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Re: News - Jacobite Church In Serious Problems

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  • george thankachan
    Dear John Achen, You wrote: Orthodox Church should also come out clean; either obey the 1995 SC verdict, if they honestly believe Church is one, declare the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
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      Dear John Achen,
      You wrote: "Orthodox Church should also come out clean; either obey the 1995 SC verdict, if they honestly believe Church is one, declare the Patriarch as the Spiritual head and invite him for a dinner/dialogue or declare complete independence like the Marthomites and forfeit the legal claims; putting the legs in two boats, that is, why shy away to publicly state what they declared in SC, will not work-safe and never solve any problem".

      We, the orthodox �church, have already expressed �our willingness for having Unity and Peace established within the holy Church.�The move for�reconciliation�from our side �was taken several times ever since 1995. We have no hesitation to accept HH the Patriarch of Antioch as the spiritual head of the Church. And this has always been our stance. Our former Catholicose HH Moran Mar �Basalios Marthoma �Mathews II, of blessed memory, �had wished for a meeting with the Patriarch, but the extremists with HB Thomas I Catholicose on the patriarchal �faction, vehemently opposed such a meeting. � Recently, our present Catholicose HH Moran Mar �Baselios Mar Thoma Paulose II also wanted to have a meeting with the Patriarch, �but was possible �based on many restrictions, that you know. �HB Thomas I Catholicose and his retinue have always been a stumbling-block for the Unity of the two factions in the holy �Church.

      Your suggestion to forfeit the legal claims on Church property is dubious. We make no claim on the properties of the Church of Antioch but only on the properties belonging to the Malankara Orthodox Church . And that too, based on the clear cut�verdict of the Supreme Court endorsing that the real custodian of the Church property�is the Malankara Metropolitan. The Honorable Court has categorically decreed that all temporal powers are vested in the hands of the Catholicose of the East and Malankara Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

      I still wonder why complete Unity�was not possible�in the holy Church when the stalwarts like you from the patriarchal side decided to comply with the verdict of the Apex Court of India by 2002. �You people could not win over�those thumping majority on the other side, isn't it the fact?

      I�believe that there is still room for unity. And you have a vital role to play in bringing about Peace and Unity in the Holy Church. �

      Praying for a�divine intervention for the complete Unity in the holy Church, I remain.�

      George Achen, Ireland.
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