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Is Vijayan in or out?

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  • Mathew Samuel, Albany, NY
    Dear all, I wanted to bring to your attention a full page advertisement on this week s popular Malayalam weekly newspaper in the US called MalayalamPatram
    Message 1 of 12 , Oct 4, 2010
      Dear all,

      I wanted to bring to your attention a full page advertisement on this week's popular Malayalam weekly newspaper in the US called MalayalamPatram about the sixtieth birthday of Vijayan, whose activities have been a cause of much discussion among church members in the recent past. While I do not know Mr. Vijayan personally, I do know him of being of the Orthodox background, but who has had issues with the Church authorities in the past, and someone who without any authorization or permission from the Church chose to publish his own version of the Bible, the Holy Bible which is (ideally) a book of the Church, for the Church and by the Church.(Since we do not live in an ideal world, if the Vijayan Bible was published because we as a Church did not have a Bible of our own, why was it not given to the Synod for its approval?)

      But surely, anyone with the resources can put a full page ad about anything. Why am I talking about it? I am bringing attention to it only because on the right side of the picture of Mr. Vijayan, I saw the picture of one Holy Father who is revered by many among us, including me, as a saintly soul, someone who has by his life become a true Messiah of the downtrodden in our generation, our most beloved Osthathios Thirumeni. Osthathios Thirumeni in HG's greetings calls Vijayan HG's spiritual son. Also says that his spritual works on the Holy Scriptures are appreciable.("Vishudha Granthathinu vendi Vijayan Cheytha aathmiya karyangal valare valuthaanu").

      I have nothing to say about the greetings of the other Fathers from different denominations on the same page for Vijayan, but touching beloved Osthathios Thirumeni's feet, I wanted to submit my inability to understand Thirumeni's words. Obviously Thirumeni knows more about Vijayan than I do. Can someone more in the know how of things please explain to me? If Vijayan's works are appreciable, why has he been kept away from the Church (or by the church authorities?) Has Vijayan been forgiven? Surely Osthathios Thirumeni realizes the dangers in individuals writing their own Bibles and Thirumeni may surely be aware of the troubles Vijayan caused to our parishes in the Gulf. (based on what I have understood). Then why is Osthathios Thirumeni allowing HG's precious name to be used in this manner to give an impression of tacit approval to Vijayan's activities? Wasn't there a Kalpana by Barnabas Thirumeni a few years back discouraging any relation with the Vijayan activities?

      A few years ago, another Thirumeni's picture had appeared on Vijayan's IDCF magazine and when I asked this Thirumeni about Vijayan, what I was told was that this person is in good standing in Kerala, so they have no problems with him there, that if here in the US I have been told anything different by my thirumeni, I must follow that.

      Why do we get confusing signals from the Church Fathers? Can we blame the sheep if they are confused? Can we blame them if they leave the Church?

      If Vijayan is indeed forgiven and it is ok for the common people to deal with him, then I would like to know because I have been in touch with him in the past and would like to clear the air since my posture was never personal; I am only a servant of the Church. If the Church has no more an issue with him, the sheep should be reconciled as well.

      Mathew Samuel,
      Albany, NY
    • Shobin Koshy, Abu Dhabi
      Dear Mr. Mathew, What you have pointed out is totally correct. The full page advertisement published in UAE(Malayala Manorama)during our GOYC days. We have
      Message 2 of 12 , Oct 5, 2010
        Dear Mr. Mathew,

        What you have pointed out is totally correct. The full page advertisement published in UAE(Malayala Manorama)during our GOYC days. We have noticed and surprised seeing Thirumeni's message included, but unfortunately busy with GOYC schedules, and missed the opportunity to discuss this issue in the business section (or in Malankara Parliament session). After the conference one of my friends from Sharjah called and shared the same which he happened to see in Malayala Manorama Kerala on his vacation.

        Pastors are celebrating their 'Jayanthis' in full fledge manner and with advertisements and flex boards... but why we have to support them?

