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Rev. K.I. Philip Ramban And The Projects Of St. Paul’s Brotherhood

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  • alexander cherian
    A few members have responded to my posting on Very. Rev. Philip Rembachen of St. Pauls brotherhood Puthuppady and were particularly solicitous on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2013
      A few members have responded to my posting on Very. Rev. Philip Rembachen of St. Pauls brotherhood Puthuppady and were particularly solicitous on the forthcoming projects. Hence this posting. Rembachen has quite a few projects crystallized and should be launched in the next 12 months. The list includes South African Mission, Andamans Eye hospital, Centre for HIV Patients in Gujarat, A dialysis Centre in Puthuppadi (Calicut India), Eye Hospital for Nilackal Diocese and the latest as of the 7th of February 2013 the Cancer Foundation. More on the first and the last.

      South African Mission is conceived as a launching pad for Mission works in African continent. We do have a group of Church members, well-heeled professionals for that matter in South Africa. Hence South Africa as the base and launching pad.

      Every project manager begins with the sources of funds and tailors his project size (uses of funds) to the funds available. Rambachen is contrarian; he begins with the use of funds, the project and leaves the source to God. The strategy works. The work amongst healthy children of Leprosy Patients began with Rs. 7, a tithe from the contribution received for his seminary education. That was in early 60s of the previous century. It took another 20 years to start Yacharam St. Gregorious Balagram. For the uninitiated and lesser ones (such as me) it is nothing less than a miracle.

      The latest project, launched as of yesterday (the 7th of February '13) is the Cancer Foundation. Rembachen has received contributions from various members of our church for his treatment. Surplus money left, as a matter of thanksgiving goes for the initial corpus of Cancer Foundation. There are two children from Puthuppady who have graduated in Medicine (MBBS) and is doing their house surgency in Pondichery Institute of Medical Sciences. We all should applaud and thank Madras Medical Mission and its functionary Mr. K.V. Eapen (Koodathumuriyil), thanks to whose munificence, the two children from St. Paul's Puthuppadi have become doctors. They were in Vellore with Rambachen. How many of us would have a full-fledged Doctor as aide in a similar situation.

      I feel that every Institution of St. Pauls brotherhood must be self sufficient and able to generate its upkeep by running schools, farms, hospital etc, and the contributions be used for new ventures/projects. Institutions of the brotherhood in Puthuppady are self-sufficient as far as the variable expenses go. Dehu Road (St. George Balikagram ) is also almost there. Yacharam can be there if they chose to make the Eye Hospital little bit commercial or establish paramedical schools as a take off from the hospital. After all there is 100 acres available in Yacharam. These are my thoughts and plans but very earthy and definitely earthly. We do require a support group of persons who contribute their tithe or a part of it for St.Pauls brotherhood.The proposed capital expenditure could be high a figure for our church in the backdrop our efforts as a Church hitherto in Mission work.

      St. Pauls brotherhood requires and more importantly deserves support. 'Deserves' because they maintain their accounts meticulously, audit their accounts thoroughly and is transparent, traditions set by H.G. Geevarghese Mar Osthathios of Blessed Memory and scrupulously maintained by Rambachen. The good Lord who hath provided thus far hath to provide and shall provide.

      Let us all pray for St. Pauls brotherhood, Rembachen and his efforts. Let us praise the good Lord for St. Pauls 'the stream in the desert'.

      Alexander Cherian, Chennai
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