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The Creator and the created order- part 11

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  • John
    PART –11 As the spirituality has degenerated to its lowest level over the years, the assigned spirit of each age of the spirit of this world, 1.Cor.2, took
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2013
      PART –11
      As the spirituality has degenerated to its lowest level over the years, the assigned spirit of each age of the spirit of this world, 1.Cor.2, took supremacy over man's daily life and proved that the super intelligence developed in man is nothing but an expression of fomentation of the spirit of this world in an implicit manner. The non-academic prophets and apostles, fishermen and tax collectors, became the vehicles of the Holy Spirit, raised the dead and the lame walked and mute spoke and did miracles of many types. As the sorcerers did 4 wonders out of Moses' 10 wonders, don't please laugh it off when I say that our scientists, medical professionals are the performers of the devil's work, if they don't recognize that God is the Creator and today's specialists are only agents of the devil, provided they don't give glory to the Almighty God.
      They do the process of synthesis what the Divine world has given everything once for all to everyone. Invitro fertilization and cloning and similar synthetic works and experiments are done on the raw materials that are provided by God. Therefore, only a synthetic spirituality can flourish only in a synthetic age. Can the scientists create life without using the raw materials collected from man or Nature. This synthetic age that make 'man, the unknown' is the explosive problem of today. But the second coming of the Lord will revert man to back where he had started is a sad thing of our greatest lamentation. The community and global society that was `oppressed by the youth and overruled by women', Is.3, 12, shall sit upon the ground', Is.3, 26, at last. One who doesn't glorify the greatness of God, as used by Lucifer once, will automatically sing the mad music of lunatics who either kill by himself or by overdose of hard drugs and liquor. Once a person becomes irremediable, Satan kills him because he is the devil's property, like Judas. He who is a dupe or slave of Satan doesn't realize that the terrestrial day and night is the precursor of the celestial light or abysmal darkness that are yet to be unfolded.

      Had I written before that Christ's redemptive mission finishes by His three- time coming before in my internet messages, the orthodox church would have labelled me as a person who is in out of his mind, despite I gave these details in my books, may be the main reason for making many enemies whom I have never met or heard about. The B.C and A.D. eras totalled up only 6, 000 years, then the remaining period of a millennium is on earth after it is renewed by Christ, according to the Protestant churches. They preach that after the `rapture' Jesus comes down with His selected few for a millennium rule on earth. But the biblical evidence is that He will be in Paradise together with the redeemed ones for 1, 000 years, the majority non-believers of Christ and all others truly will find it hard to live on earth that was devastated by chemical wars and destructions made by Armageddon war, Rev.15, 16. He comes down to earth for the third time after 1, 000 years life with the selected ones in paradise, Rev.20, 7-10, to judge the whole world at the time of the last judgement.
      The 7th day is really meant for the Jews who was in the beginning chosen as God's people, Amo.3, 2, but they were rejected and the church was selected, the reason for Jesus riding on the ass, Jewish church, and the colt, the Christian church born by the ass, at the same time on palms Sunday, Mt.21,7. The Jews were given numberless warnings from the time of the prophets of old in very mysterious language which , they were unable to comprehend that they will have the 3rd epoch exclusively for themselves, Ps.95, 10-11, to carve out their salvation. God thus swore in anger that they should not enter into His `solemn rest' in the third era, ps.95, 10-11, as explained in Heb.4. `And these shall be the signs to you, this year eat what grows of itself, and in the second year eat of hat springs of the same; then the third year sow and reap, and plants vineyards and eat their fruits. And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah and shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward….the zeal of the Lord accomplish this, Is.37, 29-32. In this passage the fate of this race is accomplished by 3 days that means 3 epochs, which are explained in the 8th series of my Malayalm series. The leftover population after the 2nd coming will be like after the Russian president Krucheve said', the living will envy the dead' after a nuclear war'. Most of the earth will be wiped out at His 2nd coming. Satan is locked in the Hades, Rev.20, 3, consequently, probably no more death on earth for this gloomy period. An outline of the deathless period seemingly is given in Zech. 8, 1-8. Read also the poem,'Kalan illatha kalam' by Kunchen Nambiar.
      The activities of the Holy Spirit will be minimal as the church is no more on earth. Just as Jewish sacrifice came to a cease as there is no Temple and the pot for the red heifer ashes no more with them, Jewish sacrifice has come to a holt by Jesus' curse that `your House shall be desolate, Lk.13, 35; the apparent reason of tearing the veil in the Temple when Jesus took His last breath. Similar is the case with non-believing and hypocritical Christians in the 3rd epoch. `Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun apparently will be darkened, and the moon will not give light…., Mt.24, 29, is a scenario that is common to the last days of the 2nd era that also continuing in the 3rd one. As the anti-christ dumped in the sulphur lake, the third era is given for the Jewish redemption. Most of the Minor poets have given a grim picture of the 3rd epoch in an alarming way, Joe.2, 28-32; Amo.5, 16-27. Pauline epistle also gives comments about the salvation of the Jews, Rom.9, 25-28. So there is a time set for the `stiff-necked' and hardened lots, when they look at `the pierced one', Jesus, out of their total distress due to the inflicted wrath and sufferings, Zech.12, 13. As I can't devote anymore more time on this topic of the 3rd coming, I leave it to you to get the details from my books, 8th volume.

      E.S.John, Australia
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