        We are already late to start a campaign against this spiritual exploitation of people suffering from day to day life issues. If you happened to see some TV programmes, the programme title itself gives wrong messages like Athmeeya Spodanam etc and each pastor have his OWN sabha and Account No:

        But the main reason for their negative influence in the society is because of our negligence and wrong social perspective. We are mainly concentrating in physical growth of our institutions and it gives bad impression to other communities also. All these points to be discussed.

        Shobin, Abu Dhabi
      • Charly V. Padanilam, Houston, TX
        I have read the posting of Mr. Mathew Samuel about Dr. Mathew Varghis (Vijayan). The concern of M. Samuel is somewhat true. But it is a deep subject and the
        Message 3 of 12 , Oct 5, 2010
          I have read the posting of Mr. Mathew Samuel about Dr. Mathew Varghis (Vijayan). The concern of M. Samuel is somewhat true. But it is a deep subject and the Church did not handle the case in the proper way.
          I know Mr. Vijayan as he was also an active member and secretary of of our St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Dubai. He organized a prayer group and it was running smoothly without any interruption of the Church services till 1989 till a particular new vicar took charge of the parish. Vijayan defeated the caucus of a group in election and that wounded their dignity and they were keeping silent till that time and when they got the new vicar in their hand they utilized the chance to backlash Vijayan and then with different ways that group worked with crookedness to cast out vijayan from the parish. But Vijayan continued as the good standing member of the church and the people of our church who were attending the Saturday prayer with Vijayan were actively participated in all activities and they were the best contributors in the parish. When we decide to build the new church the people who attended the prayer with Vijayan were the first ones who contributed their share. Everyone of those attended the Church service regularly and all the services promptly and that was strict instructions of Vijayan to them.

          The Caucus group made several revengeful allegations against Vijayan and misled the diocesan Bishop (Late H.G. Paulose Mar Gregorios) and expected to excommunicate him but nothing happened. There were little discrepancies if someone look closely to their group but it happened because of the mishandling and mistreatment by our church.

          He did compile a Holy Bible version with explanations and that is a good reference book. I did not see any irregularity in that and majority of our spiritual heads and clergies appreciated it. Vijayan is a very good orator, advisor and leadership personality. The younger generation in his group is doing very well under his guidelines. I attended 3 meetings of his prayer in Dubai and verified exactly what is happening in that and reported the real fact to Late H.G. Paulose Mar Gregorios and Late H.H. Basalios Mathews II.

          He brought many non-believers to real faith and re-structured many families who fell under the addiction of alcohol and other including our church members. Then our parish members complained against him to the law and order department that he is spreading Christianity and distributing Holy bible. I am not supporting Vijayan or I am not with his group or prayer meetings as I am against that because spiritual meetings should have the permission of the Church and I believe in that. But I cannot digest what the church in Dubai did against Vijayan or anyone to complaint against a Christian that he is spreading gospel. That is not suitable for any Christian to use Bible against a gospel mission. So our people used the name of Holy Bible to revengeful action against Vijayan. Vijayan left Dubai before getting any bad treatment from the Govt. side as it is an Islamic country that prohibited gospel preaching and conversion even if they permitted church there.

          Vijayan spent some years in India and stayed with his prayer mission and built a church in Kuttampeeroor and did his prayer meetings on Saturdays and established his book stores in several places in Kerala and north India and then he is brought to USA and started his same work. H.G. Mathews Mar Barnabas ordered to our people to not to attend his prayer meetings and I still believe Mr. Vijayan is still with our church.

          I am not at all supporting Mr. Vijayan or his activities but I would like to have a re-think that we could use Vijayan in our church for the mission work. We could utilize his wisdom and smartness to develop our church instead of pricking him and his followers from back by the crookedness of some people. A few of our Bishops and clergy know what is Vijayan and his works but they are also not ready to talk. May be they afraid that they may be blamed.

