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Re: Jacobite Church & HB Thomas I Absence At Tombs

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  • Philip Ayyamplackal Chacko
    Does it mean sitting on the other side of the globe will not give an understanding of what is happening to the side one was sitting before? I have been to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
    Does it mean sitting on the other side of the globe will not give an understanding of what is happening to the side one was sitting before? I have been to Thrikkunathu Seminary and have stayed and participated in the services there a few times. I still know some of their OCYM members and to a certain extent the neighbors around. In short my posting was not primarily based on a YouTube clipping.

    I feel pity for the justification for the unwanted performances of a few youth members. Based on the justification I wonder whether the youth were called to display a show of strength. It is good for people to assemble for a memorial service, but if it is to instigate people around, it is sad. Remember a few clapping is all that you get for a moment but the tainted remarks will last long and the poor faithful of Angamally will be left alone to defend themselves.

    Thrikkunathu Seminary is primarily known as the diocesan headquarter of Angamaly diocese. Subsequently the Bishops who led the diocese when passed away were laid to rest there. Today this place has become a pilgrimage center aswell. Any individual, whoever it may be, visiting that place especially on and around the memorial days should arrive with the prime motive to pay respect, offer prayers and seek intercession of the departed fathers. Anybody who is coming with ulterior motive especially to show strength is disrespecting the late father’s who have lead the church painstakingly.

    We at the present chapel conduct memorial service of all the four Bishops on their memorial days. Surrounding the memorial day of L/L H.G Kuttikattil Paulose Mar Athanasios on 26th January, who has been declared a Saint by the Jacobites a few years ago, there is big noise. The reason being their faction wanted to conduct special prayers as they wish. It is only due to the generosity of our church we have allowed them some time, succumbing to the pressure of the district authorities. If we as a church can allow that generosity, what is the point in making a further scene? Instead we should try to win them over by our noble deeds.

    Special police protection was ordered by the district authorities surrounding the Feast on January 26th. Setting up of barricades, metal detectors etc. are made by the district authorities and there is no involvement of the youth or any other members of our church as maintenance of law and order comes under the purview of the Government. The factions’ in turn are asked to pay a certain sum. Police were deployed not only in uniform but also in mufti to get intelligence report and they did their job. Nobody including the genuine faithful amongst the Jacobites expected and accepted what HB Thomas did at the Tomb last year and the district authorities were cautious to that affect this year. This scene has also brought back memories of the fearful sight of a police man who was screaming after he was bitten a few decades ago when he tried to arrest.

    As per the current agreement four hours each were allotted to both the factions for faithful to come in groups of 10 and spent not more than 10 minutes for each group. I wonder if each group had to follow this arrangement how many would have really visited the tombs.

    We reciprocating just like the Jacobite youths will make us yet another “KEFA” unit. And if our Youth have been assembling here to learn from them and giving them ‘tit for tat’, I feel HB Thomas has served his mission!

    Infact there was an opportunity for the youth to shout slogans to celebrate at Piravum. On 25th January 2013, Shri V.G.Anil Kumar, Addl. District Judge has given an order on a suit reference number O.S.No.6/1985 regarding the Piravum Church which has more history than Thrikkunathu Seminary.

    The decree summaries as follows : “In the result, suit is partly decreed without costs and it is declared that St.Mary’s Orthodox Syrian Church, Piravom has to be administered under 1934 constitution of Malankara church and as amended subsequently. The other prayers in the plaint are dismissed.”

    This is where our Malankara Metropolitan, Priest trustee, Lay trustee and Association Secretary should have led the youth and shouted slogans. Instead who assembled at Piravum and who conducted the service there?

    Be brave, “Call a spade a spade”.

    Philip Ayyamplackal, Auckland

    PS: Attached herewith is the official publication of OCYM, February 2013 issue. Please go thru the editorial (page 2) by the Chief Editor and also the letter by the Central General Secretary (page 4) and take inspiration. Let us not deviate from the very principles of OCYM – WORSHIP – SERVICE – STUDY.
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