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Importance Of Women In Our Church And Society

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  • Philip Ayyamplackal Chacko
    There were many protest meetings in Kerala conducted in relation to the Delhi girl who was brutally killed. Didn’t hear about the customary Hartal! But the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2013
      There were many protest meetings in Kerala conducted in relation to the Delhi girl who was brutally killed. Didn’t hear about the customary Hartal! But the poor girls who are raped around in Kerala are yet to find sympathy with the protest organizers, except from a few like Ms. Ajitha the social activist. A year ago a Bengali girl had a similar ordeal in Kerala and the charge sheet is yet to reach the court. Emerging Kerala!!!

      17 years ago, a 13 year old girl who had a slight mental disorder was taken around places and more than 100 males had a time with her. Our ‘Police’ system could get 35 convicted. But the ‘Honorable’ High court, later found that the girl was to be blamed for the incident and except for one all were released. Only such a verdict can take place in God’s own country. Now the Supreme Court has quashed the High Court verdict to release the 34 charge-sheeted, and given the High Court to re-consider the case afresh. Will she ultimately get justice? Her life is traumatized, father has become a heart patient, mother bed ridden and the poor family is finding it difficult to meet ends.

      A British journalist studying the issue of rapes in India wrote a review and he concluded with the advice, ‘EDUCATE THE MALE’. I will give him 100 out of 100 marks. Instead a political party in Mumbai is arming women with chilly powder pouches and 6cm knifes for their protection!

      Is there any other country that has in its pledge, all (Indians) are my brothers and sisters? Whether we give 50 or 75% reservation to women unless there is an ongoing feeling of care what matters?

      Why to involve the Church alone to educate our males? The best they can do is to conduct a few seminars and issue a statement expressing deep concern with a request to the government to take action. End of story.

      What is happening in the family? Why can’t the parents educate their children on this issue? We do tell them about the neighbors children doing well at studies, developing good habits; keep away from bad company etc. Instead of generalizing we need to specifically mention about the social evils. Frankly how many of us had a chat about this topic with atleast our grownup children especially with the boys and what do they think is going wrong and what can they do to prevent it?

      The main reason for this entire happening is: we only care about ourselves. Even if our children get 1st rank we are saddened if our neighbors’ children pass the exam! This is where change should take place. If anything goes wrong with someone, “that is his or her fate and all the good thing that is happening to me is because of the love God has for me which how can I share with some one. This is a blessing for me and my family alone” – All rights reserved! Nuclear families are further nuclearised!

      There is male dominance everywhere, but that is not to express it on to females. The cardinal principal is there cannot be male without female and vice versa. So in short no body is superior to either. Both have certain independent roles to play. This is what needs to be taught and understood.

      Many a families in Kerala could today have 3 square meals because of their daughters working especially abroad. Still there is prejudice between the sons and daughters.

      I know a family with 3 children, two girls and the youngest a boy, all grown up. The father loved all his children equally but mother had soft corner for the son. At the time of the daughters’ marriage in spite of giving dowry he kept a promise to divide the family property amongst his three children that was known to his wife alone. About 5 years ago the father unexpectedly passed away. Mother got control of the property. She registered the property in her son’s name in haste. Later the son got married and he was blessed with two daughters. To cut the story short the mother is now shuttling between her daughters, both fortunately in Kerala, as her son and daughter-in-law gave the mother a ‘passing out parade’ with the warning not to return! The son has since lost his job and had to sell some of the property to start a business that again is in the verge of closing down. The promise of the father was reveled after the mother had issues with the daughter in law. There could be many such stories around. This is all happening because of our selfish soft corner we have for some.

      How many of us frankly believe, the church has given voting rights etc. to women is to recognize their talents and is to give them equal rights? If so what did our mothers and grand mothers lacked?

      Unless we consider all our children as equal and also consider other children with equal respect this is not going to change. We should equally care for our society and do our part to control the evils on an ongoing basis. This is what we parents have to teach our children which they need to practice for a successful life. Afterall what is a successful life? Is wealth alone a yardstick to measure?

      Philip Ayyamplackal, Auckland
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