          He built a church in New York and asked our church to consecrate it and none of our Bishops were ready to go, some misunderstood and some afraid about the status as our senior Bishop H.G. Mar Barnabas was not convinced about the works of Vijayan. So he approached the Thoziyoor Syrian Church and that bishop did it and that relationship is continuing. He is conducting Saturday for prayer and Sunday those are attending the service of the respective churches and if anyone request for a place to service he is giving that facility to them.

          If the Church take initiative to coordinate Vijayan it will be a good step as we could get an able person to our mission work and the worries of a good number of families will get their freedom of equality in our church. It is not an easy task and it needs good care to make a fool proof set up.

          I am writing this because I know some truth about it and should be disclosed to people to know it and it may do some good thing to our church.

          I am strict in the rules, tradition and teachings of my Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church and will stand for the sovereignty of my Church and stood always for that. I have no connection with the prayer groups of Mr. Vijayan except I know him personally.

          In my opinion I would suggest our Church to appoint a committee with people who are capable to understand the feelings of people and impartial. Definitely it will be a good and firm step of our Church.

          Charly V. Padanilam,
          Houston, TX.
        • Thomas Samuel, Kenya
          Dear Mathews Samuel, Your comments about Bible and Mission work of Br.Dr.Mathew Varghese(Vijayan). Why do you worry about Him or his Work? His work is mainly
          Message 4 of 12 , Oct 5, 2010
            Dear Mathews Samuel,

            Your comments about Bible and Mission work of Br.Dr.Mathew Varghese(Vijayan). Why do you worry about Him or his Work? His work is mainly among Interdenominational (Ecumenical work). He made /translated a bible for IDCF in Malayalam, which 
            although it was made for Christians who are using 66 books, Bible
            just like Bible Socity! His Bible translation has got "Insight" or
            Spiritual vision as well as many other good things/subject with reference which is simple to follow!
            Then many of his supporters are from different denominations         such as Knanaya Catholic, Malankara
            catholic, orthodox, marthomite etc, but he does not interfere with any church matters. This is  what I came to know from my friends.
            Compare ourselves, we claim as Malankara orthodox(IOC) for the last 2000 years! We do not have our own Bible, although it was said earlier by 2010, Bible for Malankara Orthodox Church will be out!

            I have  read a book  written By K.M. John Punnackadu(marthomite) "Rakshayum Snanavum"(salvation and baptism). The Preface was written By H.G. Geevarghese Mar
            Osthathios! As Jesus said, "Who is not against us (Jesus/disciples) is on our side"
            we consider his work as ecumenical! It is not our concern about Mathew
            Varghese(Vijayan) as Manorama also had some news about his Birthday
            celeberations/and mission work!

            Thomas Samuel
          • Baboi Cherian, Kuwait
            Dear All, A humble question to Mr.Mathew Samuel ! What do you know about Vijayan ? Nothing ! Let Mr. Mathew Samuel learn to have the courtesy to respect
            Message 5 of 12 , Oct 7, 2010
              Dear All,

              A humble question to Mr.Mathew Samuel !

              What do you know about "Vijayan" ?
              Nothing !
              Let Mr. Mathew Samuel learn to have the courtesy to respect people who are respected by thousands around the world atleast by addressing a person by his proper name. That's what I am doing now about Mathew Samuel though he doesn't deserve it.
              And now the facts about Bro. Dr. Mathews Vergis for all those who have read "Is Vijayan in or out" ....

              1. Bro. Dr.Mathews Vergis has not written the Malayalam Bible but has translated it from the original texts to replace the outdated 100 year old Bible Society translation. The Vishudha Satya Vedapusthakom with its 26 features has no parallel in Bible translations in Indian languages. It is the only Bible in Indian languages that has a subtitle index which enables the reader to find any topic in the Bible within seconds.

