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Lenten Meditation for Feb. 20, 2013/Second Wednesday of Great Lent

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    February 20, 2013 2nd Wednesday of Lent Bible Readings: Evening St. Matthew 18: 1-11 Morning Exodus 34: 1-17 Proverbs 7: 1-11 Zechariah 8: 1-8 III John 1: 1-15
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      February 20, 2013
      2nd Wednesday of Lent

      Bible Readings:
      St. Matthew 18: 1-11

      Exodus 34: 1-17
      Proverbs 7: 1-11
      Zechariah 8: 1-8
      III John 1: 1-15
      I Corinthians 8: 1-13
      St. Luke 11: 1-13

      In the Gospel of Luke, there is a passage which as Christians we recite everyday and has become the essence of our prayers, and that is The Lord�s Prayer. In chapter eleven versus 1-13 we see Jesus as our true teacher. As one of the disciples says to Jesus, �Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples,� and thus our Lord showed his disciples how to pray. There we are able to see Jesus pray to our heavenly father. As we all pray �Our Father� our most said prayer in our faith, it is from this prayer that our very Lord has said. As The Lord�s Prayer opens we start to say the everlasting words, �Our Father in heaven� with these beautiful words it shows us the core of the prayer. The Lord�s Prayer allows us to see the relationship with God, like the one of a child with its parent. It shows us our heavenly Fathers availability, protection, and strength in the lives of each and every one of us. It allows us to be vulnerable and dependent upon God. The prayer shows us to be able to depend on our heavenly Father because without him we are lost. In addition, by surrendering ourselves to God we are able to become less dependent on the world and truly allow the will of God to work wonders in our lives. In continuation, as we say the lines, �Thy will be done,� it becomes a soothing sentence in our lives allowing us to give all of ourselves to God. This allows God to come into our hearts and be able to set full trust in him and that all he does for us is for the greater good. As one moves onto the next few lines in The Lord�s Prayer, Jesus says, �And forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.� This brings us to the next topic which is of the most importance and that is forgiveness. This shows that it is important that we can forgive before God has forgiven us. In world although it is hard to forgive we see how easily our father forgives us no matter what we do. One can see that our Fathers love for us prevails all the evil in this world and when we are willing full heartedly to be forgiven and once we have forgiven others; God will come into our hearts.

      We can see that Luke chapter 11 from the verses 1-13, the Lord shows us how to pray. As Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray he teaches all of humanity as well. The Lord�s Prayer is a prayer that is used by all Christian denominations and can easily be said that it is the unity of our faith not only with God our father but each other. In my own reflection, if one were really to take the words that Jesus prayed to our heavenly Father we all would have an amazing relationship with him. Forgiveness is the prominent subject of the prayer and in my own personal life I have seen what forgiveness can do for a person�s life. Allowing ourselves to forgive others we are able unhinge the evil chains that imprison us to think evil and sinful thoughts and keep us away from God. By forgiving we are able to move on with our lives and find peace and love in our hearts and that is when one can truly open our hearts to God. By doing this we are able to let go and be forgiven of our own sins. Although in this time and age it is hard to forgive especially with our prides it is important to destroy that pride and become humble because if our Heavenly Father is able to forgive the tremendous amount of sins we have, we should be able to show an ounce of that. Even with the parable of one friend knocking at the door of another friends at the most inconvenient time for loaf of bread we can see the power of prayer. As the friend did not answer the door because it was so inconvenient the other friend kept knocking and he eventually opened it. That�s what the Lord wants to show us. Sometimes in our lives it is hard to spend time to pray because we feel lazy or cause we rather do something else, but it is important that we grow that relationship with our Father. When I finally opened my heart to God it felt like all the bad in my life that wants felt like a curse was nothing but blessings that made me stronger in my faith, and allowing him to take my worries made my soul free. As final words, be persistent, consistent and importunate in our prayer life for God is always waiting for us, just open your hearts to him.

      '2013 Lenten Devotionals' published by MGOCSM, Philadelphia
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