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Holy Lent and the Great Pilgrimage:Reflections by Rev. Dr. KM George

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    Reflections: Holy Lent and the Great Pilgrimage As we enter the period of Great Lent we set out on a great journey with Jesus the pioneer of our faith . He
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2013
      Reflections: Holy Lent and the Great Pilgrimage

      As we enter the period of Great Lent we set out on a great journey with "Jesus the pioneer of our faith".

      He fasted and prayed intensely for forty days in the oppressive solitude of the desert before going out publicly to announce the Gospel of Life. He beat the tempter, the power of evil in our life.

      We follow Jesus all through. It is not as isolated individuals that we enter the Lenten desert but as a church, collectively, for repentance and renewal. That is why we particularly remember all the departed clergy and all the departed faithful the two Sundays preceding the beginning of Lent. Through this act of remembrance the mother Church is gathering all her children - living and the departed, clergy and laity - for the great journey.

      We as one Body of Christ follow Jesus on his mission of service and salvation to the world by announcing the gospel to the poor and healing the sick, by liberating the oppressed and binding the wounds of the broken hearted, by giving sight to the blind and proclaiming the period of grace for all ... -The great and only agenda for the church in this world!

      We continue with him to the Calvary, taking up his cross and suffering with him. Finally we share his death and his glorious resurrection.

      What a great pilgrimage ! What a great mission! This journey should reshuffle our priorities in the world and set the true Christian agenda for the church..

      Fight the evil one and not each other! Let us take a pilgrim's walk with Christ. We follow him like faithful disciples.

      Disciples have discipline. That is the threefold discipline of Lent - discipline in our prayer life, discipline in our eating or consuming habits and discipline in our commitment to serve the poor and the needy.

      The desert beckons!
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