              2. He has presented the Paniya ethnic tribe the New Testament in the Paniya language which has no script. There are only about a hundred thousand Paniyas left today. As majority of them are illiterate he presented them the Audio Bible and Christian hymns in the Paniya language.

              3. He has presented the Gospel of Mark to the" Jennu Kurumba" tribe in their Jennu Kurumba language which has no script and has a population of only 55000. the New Testament is nearing completion.

              4. He won international recognition when his English Study bible " The Christian Walk Bible " was officially released at the International Christian event ICRS in Denver USA on 12th July , 2008 amidst international Christian luminaries. Mr.Mathew Samuel's Vijayan is the first Indian, first Asian to publish a study Bible in English. Besides Vijayan's Bible is the only study Bible in the world to feature an in depth study on fasting prayer.

              5. He has written and tuned 400 Christian Hymns in 4 languages including 2 albums in English.

              These are only a few of the details of "Vijayan " and more can be had on Websites 1. Bro.Dr.Mathews Vergis, 2.The Christian Walk Bible.

              Let Mr. Mathew Samuel remember that such actions of personal hatred and jealousy against servants of God will never fetch a him a blessing from God. Any sane Christian would admit that one who has given the Word of God to hundreds of thousands of people is an asset to any Church and such 'in and out' questions will be raised only by people who have nothing to their credit than writing such things in jealousy and personal rivalry.

              Baboi Cherian, Kuwait
            • Ronnie Daniel, Toronto, Canada
              Thanks to Charly for that update. I heard the same version when I lived in the middle east. In fact Vijayan s story is a sad story of we failing our own
              Message 6 of 12 , Oct 7, 2010
                Thanks to Charly for that update. I heard the same version when I lived in the middle east. In fact Vijayan's story is a sad story of we failing our own people.

                It is high time that we change our old thinking and come to terms with the new reality. We have a 2000 years old Church and 6000 years of tradition doesn't mean that we should not change. There will be no growth without change and there will be no change without growth. When it comes to Gospel and Evangelization, we somehow believe that it is the exclusive responsibility of the clergy. As soon as a lay person opens his Bible and talks or write from the Gospel, he is considered as a threat by the clergy.

                We have a very large membership in most of our parishes in the Middle East. A single priest will not be able to attend to all the spiritual needs of its members. I am not talking about sacramental needs. There are many aspects other than sacraments to the spiritual and emotional growth of a person. Especially for the beginners in the Middle east who may be first time away from their home, family and friends; in to a new country, new environment, new job or sometime even no job. They will be going through an emotional roller coaster for the first few years. If the Church is not there at that time of their need what is the purpose of Church.
                Church needs them only after they go through all these challenges and once they start earning, the Church needs them to take the juice out of them.

                If we are unable to provide more priests to the area, at least we should encourage our people strong in faith like Vijayan to organize prayer groups themselves, instead of attacking them and eliminating them. There could be thousands of reasons to hurt a person; but the clergy should find that one single reason to help a person. I know, it doesn't make sense. It did not make sense when Jesus left the 99 to search for the 1. It did not make sense when Jesus asked the Tax collector to become his disciple. It did not make sense when Jesus was accompanied by a prostitute in spreading the Gospel. It did not make sense when Jesus touched the leper. There are so many lepers and prostitutes and tax collectors in our midst today. But, we don't see them.

                Today's leper is a new immigrant coming in to the country having no job wearing a torn dress and no shoes. We don't see them. Right?? When a new immigrant comes in to the Church we first asses them what his qualifications are, what his family background is, where he stays, what car he buys, is he having a job; and then we decide whether to make friendship with him. There are a lots of people out there who desperatly needs spiritual, emotional and financial support. If we keep the old ratio of one priest for a 250 family parish, (it is one for 2500 in the middle east) we are definitly on the path to extinction.

