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Jacobite Church & HB Thomas I absence at tombs

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  • Jiji K
    Re: Jacobite Church Philip Ayyamplackal wrote ………. The most annoying thing was when His Holiness was going to offer incense prayer, it was just like a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2013

      Re: Jacobite Church

      Philip Ayyamplackal wrote "………."The most annoying thing was when His Holiness was going to offer incense prayer, it was just like a political march with Youth in the back ground shouting slogans without any relevance to the occasion. I am not blaming the Youth, but we had people who could have reframed them from doing such a performance. Some could have motivated them to sing a song relevant to the Perunal. Thrikkunnathu Seminary Chapel has got a beautiful Choir who could have led the songs. Does it mean we couldn't control our youth who were just under 100. Instead some motivated them by offering microphones!"

      "We also had Perunal at Shasthamkotta on 26th January and His Holiness had been to the Tomb and offered incense. There were more of our youth there and no one heard such a war cry! So what was the intention of our Youth or their perpetrators at Thrikkunnathu Seminary to shout slogans? Was it not to simply annoy? Do the departed fathers need them?"

      It was good write up to read…….., but sitting in the other side of globe, watching some You Tube videos and listening voice from it is not an ideal way to comment like this. Historical document will not give a complete picture for us until we have some geographical knowledge about in any subject matter. I think you know better about the geographical differences between the Thrikkunnathu church and the Shasthamkotta church in our church perspective.! Tell me, Why our Malankara Metropolitan, Priest trustee, Lay trustee and Association Secretary was there in that occasion at Thrikkunnathu church on the perunal day? Is this church having any historical importance?

      I am a central committee member of Orthodox Christian Youth Movement from Delhi Dioceses was there in the Thrikkunnathu seminary chapel from early morning to late in the evening on Perunal day (25th January) this year. This was my third visit in as many occasions. Before making any comments against the youth involvement there, we should realize how our church people living in that region particularly in Ernakulum district. We all be aware of the things happened in the previous year. Geographically Thrikkunnathu church compound surround by the Jacobite families. In the last year around the closing hours to offer incense prayer at tomb, Jacobite goons and their supporters surfaced one by one along all the corner of the boundary wall and shouting against our people and our church fathers. They people are very cunning to break any court order for their own advantage. On the same time their leader H.B. Thomas I, entered the tomb and claimed he had completed the holy mass in ten minutes.  Moreover to say, from that day onwards, H.B. Thomas I have sleepless nights with utmost shock of witnessing the death of Syrian Jacobite colonialism in India.  

      This year also they have some hidden agenda to storm in to the tomb after the scheduled time which allowed by the Hon. High court. Their leader HB Thomas I and local bishop Mor Anthimos Matthews were roaming around till 6.00pm in the evening. But strong presence of our church people including the youth and children had not allowed them to dishonest the holy Eucharist once again in front of us.  Shouting slogans in a controlled level for our church leaders is not a crime. You know why their bishop Mor Athanasius Elias was forced to remove the black robe in the midway to the tomb? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=527920143915010 Do you think our youth movement members keeps mum on while Jacobite gundas shouting against one of our Bishop leaving the seminary premises. All the things happen on that day had not been discussed in a public forum like this. Give some accountability to our youth and their activities. They are the soldiers for tomorrow.

      JIJI K NINAN, New Delhi, India

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