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  • Susan Eapen, Bangalore
    Dear Friends, This discussion has been very informative and interesting and people have looked at the issue very objectively. But is this issue just a matter
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 4, 2009
      Dear Friends,

      This discussion has been very informative and interesting and people have looked at the issue very objectively. But is this issue just a matter of 1+1=2? What of the welfare, feelings and needs of the people involved? All needs are not selfish.

      Like every advance in Science, this technique can also be misused. If someone decides to bear a child out of wedlock, if a woman who cannot bear children because of physical problems decides to use a surrogate mother, and uses her own ovum and her husband's sperm, would it be a sin? I do not know.

      Can one judge the pain of a barren person? Does society behave kindly to such man/woman? Can you imagine the questions?

      When science was not so advanced, both Leah and Rachel used their maids to have children from their husband. What of Sara and Hagar? Is this worse or that? Imagine the same thing happening in one household now where the maid is sent to the husband's room because the wife cannot conceive.What about Judah and Tamar? Why is Tamar remembered in the wedding service? Why did Judah call her more righteous than himself? Why is having a heir so important that these extreme steps are resorted to?

      We know that the incestuous children Lot's daughters bore(Moab & Ammon) became permanent enemies of Israel.That incest was obviously a sin because the result was a permanent trouble.

      Numerous examples are there in the Bible where many things that would be considered sin in the present context is performed for the sale of having children.

      As for destroying lives, why do we assume that it is not a sin to kill and eat animals for the sake of taste/pleasure? Who knows that they are less than us? If you have ever kept a pet dog, would you say it had no feelings like ours? It has more unselfish love and loyalty than man. Can we say that a dog's love is not a holy love? What about Gray Fraiar's Bobby?- the dog who followed his master even to the grave?

      J C Bose had during his experiments with plants, found that the plants too tremble/sense with trepidation when we go near with intention to pluck their leaves. Do we not thoughtlessly hurt all living beings? What about the Jain's belief that ploughing the earth with a plough is hurting the earth and killing the millions of creatures that live in the soil.

      Is it not a sin to rear animals for slaughter, not allowing them their natural procreative instincts or their desire to be outside and free? Is it not a sin to cram food into them to fatten them when the meat is not for survival but for our pleasure.

      What about artificial insemination of cows for high yielding calves? Do the cows ever have the life God planned for it? How do we know that we do not deprive the cow of God given joyful life? Is this justified? Who said they are not God's beautiful creatures? If you ever knew animals, you would know that even hens get attached to people. Ducks follow you around, cows moo when the cowherd comes near and lambs listen for he shepherd's call. We just kill them or make them live unnatural lives for our comfort. They sacrifice themselves.

      All nature, except man sacrifices itself.

      When Science say that matter can not be created or destroyed, that matter and energy are inter-changeable, that all solids are a mass of vibrating atoms, the atoms are more empty space than solid material, then can we say that a rock is an insensitive lump ?

      We are fools to pass judgment on this issue at this time. The Church is wise. He who is without sin, (killing means slander, killing animals not for the sake of survival but for taste) let him cast the first stone of judgment.

      The rose is the smile of the rosebush. We can only be silent before the Mystery that is life, the Mystery which reveals itself gradually to us, ever unfolding its eternal secrets.

      Susan Eapen
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