                We all know the secret of the Jacobite faction's success. They liberally ordained people to serve their Church. It helped them to expand rapidly. Is this not what they did in Parumala too? They got two people in the nearby area and one they made Remban and the other they made a Deacon. And asked them to make Church and find worshippers. Is that not the way we expanded our Church in North America?

                Is this not what Jesus did too. He called the fishermen, tax collector, prostitute and made all of them his disciples. Some stayed and some left. But, the 12 stood with Jesus 2000 years ago have grown in to Billions today. It won't hurt the Church when we have more people in our Parishes learning the gospel, preaching the gospel and practicing the gospel. It will only help. If we don't do it, someone else will do, because it is said in the Bible so. We selecting only the bold and beautiful is not going to stop the Good Lord from expanding the Lord's ministry in this world. There is a need for a huge number of workers in God's vineyard. It can be clergy, laity, man, woman, black, white, brown, bi-sexual, homo sexual, no sexual; whoever it is, God needs them. Instead of helping them to come to Jesus we are creating hurdles on their way.

                We have to stop it. A laity opening from the Bible and reading or writing from it is not an enemy of the Church. I have my own experience of the most vicious fight the clergy was fighting against those whom they find as a threat to their sermon skills or reading skills or singing skills. They will gossip against you 24/7 and isolate you in the community using their clout. It is not their fault, but that is the way our system works. Many clergy consider this vocation either as an employment opportunity or a ticket to a better life style. Therefore, as soon as they find another person in the clergy or laity with better talents, they consider him as a threat to their livelihood and pick up a vicious character assassination. A kind of animal instinct of survival "Fighting or Fleeing".

                This is what exactly happened to Vijayan. I think we are sinning if we are working against the spreading of Gospel.

                Ronnie Daniel
                Toronto, Canada
              • Oommen Kappil, Philadelphia
                Bible Translations and the Authority of the Church In response to Mathew Samuel’s message titled ‘Is Vijayan in or out?’ Mr. Thomas Samuel from Kenya
                Message 7 of 12 , Oct 7, 2010
                  Bible Translations and the Authority of the Church

                  In response to Mathew Samuel’s message titled ‘Is Vijayan in or out?’ Mr. Thomas Samuel from Kenya asked the question, “Why do you worry about Him or his Work? His work is mainly among
                  Interdenominational (Ecumenical work). He made /translated a bible for IDCF in

                  I have not read any of Mr. Vijayan’s work. From what I heard, he must be doing God’s work, bringing many people towards God. He might be successful where our Church is failing. Therefore, if someone is questioning the work of Mr. Vijayan, it is natural for some people to wonder if Vijayan is unfairly being criticized for his services.
                  My understanding is that the Church’s concern is not based on Mr. Vijayan’s activities in particular. The concern is based on the potential danger in individuals going out and preaching on their own, without submitting themselves to the authority of the church. When we preach, there is a possibility that we might preach something against our faith, or interpret Bible against the fundamental teachings of the church. If someone teaches a wrong doctrine while under the authority of the church, that person can be corrected by the Church. If that person is not under the authority of the church, who will correct him?

                  In the US, many independent televangelists became popular with thousands of followers. From time to time, many were found to be false prophets. Even when they are found wrong, there is no authority to correct them. When they are found guilty of a crime, the followers are scattered. In the 4th century, when Arius, who was a priest, was found to be preaching against the fundamental teaching of the undivided church, the first Universal council was convened and his thesis was rejected. The authority of the church must be respected in such matters of faith. That is one of the reasons why our church takes the position that the Bible is not the sole authority of our faith, even though Bible is the foundation of our faith.

                  Let me point out an incident showing the authority of the Church. Saul, the persecutor became Paul as Jesus appeared before him in a vision while he was on the streets of Damascus. Paul was sent to a priest to be baptized. After that, Paul did not go and preach right away. Instead, he was sent to the disciples to show himself to them. Here also, we see that the authority of the Church being respected for a reason.

