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In Memory of HH Baselios Geevarghese II Catholicos

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  • Dr. M.S. Alexander, Leeds, England
    During this time of the year, it is customary that I spend a lot of time reflecting on the life of H.H.Moran Mar Baseliose Geevarughese 2nd, who served as the
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      During this time of the year, it is customary that I spend a lot of time reflecting on the life of H.H.Moran Mar Baseliose Geevarughese 2nd, who served as the Catholicose and Malankara Metropolitan of our church during a period of turbulent storms that threatened the very existence of our free and independent church. I am helped by the descriptions of him given to me by my uncle Late Very Rev Remban Fr M.C.Kuriakose of Pathamuttam and my grandfather Very Rev Fr Alexanthrayose Cor Episcopa and my own personal contact with him on numerous occasions. I have read the books written by Mr Z.M Paret, Dr Samuel Chandanappally, and Mr K.V.Mammen. He began most of the prayers and sacraments singing in private an angelic hymn, 'Melulla Uyarangalil swargeeya malakha mar..', and from that time onward till the end of the service he had an amazing capacity to transfigure himself like an angel. He believed himself that he was in the company of angels praising and worshipping God. He did not have the habit of Qurbana cholli theerkkal. He believed in the presence of God in the altar and literally experienced the Glory of the presence of God during the Eucharistic service. Usually by the end of the service he was very excited and thrilled by this divine experience �he was like Moses coming down the Mountain of Sinai after his encounter with God'.
      �He was very much aware of the experience of Job in the hands of Satan. He too experienced tormentation. His enemies wanted to take away all the possessions of his dear church, they ridiculed him by calling him names (Vridhan Punnoose), they questioned his priesthood, they wanted him to be in the witness box in court rooms to be questioned by arrogant lawyers. He had no money, and his church was poor. But all along he knew that his God will protect him as he protected Job. Those who knew him well could say that
      Geevarughese 2nd Catholicose never did lie at the proud foot of his ridiculous tormentors.
      With great courage and through inspiration and perspiration he led his people saying:
      Cheriya attinkkottame bhayappedenda, Christ who was crucified on a Friday could resurrect the following Sunday. The same thing will happen to Malankara Sabha. And, it did happen eventually. He sacrificed his life for our glory today.

      During his visit to Scotland to attend an international conference of various church leaders, everyone noted his glorious face and Holiness. During his return trip to India he visited many Christian churches in Europe and Middle East. All over the places of his visit, they treated him with the honour and respect given to the head of a church.

      H.H.Moran Mar Geevarughese 2nd lived with angels in Devalokam, he worshipped God with them and his spirit continues to pray for Malankara Orthodox Church and for its members even now. Thousands of people go to his tomb every year with their petitions and his intercessions continue to help them to overcome their problems. He was indeed a saint. Let us pray to him to pray for us.
      Every day, from the rising of the sun in the East till the setting of the sun in the West, members of the Malankara Orthodox Church will remember him till the last breath of their life with deep felt gratitude and love.

      DR M.S.ALEXANDER, Leeds, England.
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