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HH Aram I-Armenian Catholicose calls for unity.

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  • Dr.Vinu Thomas, Dubai
    HH Aram I on arrival in Kerala has announced that though it is not the primary aim of his visit to mediate and find solution to division in Church HH said he
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2010
      HH Aram I on arrival in Kerala has announced that though it is not the primary aim of his visit to mediate and find solution to division in Church HH said he cannot turn his face away from the need for bringing in harmony among churches which benefits and succours the faithful at large.

      HH Aram 's delegation was very warmly received at Kochi Int'l Airport by Church hierarchy led by HB Paulose Mar Milithiose,HG Dr.Mathews Mar Severiose,HG Yacoub Mar Iraenius,HG Geevaghese Mar Coorilose,HG Dr.Thomas Mar Athanasius,HG Yuhanon Mar Milithiose,HG Dr.Gabriel Mar Gregorious, HG Yuhanon Mar Policarpose,Rev.Fr.Johns Abraham Konat,Mr..George M.G. Muthoot, Dr.George Joseph and other dignitaries.

      HH was given a grand reception at Catholicate Palace by HH DidymosI, on whose invitation HH Aram I has arrived,where Bishops,Bishop designates and representative Bishops from Catholic,Mar Thoma and CSI churches participated.

      A delegation of Bishops from Puthencruz  Society faction met with HH Aram I and requested that they cannot unite once again with the mother Church and be allowed to function as a separate church.

      However,it is pertinent and appropriate the Puthencruz Society faction undertake exemplary code of conduct and behaviour  until  church cases are justifiably resolved by honourable courts.HH Aram I should mediate and request them to:

      1.Shun murder and violence at all costs, where even  Priests were manhandled in places like Vadakara,Trichur,Onakkur and other places.
      2.Allow Bishops and Priests from the Orthodox Church to bury their deceased kith and kin in respective parishes which is a very basic christian sagaciousnes and understanding.
      3.Respect Supreme and local court verdicts as and when announced just as the Orthodox Church co-operated  and did in Kunnamkulam Arthat Church and Kattachira Church near Kayamkulam.

      It is indeed christian and brotherly ,as always, by Orthodox Church that Puthencruz Society Bishops have been given 'a chance to meet with' its most honourable guest HH Aram I unlike HB Thomas I 's attitude of 'not allowing HH The Patriarch of Antioch' to meet with his counterpart in Devalokam though HH The Patriarch very much heartily longed to.

      Attempts to disunite a Holy Church, where most of faithful blood brothers want to live in unity and peace by a group of  selfish Bishophood seekers, has brought much damage to the Church and its image.The glitter of Bishops' attire has overshadowed the  projected church image of christian sacrifice,love and true and simple witnessing.

      If HH Aram I's visit cannot give a healing touch let us hope and pray that it will set a wave of rethinking and reconciliation with fairness and justice to its innocent faithful, Church constitution and Supreme Court verdicts. 

      Dr.Vinu Thomas, Dubai
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