                  Even though the Church’s reservations against translations of Bible or preaching by individuals are understandable, I believe that our Church can, and should find ways to make use of the skills of individuals like Mr. Vijayan. There are many versions of Bible available today, especially in English language. These multiple versions create a lot of confusion among children. If our church leaders consider making Orthodox Bible as a priority, it can be done, as there are many capable clergy and laity in our church. Instead of isolating or condemning individuals as heretics, we need to reach out to individuals like Mr. Vijayan. If they are genuine and selfless, Church has to make use of them for God’s mission.

                  -Oommen Kappil, Philadelphia
                • Thomas Samuel, Kenya
                  Dear Baboi Cherian, some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife,and some also from goodwill(Philip,1:16)verse 18,Only that in every way,whether in
                  Message 8 of 12 , Oct 10, 2010
                    Dear Baboi Cherian,

                    "some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife,and some also from goodwill(Philip,1:16)verse 18,Only that in every way,whether in pretence or in truth ,Christ is preached,and in this I rejoice,yes,and will rejoice"(St.Paul's epistle to Philipians)
                    I would request you and all to fully grasp the meaning of the above passage!
                    If somebody did a job for ignorant and ordinary people to understand and realise, Christ knows that is very fine and laudable work!
                    I would like to say that it is not Mathew Samuel alone, who call Bro. Mathew Varghese as Vijayan, so many Kerala christians in U.S.and in middle east, Bro.mathew varghese is known in his pet name/surname!
                    Similar instance also happened in Kenya who organised a Prayer fellowship for all Kerala christians and formed/orgainsed an Orthodox congregation in Kenya is known there in his surname/alias as our Malayalees hardly use the official or real name a person in such cases!
                    Please take it simple as that way!

                    Thomas Samuel
                  • ES John, Australia
                    Dear Friends, I didn t have a clue about Mr.Vijayan before, hence my first reaction was negative. For he that is not against us is for us , Mk.9: 40. There is
                    Message 9 of 12 , Oct 12, 2010
                      Dear Friends,
                      I didn't have a clue about Mr.Vijayan before, hence my first reaction was
                      negative. "For he that is not against us is for us", Mk.9: 40. There is no
                      encouragement to laity workers these days, as there is a general opinion that
                      theologians or clerics only are capable of disseminating the gospel work. The
                      clergy assume that their position is in jeopardy, provided the lay members
                      outshine them. As I understand from some people that Yohannan sir was a good
                      evangelist for our church, but the people who don't like his taste or
                      personality make a false propaganda that portrayed him as one who stand against
                      the Orthodox church. I still don't know whether he is for us or against us. Thus
                      he is out away from our sight. It is a sad thing that people who unnecessarily
                      criticise others as a hobby do disservice to the church, the main reason for
                      the is dearth of lay preachers. Encourage them and help them in their work for
                      the Lord because there will be more approachability between laity and laity.
                      There were many devoted catechists or upadesis in our church that was benefited
                      enormously through their extempore speeches, whereas the present trend of making
                      2 or 3 speeches a year and deliver them wherever they go has become monotonous,
                      tasteless and fruitless. there is a great gulf between the modern liberation
                      theology warlords and our ideal-living lay preachers. our clergy that
                      specialises in theology has a false notion about the strength of the laity which
                      can lead a church or a region by their dedicated service. I heard many
                      complaints from Prof.Samuel chandanapally, a scholarly writer and an orator,
                      that the encouragement from the clergy was deplorable, so also Prof.K.M.
                      Tharakan's observations. I was very much inspired during my teen age by the
                      vibrant speeches of Chacko master, but later I understood that he was barred
                      from his talented vocation, at least from my diocese. Even if one makes certain
                      mistakes or gone out of the way, there must be some responsible people to
                      correct such eminent persons.
                      Somebody can guide and lead Vijayan in his works and good news gospel and be a
                      help to those whom the clergy can't afford to approach. The church should put
                      efforts in finiding out the budding prodigies and encourage such people to be as
                      well-equiped labourers in the Master's vineyard. Don't try to drive away some
                      lay people who work for the chcurch; bring them in and pour more fuel in their
                      heart that can saturate the mind of the ordinary followers to follow Christ. To
                      criticise is easy, but to build in size and shape is a mastery art. There is
                      medication now for baldness, but there is no remedy for jealousy, the root cause
                      of unwarranted criticism and characterisation. But check and balance is needed.
                      Pray for vijayan to come into our midst and work for the Lord who love everyone.

