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Mr. Biju John suffers from renal failure and on dialysis needs urgent help

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    Submitted by Liju Cherian, Muscat Poor Biju John suffers from renal failure and  on dialysis needs urgent help CHENGANNUR, Alappuzha District ---
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2013
    Submitted by Liju Cherian, Muscat

    Poor Biju John suffers from renal failure and�
    on dialysis needs urgent help

    CHENGANNUR, Alappuzha District --- Biju�Kattunkal John, is a hard-core Orthodox believer�from Kerala's Perissery in Chengannur.�Handicapped by birth,�Biju, aged 41, suffers from renal failure and dialysis, unable to live and work like any normal individual.
    Born with a short left limb and�disability,�Biju suffers from chronic kidney disease (Nephropathy). Coming from an agricultural family, he is also threatened with other congenital malformation and has started on maintenance haemodialysis which needs to be done on a regular basis at least thrice a week throughout his life.
    Struggling to make ends meet,�Biju is an active member of St Mary's Orthodox Valiyapally, Perissery, taking part in all the church and Chengannur Diocese activities.

    Dr Rajesh Joseph, MD, DM (Nephrology), Consultant Nephrologist at St Gregorios Medical Mission Hospital, Parumala, who is treating Biju says that an alternative option for Biju will be renal transplantation for which expenses per month for dialysis will be around Rs 20,000.

    His renal transplantation will cost around Rs 3 lakh and medicines to sustain his life will cost at least Rs 7,000 per month. Biju was the first in-house patient at the Parumala Hospital when they opened its Nephrology Department.

    Along with renal failure, he also suffers from hypertension, anemia and other metabolic abnormalities related to renal failure. He is on regular haemodialysis on a weekly twice schedule along with medications which has to be continued life-long.�
    Rev Fr Wilson Sankarathil, Vicar, St Mary's Orthodox Valiyapally, vouches for Biju and mentions that to lead a normal life he needs monetary help due to his poor financial condition�(letter attached).�The Valiyapally is trying to have a permanent fund created in his account which he can use for his various treatment purposes.
    Spouse Jobina Biju, also from Perissery, has been a source of strength and endures the physical disability and problems through her care and concern. She has thus set a good example to the society. Many philanthropists and those with a mind to help have earlier volunteered to help him all these years. To help continue his treatment, Biju has urged through the various church media to help him in this hour of crisis.

    ICON Charities Inc had taken up Biju's issue on a priority basis last time and raised $200 towards his cause. Biju had also expressed his sincere thanks for his plight and efforts from Abraham and others towards this. �This is another request from Biju to support his just cause and to contribute generously to the poor family.
    During the Great Lent, with emphasis on alms giving, those willing to lend a helping hand to this ailing man may kindly contribute towards his dialysis and to get on with life.Biju K John's A/C details:
    South Indian Bank�(IFSC No: SIBL0000341)
    AC # 0341053000011232
    Chengannur Branch
    Chengannur – 689 121
    Kerala State, INDIA
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