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The Creator and the created order-Part -7

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  • John
    Part –7 Dear all, The vast majority of people may label me as an anti-social element, religious people may brand me as a bigot and churches may portray as a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 18, 2013
      Part –7
      Dear all,
      The vast majority of people may label me as an anti-social element, religious people may brand me as a bigot and churches may portray as a fundamentalist and a fanatic; but as an independent thinker I feel that neither of these fit me into because I experience spiritual decadence, together with moral turpitude that degenerating the churches and civic life to a lower level as days go by. Rausso's opinion is that `man is born free, but is chained everywhere' is an abstract truth of philosophical nature, not a pragmatic everyday life. `Man devoid of laws is a brute', Aristotle, comes in contradiction with this abstract truth and freedom. Human base tendency of brutality bridle the passions of ruling over others, the social and religious life of the global majority, goes in tune with our cousins, the Darwinian apes. I was born in a democratic country and could enjoy freedom to the utmost; now living in a democratic nation and open society and has been enjoying freedom to do anything that is legal. Not anymore. I am in a state of not able to move my right-hand fingers because my own nerve ties me up. A brick wall does not make a prison; we make our own prison within ourselves. I can at least find some relief as I have lived a free long life of bare sufficiency. I didn't any precautions to avoid by exercises, as I had no medical symptoms of B.P, sugar or heart problems. However, no way of escaping it if it is from above. But think about the life of some miserable ones from young age onwards in the global village, the products of the high-tech hybrids, the most unfortunate vulnerable and marginalised ones of the Iron Age. This is what impels me to write even with one hand alone.

      Today's dwarfish Einsteins of Christianity and their venerable and helpless and viceless followers, imitators of Darwinism, are ready to accept the mundane and cheap popularity and gains out of their everyday work life and businesses by adoring any innovations that are introduced by some firebrand innovators and vote-catching secular system. These Christians of today that warmly embracing female ordination, dating, abortion and divorce try to dominate, suppress, oppress and repress the faithful minority are real pests who thrive and pervert the normal-thinking, mute minority.
      Man is formed of two compartments; temporal one that is visible and perishable is subsidiary to the main, invincible and eternal one. Perishable one is sustained mainly by breathing the air and other imperatives, while the imperishable live in the Divine plane by the spirit of prayer. The Spirit at work is the common denominator and generator of the life of the body, mind and soul. Therefore, prayer is the life of the soul.

      Unless the medical professional comes to term with this everlasting truth, they remain only as the service performers of prescription drugs that have untold and inexplicable side effects, which only add the problems in multiple ways. These drugs are able to shift the sickness in the body that is caused by genetic disorders and irreligious life, the outcome of devilish compatibility. The church used to teach that the reason for the incurable disease was sin and the bible comes to our aid in these regards, though the blind by birth was to declare the glory of God. Virus and bacteria infect the area that the stain or scars left through sinning by the influence of the demons. This weaknesses link our physical body that has fractured the infrastructure of our invisible body by the invisible hell' agents. Our medical specialists are unaware of these inner instincts of the soul; give external treatments to the body. As the Nobel Prize winner in science Louis Carroll expresses it,'Specialists are real dangers to the society'. When the mind is diseased, the body is diseased.

      Such medical specialists, particularly psychiatrists learn only the individual behaviour by observations that are debatable because the physical/ external observations by objective studies that are manifested through certain scientific laws which is hidden from esoteric reading of the mind. It is not the blaming of the drugs alone is not enough, but the person who prescribes the drug plays an important role in the multiplication or minimising of incurable conditions of the chronic patients. I am not blaming anyone, but only finger point the limitations of man, a mere fading shadow. Many testify that meditation and yoga and alternate medicine bring better cure. A person who is able to see the aura and halo by the inner eye of the beholder can do thought readings or mental vibrations to the subject to an extent. God who formed man is the only entity to read the ins and outs of man. In other words, the spirit of man is more important than the body. Jesus, the God Incarnate is the sole authority of the spirit of man because he is a spark of His own self, the Holy Spirit. A doctor or psychiatrist who denies the working of the spirit of God and man, may not prove to be an efficacious soul comforter, the reason for many God-fearing physicians begin their treatment with prayers and sustain it all along.
      In olden days, the physicians used to be the X-Ray machines and understand the patients by reading their aura, is replaced by the high-tech magnetic waves of X-ray or CT can.
      The blackness or shrinkage in the aura of a certain part of the body conveys that that part of the body was affected. Instead of physicians massaging the patients they breathed into the patients their own mental prowess and used to cure the ailment. Breathing onto the body of a baptismal child by the celebrant is a form of passing his own spiritual power. Laying of hand in ordination is another form of injecting the renewing Sprit of God into them, the main act of bestowing the ecclesiastical authority by Christ to His apostles after His resurrection, Jn, 20. Spirit is the life of the body. Spiritualists used various methods to heal their subjects. Immanent mental powers of highly developed personalities make powerful magnetic field around them and we are overpowered by their influence without our knowledge. They can regulate their powers whenever they want. In most cases Jesus plucked out the infirmities from the sick and threw them out; but it would not affect Him because of His super personality. Taking out the disease and releasing is a brand of treatment still known and practiced by magnetic personalities. As it is done by The Messiah, the method is known as `the messianic treatment. As the word became man, His words were powerful even to remove the mountains. Jesus also put clay in the blind man's eye and cured him.

      The evil spirit subdues the weaker spirit. Every chronic disease has a spirit or demon behind. Scientology, if applied in proper spirit by the highly developed individuals brings better results often. Hence the authors of chronic diseases are the evil spirits that migrate into people by many unknown channels. Once they enter into us, it is difficult to shunt them out. Fasting and prayer continuously in the unity of mind and almsgivings may eventually allow the demon to flee away, which need the blessing of the Almighty. This is what the Lenten season is for.
      Will continue in part-8

      E.S.John, Australia
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