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Kalpana - Mar Geevarghese Coorilos - Gujarat Earthquake Relief Fund

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  • geevarghese coorilos
    Dear Members, Although there were some messages posted on this board about our church s relief work in Gujarat after the earthquake, the following Kalpana from
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
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      Dear Members,

      Although there were some messages posted on this board about our church's relief
      work in Gujarat after the earthquake, the following Kalpana from His Grace
      Mar Geevarghese Coorilos is of special importance. It is exciting to know that
      our Church has a solid plan with a vision to help the needy. We urge all the
      members of this forum to pass this information to the other Church members in
      their parish and to their friends. Also, we urge all of you to contribute to
      this worthy cause.

      His Grace is one of the most respected bishops not just in our Church but also
      among the non-Christian population. His Grace was the General Secretary of
      MGOCSM for a long time.

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      March 1, 2001.

      Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ and best wishes for
      a blessed new year.

      I send this message when the whole world is shocked, India is shattered, the
      State of Gujarat and in particular the Kutch Region is mostly devastated
      because of the Earthquake which affected the area very badly. As you are
      aware, thousands are brutally killed and many are homeless, who lost every
      thing they have earned so far and even their dear ones. There is no need of
      any further description of the tragedy.

      Hope you are aware that the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church did start the
      relief work by distributing water, food, medical aid, etc. immediately after
      the incident. The representatives including the undersigned have visited
      various affected areas more than once to take the relief materials, to
      counsel and help them in different levels and to assess the whole situation
      for further rehabilitation programmes and projects. We presented our Report
      to the Holy Episcopal Synod, the Mission Board and the newly formed National
      Relief Service of Orthodox Church (NARSOC). It has been decided to raise at
      least twenty million rupees for the rehabilitation projects. His Holiness
      Moran Mar Baselios Marthoma Mathews II, the Catholicos of the East and the
      Malankara Metropolitan has been so kind and keen to send a Kalpana to all
      the faithful and friends to donate substantially and pray earnestly for this
      great cause. His Holiness officially inaugurated the Fund Raising Programme
      by handing over a Demand Draft for Rs. seven lakhs to H.G. Dr. Geevarghese
      Mar Osthathios, the President of the Muission Board, who has been a pioneer
      in launching various projects in the past, addressing issues including
      National calamities of this sort. The Holy Episcopal Synod was keen and
      determined to have a National forum for the Orthodox Church to address
      issues of this nature and had appointed my humble behalf as the President
      and Very Rev. K.I. Philipos Ramban who has been in this field for many years
      as the Director-cum-Secretary of the NARSOC months back before the present

      We have already approached the authorities to allot areas to adopt the
      villages for the rehabilitation projects and we have been in touch with
      other Christian Churches and other NGOs to have more co-ordination, better
      mutual communication and effective service for the most deserving people. A
      very systematic collection campaign is being launched and information is
      given to every nook and corner. Arrangements are made to give receipt for
      every penny we receive and for the proper utilization with accountability
      and deeper commitment. I hereby request all of you to donate
      whole-heartedly and pray earnestly so that the situation of our beloved ones
      in the affected areas can be improved substantially.

      The Drafts may be drawn in favour of �Malankara Orthodox Church � Gujarat
      Earthquake Relief Fund� � A/c. No. 3622, the Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.,
      Vashi, New Bombay.

      May God bless you all,


      SECTOR 10 A, VASHI, NAVI MUMBAI-400703
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