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Re: Right faith

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  • John
    Dear all, Man is a double story home of mortal and immortal frame. The immortal part is wrapped up with temporal one. In order to gain that immortality in
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 10, 2013
      Dear all,

      Man is a double story home of mortal and immortal frame. The immortal part is wrapped up with temporal one. In order to gain that immortality in Heaven one has to kill the temporal frame slowly. Fasting and prayer, which subdues our body pleasures, is an antidote for the Devil to tempt our temporal frame more persistently. Hence carrying the crosses in our daily life, afflictions and sufferings enrich the inner body to get acclimatized in the invincible world. Therefore, praying for healing of the infirmities of the physical body is not a healthy sign for the enrichment of the soul, which cross through the aerial realms during its spiritual journey. The sublime or multiple gains we should achieve in the test is to blot out our sins through inner cleansing, the superlative method of spinning the garment of incorruption that deletes our physical infirmities mostly forever.

      I saw a vision of an angel fluttering across the sky, about half a kilometer high in the sky, while I was near the vicinity of my house in the evening twilight hours when I was 8 or 9 years old. I was scared to go back home alone, but didn't tell anybody till about it 3 years before because I have a second thought about it. If it was an angel of light why should it carry a fireball, `chuttu katta'. As my mental and physical crises are precipitating every day, I now feel that it was a dark angel that disguised as the angel of light that deceived me. Also I was prompted writing my first book after seeing an imagery of an unearthly handwriting, bright white, with an unearthly pen which having some dark lining. The Angel carrying the fireball is an indication of the imminent signs of the apocalypse as seen in the Book of Revelations or a portent something that is going to affect us all. Could it be the dark angel disguised in the angel of light, 2. Cor.11:14. Don't depend on faith healing or any other miracles other than the sign of Jonah because they are the connivance of the equivocal one. Don't depend on visions or beings of light, false Christs and false prophets, because many of them are Satan's robots to destroy us. Saints like Parumala thirumeni did was to put a sign of the cross; the infernal blackguard will flee away from us. Seeing or occurring unnatural happening in our lives is apparently a craftiness of the Devil who misleads us. He quoted the scriptures while tempting Jesus in the wilderness, and Jesus also reciprocated in the same coin that forced him to retreat. If Jesus had revealed His identity, salvation of man would have been in jeopardy. Don't run after miracles and oracles that misled the Jews of His generation. We are the standing monuments of miracles because if the air that we inhale is not exhaled we are mere corpses. We don't have any ownership in anything in this world; our survival one moment here on this ephemeral world is nothing but a miracle.

      Any religious and also devilish means can fetch temporary healing by people who has either higher mental development or through necromancy. Healing of our sickness is a great relief by charismatic prayer or mass meeting that gives psychological upliftment for a shorter period. 'If wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost; if character is lost, everything is lost'. Losing our character and gaining our health has no permanent solution for our eternity. Tradition says that the man who was lying at the Bethsaida pool for 38 years was the person who pierced Jesus on His side at the cross, as he lost his income by begging, Jn. 5. Mass psychology that heals the man by charismatic preachers is a only a visible sign, just like some skin disease is treated with some external ointment while the root cause is in the blood that is infected by unknown reasons.

      I noted in my last message that the Holy Mystery is the greatest miracle, which cleanses our body and inner man at the same time and is the right recipe for salvation. Bread and wine, which is the source of weaving the Body of Christ, remain without changing the substances, but its effect is everlasting, beyond time and space. All the sacraments are outward signs that work for an inward grace. But our aim is 12 basketfuls of crumbs, not the greatness of the Lord who could perform miracles due to His sacrifice, so also the martyrdom of apostles and martyrs who died for Christ. St. Paul also sought for a permanent cure for his illness, `but my grace is enough' was the answer. God had no difficulty in healing the stammering of Moses, but without doing so He also gave Aaron, his brother, as a helping hand to liberate 600, 000 men and their families from the yoke of Pharaoh and led them for 40 years in the wilderness with the help of a stick. This journey could have been limited to 2 years by taking a short-cut route through the philistines' land, if God had imported weapons to fight against Philistines, just like He had showered manna and quails as their food. God provided the rod to Moses but not the weapons to fight against His enemies, His own creations. Nothing is impossible to God, but He takes only the genuine ways. So be with God, He will lead us somehow through the valley of death and tears and sufferings, provided we seek His aid and help.

      E.S. John, Australia
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