                      E.S.John, Australia
                    • Abraham Varghese, Kottayam
                      Dear Dicussants, The discussion on the work of Br. Mathew Varghese (Br. Vijayan) and the subsequent postings, I think, need careful consideration by our church
                      Message 10 of 12 , Oct 12, 2010
                        Dear Dicussants,

                        The discussion on the work of Br. Mathew Varghese (Br. Vijayan) and the subsequent postings, I think, need careful consideration by our church leaders. Our church had some gifted lay preachers who in their early years of their mission worked for the church. Br. Paul Ciniraj was another lay preacher. But unfortunately these lay preachers later seem to leave or are forced to leave the Holy Church. The Church leadership should look at this very seriously and indentify what is going wrong. In the case of Br. Mathew Varghese, the different postings seem to suggest that Br. Mathew Varghese is a versatile personality and the church could have used his talents to further the mission of the Church. If we look at the Catholic Church, they have been very successful in utilizing the services of lay preachers. Why are we failing in keeping the lay preachers in our church and using their services?

                        One possible solution could be start a Division of Lay Ministry under a Bishop who has better skills in coordinating and working with lay preachers. Such a Department of Lay Ministry could provide leadership and guidance in their activities while keeping in line with the faith of the Church. Such a department could also look at the work of Br. Mathew Varghese, examine whether his preaching and works are against the faith of our church and seek opportunities for reconciliation.

                      • Zacheriah Cherian, UAE
                        Thank you ICON Thank you for bringing forth a discussion Is Vijayan in or out . After going through the comments I decided to make a thorough study of
                        Message 11 of 12 , Oct 18, 2010
                          Thank you ICON

                          Thank you for bringing forth a discussion "Is Vijayan in or out". After going through the comments I decided to make a thorough study of Mr.Vijayan and here are the findings.
                          Is there anything worth in this man that the Orthodox Church can be proud of? To answer this I had to go to his activities mentioned in the letters.

                          1. Vijayan's Malayalam Bible translation " Vishudha Satya Vedapusthakom" has no Web site. So I had to get hold of one and I was amazed. It is a study Bible with 26 features which are not found in any other Bible translations in Indian languages. No basics have been changed and only the 100 year language has been modernised and linguistic flows rectified to make it more reader friendly. I spoken to a few of our Achens and those who had it were all in praise of it. The best information I had about it was that Sabharatnam HG Mar Osthathios was in high appreciation of it, as Vijayan had rectified certain mistakes in the old Bible which the Bible Society refused even when His Grace had intimated to them in writing about it and Vijayan 's translation had it without His Grace asking for it. I sought the opinion of HG Philipose Mar Chrysostem Valiya Metropolitan, one of the most respected and revered Christian Bishop of our times and this is what His Grace had to say. 'Only chosen anointed ones can touch the Word of God and Bro. Mathews has done in 60 years what I could not do in my 92 years of life', and added humorously "I feel jealous of him". With all this feedbacks I began reading it and it is a wonderful experience to go through it with the meditations and other features attached to it.

                          2. The "Christian Walk Bible" the English study Bible presented by Mr.Vijayan which has an in-depth study of fasting prayer along with other features. The Web Site gives every detail of it. Can any Christian from Asia (forget terms like Orthodox, Malayali, Indian etc) ever claim to present an English Study Bible which has won an International repute that it was released at one of the most prestigious Christian event - the ICRS ?

