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Re: Melbourne St. Mary's Cathedral Purchased Land For The Chapel

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  • John
    Dear Mr. Thomas, `I have very much appreciated your efforts to establish a parish in the continent. Maybe the people of the present generation have forgotten
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 2, 2013
      Dear Mr. Thomas,

      `I have very much appreciated your efforts to establish a parish in the continent. Maybe the people of the present generation have forgotten or are unaware about your efforts. With your help, Late Fr. Zachria arrived there. Now the Malankara Orthodox Church is having more than ten parishes/congregation ons and the Church is growing fast. Fr. Zachria worked hard for the establishment of congregations in different parts of the continent without any monetary benefit.'

      You have said the truth, but don't give advertisement, acknowledgement or anything else in this regard because the first parish in this continent is only a free gift God for His namesake. When it comes to eliminate and superimpose the truth with something else, I do react for justice sake only. Many people do selfish thing for cheap popularity. Not much room and no health, hence shorten my message.

      I wrote the assignments in the university with an intention of educating others. As sex is the mother of all our genetics and health that build a sanctimonious spiritual source, it is to be kept pure and sacred till marriage for frugal use of the perpetuation of the human race, 1.Cor.6, 18-20. Anything excess is detrimental. If gluttony is a sin, then sexual excesses is sin because many other important priorities in life will be unattended, and also it will tell upon the health adversely. Early dating on onset of puberty that invites fornication, which leads to infidelity and de facto relationship after the marriage, paves the way for divorce and many other crimes that created a carnal society for its own extinction eventually because children become a pest to the society. Dating which segregated the sexual unfits landed into same-sex relationship, which created a new strand of sub-cultural strata and became a thorn in the flesh of world society, the cause of which are Industrialisation, World Wars that led to high-tech and materialistic exuberance. If 1960s was the age of Hippies that formed a second-tier culture, making everything `fair is foul and foul is fair', the age kaliyuga that was foretold many hundreds of years ago by the Indian Visionaries. These loose humanistic elements of promiscuities and fads made some minority members of the Trade Union/ labour members to make it as their stronghold to bargain for the majority, particularly for women who were denied equal wage. Thus dawned the age of lax sex roles, sexism and feminism, sex equality, gay relationship and women's ordination of the 1980s. I put my two-coin opinion in the beginning of that decade to educate, not annoy, others, as the Aid virus became a world threat and final breaking of the camel's back by the gay clergy will lead to the desolation the world, lk.18, 8. But the fruit of that I received when I was in between both worlds of suffering during my stroke period was horrendous, and I complained to the authorities; but alas no reply or answer. Ruthless, brutal world of carnivorous time. But the advanced de-luxe treatment for the stroke patients or for any other disabled patients by compassionate government/people of a developed nation is a blessing.

      These sub-cultural sex weeds are legalised in most of the developed nations. Abomination of desolation, Mt. 24,15, of female ordination and gay clergy is a sacrilege standing in the holy place. Instead of religious ministers running against this carnage, the church gave their tacit consent under the banner of Ecumenism in legalising the same-sex marriage and approving female ordination and consecration by secular rulers, Eph.6, 12. Not only they approved this wanton pestilence, they charged ammunition against the laity vulnerable in tormenting the defenseless minority by sign and tongue languages. `To reign in hell than serve in Heaven' attitude of the majority clergy of all denominations is abhorrent and despicable. Learn a lesson from other religions that are against in these types of abominations of desolation. Muslims neither allow their women to attend their main worship nor show any sympathy to self-immolators, the gays. Due to Christian moral decadence and gay priesthood God has chosen them as the destroyers of evil perpetrators. This is the reason why God make `a man of false countenance' from Great Babylon to dominate over the world Christianity for 7 years and destroy what is leftover in the church, thereby God to descend and take a handful of true believers from here and make the earth desolate. The third world war that may take place before Christ's second coming is between the descendants of the two sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, between Muslims and their supporters on one side and Jews, Christian alliance and their followers on the other side. Meticulously delineated the world of that time in my Malayalam books that I published in 1994.

      Many people received free copies of my books from me. They read it or not; when they show their finger language, it is heart breaking, particularly from clergy. I bore the cross of daily tortures and wasted my money, for what! Ingratitude, thy name is man. `Higher the monkey climbs, the more it shows its tail'. Now also I kill my health by giving burdens to my dear ones for the propagation of the gospel truth. Money and political spirituality by which you want to fish in troubled waters.

      Mr. Thomas, I am not finger pointing at orthodox clergy or orthodox parish laity. In their survival technology they are smart to ignore or annoy anyone for power and money politics. Trade Unionism is a must in these days of exploitation by the employers, but the minority moral hunchbacks, firebrand proponents, shouldn't use the moral and social values as their recipe for subjugation of the silent majority. Theism and morality is the area of the religions, not for the irreligious and moral imbeciles of the society or secular rulers. `This is your time and the hour of darkness', lk.22. There are gay Unions within the main labour unions; sexual turpitude by which society is made classless is the ploy of Satan to defeat God, because He earned salvation by taking birth in a woman. A classless, cashless humanistic, permissive, licentious and aborted society is the aim of mafia type warlords who thrive by pandemonium and carnality. They defile the name of God by these satanic tricks. The dragon china, which gives blessing to the Babylonian world ruler, is the emerging Super power because the present Supper power America owes 46.6 trillion dollars to china. Hue and cry is made in Australia that restrictions are to be made for huge outback properties that are sold to the foreign powers, particularly to china, so also big investments and infrastructures are made by china in other foreign countries. I gave enough biblical proof and literal interpretations, the recipe for making me as a butt of joke and condemnation, to buttress my observations in my books. Those who have ears, hear.

      E.S. John, Australia
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