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  • Alexander Pollayil
    Hello Sony Varghese, and every one, I would like to add some information to the Brief description of Bible which was contributed be Sony Varghese. You guys may
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2001
      Hello Sony Varghese, and every one,

      I would like to add some information to the Brief description of Bible which
      was contributed be Sony Varghese.

      You guys may not agree with these things, But these are actual facts. It
      would be foolish to think (this day and age) that Human Civilization on this
      earth was only existed for last Six or seven thousand years, and If The God
      you are speaking about is the Same God who Created this Universe, These
      Galaxies of uncountable stars, Solar system, and our Planet Earth, then that
      God created lots of things, and the story goes many aeons. If we are going
      to think like the Roman Church taught for many centuries, We would be lairs
      telling our children meaningless stories. Our Church leaders did not do
      their home work, that is why we are in a situation of believing that Adams
      time was about six or seven thousand years ago. But we Indians should be
      proud and thankful of our Ancestors. Those Sages and Seers who wrote all
      those Vedas and Puranas.
      If you study Bible in the Light of Hindu Scriptures, The Bible explains
      stories of aeons and Bible become extensively meaningful. Don't think that
      God and Jesus Ignored those who lived In Hindustan or the far eastern

      Accordingly to the Ancient Hindu and Buddhist Understandings this Phenomenal
      world is Called "Kaala Chakra Mandala" this universe is called
      "Brahmaandakadaaham" (Big Egg?) and one day of "Brahma" is equivalent to
      8,640,000,000 Earthly years, and a Brahmaayus is supposed to be 120 Brahma
      Varsham which is approximately equal to 373,248,000,000,000 Earthly years.
      Accordingly to the modern Scientists the age of our Universe is Any where
      from 70 to 100 Billion years (Who did the Calculation? An Indian scientist
      in the Chicago University Dr. Chandra Shekaran) "Zero" and the present
      number system came from India including the Decimal Values. In the 4th
      Century CE, Aaryabhata Calculated the Pi is equal to 3.1416 and a year is
      calculated to 365.3586 Days (Thanks to the Britannica Encyclopedia).

      All the old books and writings of the Old Testaments (Jewish) were destroyed
      during the Invasion of Nebuchadnezzar around BCE 587. The Temple (Jerusalem)
      was razed and destroyed. During the next five years a large number of
      leading Jewish people were deported to Babylon. The present Church Bible,
      Old Testaments Books were written around BCE 530 by the High priest Joshua
      or Jeshua (Both the names are the same. In the Book of Haggai and Zechariah
      is mentioned as Joshua and Ezra and Nehemiah mentioned Jeshua). He was a
      high priest and son of Jozadak and grand son of Seraiah the last high priest
      of the old Temple Jerusalem. Jeshua and Zerubbabel was the chief persons
      rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem (Haggai Ch:1&2 and Zechariah 1st chapter
      last 5 verses, 3rd chapter full, 6th chapter last 5 verses) This Jeshua was
      actually a previous Incarnation of the Soul Entity 'Jesus' (Jehoshua, Yeshua
      or Jesus) He wrote all those books from his memory (Smruthi)

      The period of Adam was about 198,000 years before 'Ram' came to India (Ram
      is a previous incarnation of Jesus ? I think so). The time of Sri Ram is
      about 2000 to 2300 years before Jesus and was the beginning of The age of
      Aries (Constellation Sign Ram with two horns). In the book of Job, Elihu is
      born in the Tribe of Ram, The book of Job was written by Melchizedek. It is
      not mentioned in the bible, who wrote the Book of Job. The time Jesus was
      Born was the beginning of the Age Pisces (Meenam the Fish sign. Early
      Christians used the sign fish. The Age of pisces represent water and the
      human race would become masters on the water (Sea trade). We just entered to
      the Age of Aquarius (Kumbam) the element is Sky and all the major trade will
      be related with sky. Please note The invention of Airplane and Sudden
      advance in the aerospace and electronics fields of Science. The Cycle of the
      ages is 12 Zodiac sign cycles which happen due to the Percussion movement of
      the earth's Axis. One complete Cycle is about 25400 years, and one age is
      about 2100 years. This was known to Ancient Astrologers or Astronomers. Only
      recently Astronomy and Astrology separated. Essenes were very much learned
      people in this field of studies too.
      The first chapter of Genesis is the story of Many aeons. Jesus Came to the
      Earth as the first human form as Adam. Please read the early Christian
      Naassene Psalm(http://www.soulindia.com/gnosis/)

      The Word Aadmi (Hindi Urdu) refers to Adam's children. In Hindu Puranam
      there is a story of Creation by Brahma. The first creation of Brahma was
      Sandhya. The Name Eva or Eve has relationship with the Sanskrit word Sandhya
      (Evening) (evil too ? I don't know!). Brahma fell in love with Sandhya even
      though she was his creation and she should be considered his daughter.
      Note: God separated the Light from the Darkness. Also consider the time of
      the Evening where the Day and Night Meet. And because she was so beautifull,
      Brahma fell in love with Sandhya and he was Expelled from Kailas (like Adam
      was expelled from Parudesa) these are all very symbolic and poetic. Adam was
      a combination of male and female (ArdhaNaarieswaran 1/2 male and 1/2
      female). It is a one soul. That is why Jesus said in the Gospel of Thomas
      that the women will become Man to enter the Heaven. Soul does not have any
      gender. Neither when Adam was in Paradise. This soul came to earth as both
      Adam and Eve (male and female)