                          3. In the 2000 years of our church history we never knew about an ethnic tribe in the borders our state the 'Paniyas'. Today they are a dying tribe with a population of about a hundred thousand. They have no script and have pagan worship. Vijayan had given them the New Testament, made an audio Bible for them (as only 15% are literate) and has even presented them an album of Christian songs. Similarly he has presented the Gospel according to Mark to another tribe- the Jennu Kurumba with a population of only around 56000.
                          Is there anything more that one can do than give "GOD" to these who would otherwise have gone away from this world without knowing Him? Is it not an honour for the Orthodox Church that it is one of their sons who had brought the light of the Gospel to these dying tribes?

                          4. Vijayan has presented world's first 24/7 Ecumenical Christian Internet Radio in Malayalam "Word to World Radio". I don't want to say anything about it as you can see it yourself logging 'Word to World Radio.com'.

                          5. His daily devotional "Athiravile Thirusannidhiyil is running its 6th edition now and is daily heard by people from 38 countries every morning. His hymns in 4 languages which are around 400 are sung everyday by atleast hundreds of people.

                          6. Hundreds attend his 24 hour,72 hour fasting prayers in different countries. It seems mighty miracles and healings take place in such fastings. I have not attended the fastings or heard him speak but the couple of testimonies I heard are simply too good to be believed. I am happy to give proof about my findings to anyone who wants it . And a request to Mr.Baboi to understand that I have called Bro.Dr.Mathews Vergis, Vijayan not disrespectfully but simply because, the readers (at least some) may not be comfortable if I address him Brother.

                          Zacheriah Cherian
                        • Jacob Sunny, Dubai
                          Dear All, I appreciate Mr.Charlie Padanilam a church leader from the Dubai St.Thomas Church for exposing some of the reasons, for the propaganda against
                          Message 12 of 12 , Oct 18, 2010
                            Dear All,
                            I appreciate Mr.Charlie Padanilam a church leader from the Dubai St.Thomas Church for exposing some of the reasons, for the propaganda against Vijayan. The Orthodox Church here under the encouragement of a Thirumeni who cursed Vijayan publicly in the church (I heard it) and said that he was having Yama Prarthanas to destroy Vijayan. He was mainly responsible for the throwing out Vijayan from this country, destroying his career and his children's education. Vijayan made no complaint to anyone as far as I have heard and continues to be a regular participant in his parish in India. My honest observations of the last two decades is that some of our Bishops and priests who don't know or want to know about him are bitterly against him and those who do know him, love him dearly.
                            It will be wise for us to remember the past that the following members of the Orthodox Church left the Church to form Churches of their own..

                            Among the clergy
                            1.Kattmangattu Abraham Ramban (Malabar Independent Syrian Church)
                            2.Palakunnathu Abraham Malpan (Marthoma Church)
                            3.HG Gheevarghese Mar Ivanios (Malankara Syrian Catholic Church)
                            4.Fr C.M.Thomas (Malankara Jacobite Syrian Church)
                            5.Fr.C.G.Mathews (Independent Malankara Orhodox Syrian Church)

                            Among the laity
                            1. Pastor K.E. Abraham (Indian Pentacost Church of God)
                            2. Pastor.P.G.Varghese (Beersheba Church - IET)
                            3. Scores of others who have formed less popular independent Churches.

                            In spite of all the insults and ill treatment from the Church, Vijayan has not spoken, written or acted against the Church and always proudly declared publicly about the rich Orthodox heritage, as seen in the "Bible Ratnam Prashnotheri"- the first Bible reality show in Indian television. When there are so many burning and pressing issues in the Church why bring in such " in and out" questions which come out of jealousy as rightly pointed out by Mr.E.S.John, Australia. It is high time that the Church honour such sons of the church who have made their mark in the 2000 year old history of its tradition.

                            Jacob, Dubai
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