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The Creator And The Created Order

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  • John
    Part 2 God is the only absolute truth; all other truths are relative through the all-powerful entity, God. This is how God created Nature and man synchronised
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 2, 2013
      Part 2

      God is the only absolute truth; all other truths are relative through the all-powerful entity, God. This is how God created Nature and man synchronised together with the moral order of the universe, the reason for creating the planets and Nature first and then the animal kingdom for man to use. The essence of man is the product of Nature that is nurtured by the planets, which are also inter-dependent one another by the force and attraction. Animal nature and the influence of Nature in him are interacted in man, so that planets and Nature and animal kingdom work together harmoniously to strike a blend for animals and man happily live in near -perfection blend before the fall of man who used fruits, but began as a meat eater after the fall because amorous relationship resembles the latter. But man and animals cannot live without the crude breath of God, air, pervading and saturating the terrestrial plane. Thus life without God is a kaleidoscopic dream. A force that has no super conscience cannot bridle or control the planets and the food chain that is remote-controlled by a predatory system, which is the outcome of the bitter taste of the forbidden fruit. This is why tamed animals expresses their gratitude to the master, so also a humble man that is run with the puff of the wind bows his head and prostrates at the feet of the Almighty Creator, whereas the arrogant atheist 'will go to the generation of his fathers, who will never more see the light. Man cannot abide in his pomp, he is like the beasts that perish', Ps.49, 19-20. Dated marriage in early lustful youth is always detrimental because he/she is connected by the animal magnetism that drift apart when the real life problems prop up, though there may be some problems in all marriages, as two persons from two different families are united together.

      Just as the 3 personae dwell in the Triune God harmoniously, our body must function without any discord, so that body, mind and soul should work smoothly for its everyday running. Just as the Trinitarian God is holy, our body must be kept holy because it is the holy temple of God, 1.Cor.3, 6. God indwells in our common worship temple, church, and also in our body temple, the two places God broods on earth. Thus one who attends the church should clean up his inside and all his family members doing the same, so as turning the family as the temple of worship in miniature form. It is not the building that we live in or attend the place of worship makes the things holy, but it is the assembly of holy men in the unity of minds is the real worship, ecclesia.

      Jesus cleansed the Jerusalem Temple by driving out the mob that was selling all the sacrificial animals, which brought money for the middlemen and also for the Temple. Our churches are also meant for the real worship, not for converting as ordinary places by inducting all forms of businesses before and after the grand sacramental celebrations in exuberance. The Unity of mind that evaporates many kinds of party spirits and partying is the essential elements in our family and church life. Jesus could boldly say that He could build the temple on the third day, indicating His resurrection on the third day, after dismantling it. Anything holy cannot be destroyed because it can find its life again. Even in our earthly plane nothing can be created or destroyed because it appears in a different form again. If a plant is burnt, its ashes are good manure to make other plants to grow in abundance. No human soul is destroyed because it belongs to the universal Creator. God is super human conscience from whom everything emanates and pervades in His realm. The Lord cleaned up the Temple after providing them super wine by converting water into wine at Cana, Jn.2. If we are pure water, it will be converted to wine that in 3 days' period, 3 epochs that will take us up to New Jerusalem after the Last Judgment. The wine and bread that prepare at the altar which becoming the Body of Christ is the real Bread of life. O taste and see that the Lord is good, ps.34, 8. This can happen only when we do the inner purification that is also by the grace of God. To sum up, if the marriage at Cana on the third day resemble the betrothal in the bridal chamber in the beginning of the third epoch, the rebuilding of the Temple on the third day, resurrection of Jesus on the third day, reminds us of the resurrection of the departed dead at the end of the third epoch to stand for the last judgment and inherit New Jerusalem.

      Angels fear to go where the devil tread. Atheists and agnostics are propelled by demonic powers. Unless they accept that that there is a Benevolent Creator who propel everything in the universe, God and angels won't interfere with them owing to the freedom that is once given to them. `You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe- and shudder', James.2, 29; Mk.5'7. When the Devil fear and shudder in the existence of God, are these atheists and agnostics superior to Beelzebub? Only a fool in his heart says that there is no God.

      Will continue in part 3

      E.S. John, Australia
    • k.thomas@...
      Dear Moderators, I am referring to the exchanges in relation to the subject the Creator and the Createdö. I believe that the Creator is above all and
      Message 2 of 2 , Jul 5, 2013
        Dear Moderators,

        I am referring to the exchanges in relation to the subject "the Creator and the Created�. I believe that the Creator is above all and everything without exception belongs to Him. None is above Him. Everything originates from Him and goes back to Him. He decides and has the last word on anything whether humans, animals and for that matter the so-called Satan. The creator was in existence before everything. None can defeat or outlive Him. The creation and its purpose is beyond our reach. He is the real one in the whole universe and all others are perishables of this world unless they abide in Him.

        Just I want to caution everyone not to be carried away by giving your own meaning to what God is all about. This creates confusion in the minds of the worshipers since we are trying to mix worldly with Godly. Nothing can be gained by your efforts to define God and His Kingdom. It is definitely beyond the imagination and wisdom of the whole world.

        Yours in Christ,
        KE Thomas, Abu Dhabi
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