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  • ronnie daniel
    ... I think profit and wealth are blessings from God and are desirable. But, the real and true blessing is the wisdom to abandon it for eternal life. Again
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 15, 2013
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      George Easaw wrote:
      >> Being engaged in for-profit ventures is undesirable?

      I think profit and wealth are blessings from God and are desirable. But, the real and true blessing is the "wisdom" to abandon it for eternal life.

      "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. – Matthew 19:24"

      The whole story of the rich man in this incident reveals man's attachment to worldly possessions. This rich man is unable to abandon his possessions in return for eternal life. Late lamented Osthathios Thirumeni's said it rightly "it is sin to live rich in this world where so many are living in poverty". 1.4 Billion people of this world have not enough food to eat. At the same time 40 percent of food produced in America is being wasted. That includes the accumulated fat around our belly.

      Most of us who have the opportunity to sit in front of a computer and read this message are in the top 20 percent of the world population who enjoys 80 percent of world's wealth. There is nothing wrong with it if God had blessed us to be in the top 20 percent. I mean, we secured the wealth meeting all the commandments of Lord. But, in most cases knowingly or unknowingly we violate God's principles for making profit and accumulating wealth.

      On a recent visit to Kerala I had to bribe a government officer a 1000 bucks to get a certificate from our Panchayat. If I was not paying that money, the expenses to me for obtaining that certificate would have been at least 100 times more as I had to make a trip again from Canada for that certificate as my physical presence was required to obtain that certificate. I broke the law bribing some one. Who knows whether that officer who took the money used it to drink and later rape an under aged girl, similar to the "peedanam" stories by politicians and Government servants we hear everyday. Am I at fault for this? Of course I am, as I was the initiator of that event for breaking the law.

      Profit and wealth in my opinion is like the fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the garden of Eden. Like everything else, that tree in the middle of the garden was created by God for man to eat from it. But God had put a restriction on that just one tree for reasons unknown to man. We assume it was for checking Adam's obedience. But, it is preposterous to believe that the good Lord in His omnipotence did not know that Adam would disobey.

      Similarly, all wealth of this world is created by God for us. God is waiting to bless us at His appointed time. But, we have no patience. We make a hurry like Adam and Eve. We want it in a hurry and we are prepared to violate rules set by God to achieve what we want. Also, we want more and more. At no point of time we will get satisfied whether it is food or wealth or pleasure. For food, God had put a circuit breaker in our body that we will vomit if we eat more than our need and if we continually eat more than our need, we ourselves will reduce the days we can eat. But, there are no such circuit breakers for wealth and pleasure. The more we get, the more we want.

      One thing we forget is that when we try to achieve all our "wants", we will be depriving others of their "needs". That is why there is poverty around. When
      Jesus said it is difficult for a rich man to inherit the kingdom of heaven; it has an obvious meaning that it is difficult to become rich observing the Lord's commandments. That was why tax collectors were considered sinners during Jesus' time.

      So, to answer Mr. Easaw, it would appear that making profit while obeying all God's laws is a blessing, and profiting by violating God's law would bring curse. No wonder our Church fathers did not uplift merchants and traders and tax collectors as much as Holy Fathers, Saints and teachers etc, in our prayers!!!

      Ronnie Daniel, Toronto
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