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The Creator And The Created Order: Part 10

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  • John
    Part 10 I can imagine that there are bunch of people of many types which hailing from different walks of life, such as the scientists of eminence, reputed
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2013
      Part 10

      I can imagine that there are bunch of people of many types which hailing from different walks of life, such as the scientists of eminence, reputed medical professionals and psychiatrists, feminists, female clerics, religious fanatics, and their hierarchs, church denominations, pornographic underground world of mafia connections, atheists and agnostic stalwarts, high sports acrobatics and gambling veterans and so on, cherish an antagonistic attitude because I have written against them. But I don't dislike anyone, reason for wasting my health and continue writing, but love them because `they do not know what they are doing'. The scientific truths are proven with various mathematical formulae and accuracy, but they don't know what is behind and why they are doing these most adventurous and self-destructive games. Though these genetic elites have made great contributions for the advancement human civilizations to its acme, yet do they comprehend the depth of darkness and light of the microcosm that align and ally with the everlasting darkness and light of the macrocosm?

      Prophet Daniel asked the angel, `How long shall it be the end of these wonders'. The reply came soon,' …it would for a time, two times, and half a time, Dan.12, 7. If `it would for a time, say Christ era or church era is 2, 000 years, the two times of that is 4,000, the BC era, and a half of 2, 000 is 1, 000. Adding them together is, 2,000 plus 4, 000 plus 1, 000= 7, 000 years or 6 days of creation and the 7th day of rest for the Creator and the chosen created ones is for 1, 000 years. Interrogating angel Michael, Daniel got the answer, `Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase', 12, 4. Many went to and fro around the world during the colonial years for plundering wealth, but its culmination came by the 2 world wars that uprooted the majority population of the global village and is in full swing now by people trotting around the world for fun and studying the world culture. As a result of high-tech wonders that changed the world altogether, knowledge of the secrets of Nature and its sciences has come to an optimum level by driving away God from His abode and habitat. Thus the changes in history of man and his way of life took place by the spirit of the age, because there is a particular spirit or `seal' for each age, Rev.6. Therefore, changes that eventuated over the years are by the spirits of that age, which followed one after the other in sequence. I have explained these in detail in my books.

      The Iron Age, in the light of the statue the Babylonian king saw in his dream, which Daniel interpreted, that we are living in now that doesn't have the quality of the bygone ages of gold and silver. The spirit of this age, high- tech age, has the thrust of iron and flavour in all walks of our life.

      Though I wrote in forceful language, I don't hate anyone who do wrong things but have the sympathy and remorse because they do not know what they are doing under the influence of the spirit of the age. It is not the super intelligence of the people at work, but the spirit of the age that reveals the inner secrets through the people who are remote-controlled by the demons. There is another aim for God that in next life, life in Heaven, to make them realize that people communicate and travel like that we do now with the help of technology. Satan also makes use of these inventions that converted the global village that is resembling of a new heaven and earth of Satan in this planet that thwart the aim of God's new Heaven and earth in the Divine plane. These demons that are on 24 hours duty instil the enmity towards God who give the freedom of choice to His crown creation, man, that only walk in two foots like the angels. Walking on two feet by man, His crown creation, man, shows that he is a special creation that apart from animals, paragon of animals, that has the freedom of choice. Here the missing link between chimpanzee and man is the Holy Spirit who indwells in him and gives man the ability and freedom in doing all acrobatics by walking on two feet. Thus it is the devil that works behind all the brutal things and the inventions of equipments and the weapons of destruction man, because the two-footed used to live a high quality life in the past by the promptings of the Spirit of Lord. The devil that fight against God can work only through man, the image of God, as there is no God particle in animals or in anything in Nature that can rebel or go against the Creator.

      Since the time of the Renaissance that infused a different spirit in man, began to discover and invent for material wealth, which is only helpful man in his everyday life, if treated as a servant. The age of colonialism that triggered the desire of the amassment of wealth, which started the age of Industrialisation that offered the age of Darwinism, which challenged God as the creator of man. Such materialism and inventions that fought the first world war, by dawning the cradle of the iron Empire, the Soviet Marxism, paved the dawn of the Iron Age that will uproot the church from this earth. Just as the Jews crucified Jesus, it is the Christian nations of the world that devastate the church through their profligacy of various types.

      Christ's era is about to finish. It needn't be exact 2, 000 years, solar or lunar. The ominous signs have been already on the horizon, as foretold by prophets and Jesus. For more details, please refer my books. I find it hard to wind up this topic. This Lenten season is for the participation in the passions of the Lord that should kindle the catastrophic events of His coming at any season or day.

      Will continue in part 11.

      E.S. John, Australia
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