      From Adam's time to Noah's time lot of things happened. Lot of Civilizations
      lived on this earth and disappeared. Noah's time is about BCE 22000. Many of
      the early stories are told us as Puranas and Legends. The Stories of
      Mermaids and Monsters, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Arabian etc.. The
      present Age (The age of Aquarius, Kumbham) is only recent beginning about a
      century. We are actually in a transition from Piecian (Meenam) to the
      Aquarian. Moses time was the Age of Taurus, Note the High priest Aaron Built
      a Calf which is sign Bull (Taurus 'Idavam' in Malayalam)

      Archaeologists tell us that Jerusalem was occupied as early as 9000 BCE.
      And Abraham's Journey was around about 1950 BCE. Moses time was about
      between 1300 and 1400 BCE. It was said that from the age 40 to 80 Moses
      wandered in the desert. During these period Zoroastrian Teachings (Zen
      Avesta) was in the land of Persia and in the India. (The wise men and those
      Magicians of the east). I have books German researchers suggest that Moses
      reached to Kashmir Area and Lived there for many years. There is some very
      old items even now in Kashmir, which will suggest this.

      From my source of information, Noah's time to Abraham's time is about
      20,000 years. During this period lots of changes happened on different parts
      of this Earth. Lots of present day Big deserts like Sahara and Gopi were
      fertile lands during those period of time (Legends of Atlantis and Lumeria).
      Many civilizations lived on those lands and disappeared. Parts of continents
      sunk into the Ocean. The Earth's magnetic pole was shifted about more than
      20 digress. There were major changes in the weather patterns too.

      If I am going to write some of those details which I have, it will take many
      pages so I am not getting into details.

      1250 BCE Joshua (also one of Lords previous Incarnation) crossed River
      Jordan and conquered the Land of Canaan and divided it among the Twelve

      1200 BCE The Philistines from Crete invaded the land and the Land of Canaan
      was called after them Palestine.

      1025 BCE Saul was crowned the 1st King of Israel. 1004-965 BCE David reigned
      as King of Israel. 965-922 Solomon reigned and the Temple was built and
      dedicated. 953-930 Israel was divided into Israel and Judah. 721 BCE the
      Assyrians captured Samaria and took ten tribes of the northern kingdom into
      captivity thus ending the Kingdom of Israel. 587 BCE Nebuchadnezzar
      destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple and took the tribe of Judah in to
      Captivity into Babylon. 539 BCE Cyrus conquered Babylon and allowed the Jews
      to return to Jerusalem. The temple was built by Zerubbabel. 334 Alexander
      the Great conquered Palestine and after his death it was controlled by
      Ptolemies of Egypt. 198 BCE Antiochus III of Syria defeated the Egyptians
      and Palestine passed in to the hands of Seleucids. 175 Antiochus IV became
      king. He abolished the worship of Jehovah and desecrated the temple. 64 BCE
      Pompey conquered Palestine. 40 BCE The Parthians surprised the Romans and
      captured the land. 39 BCE Herod the great expelled Parthians and reigned
      until 4 BCE. Jesus was born during the Last one or two years of the King
      Herod (4 BCE ?). And in 30 CE Jesus was crucified.
      There are lots of things comes to my mind to write, but I am stopping after
      few words

      Revelation of Saint John has Lot more than any of the Church people has
      Taught. It has to do with the Human Subconscious and memory. How we learn,
      How we recall the memories and the Function of the Physical Body relate to
      Memory. Levels of awareness, how time and space work. Creation, The
      Subconscious, Self and Ego. The Concept of Patience(another dimension).
      Spirit, Mind, Soul, and Body. The Endocrine system of Human Being. The
      Elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Aakash and the White stone Which is a type
      of Crystal Ancient people used to Enhance their ability to In-tune with the
      Cosmos. It has to do with the forces inside and out side of Man, Including
      Astrological and Earth forces.

      We have the freedom of choice to study more about Jesus and follow him as
      our Ideal. Or do what ever we chose. The Law of Nature and Karma works as
      Gravity, fire and Electricity, A child does not know whether it will hurt or
      not, put the hand in the fire, it will burn. God does not interfere with our
      freedom of choice. (Angeles do not have the freedom of humans) Unless we ask
      sincerely even the Lord Jesus would not be able to help us. Note Barnabas
      Thirumenis Sermon few weeks ago. I want to learn more about Jesus and his
      Church. I need to know whom I am following and where I am Going. I do not
      close my eyes to this Visible universe also. This is a great place to learn
      and express. Science, Philosophy, Art, Music, Life, History, and
      Civilizations, All are part of my Body and Blood too. I have learned that
      Jesus was Great scientist and Philosopher and Lord of this World we
      presently live. He lived and traveled all continents for many life times
      and perfected himself and showed others
      The path of the Journey. How to deal with this world and how to get out.
      From Eternity to eternity.

      Let me stop here. May Lords grace be with every one.
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