for votes. Without showing justice in the equal wage for the same job, you have interfered and altered the religious doctrines for your own advantage of vote catching because the spirit of the age is ripe for you. Woman has been taken as a pawn and enticed with unwanted exploitations which are very good to the eyes, but not to the heart because it is a bitter fruit that has robbed of her original beauty and status of a queen. She has more workload in domestic duties, doing spadework in cosmetic appearances in shape and size and the spouse domination. Sex trade and sex trafficking with the help also of some women is a money-loitering worldwide industry. What we have gained is the profits of cosmetic industries and many other that aligned with and the enhancement of widows in exponential ratio because men folk find it hard to cope with the changing ethos of sex culture, though man and woman appear to be intrinsically and biologically same, but in actual life they are not. Besides, atheists have no rights to fiddle with God's covenants and laws. I am undergoing with so much physical discomforts and anguish about the deteriorating conditions of the world, but taking pain in writing for the knowledge of the faith-bashers and religious law changers.

      Will continue in part-16

      E.S. John, Australia
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