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Some relevant matters for discussion

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  • Arun Thomas, Dubai
    Dear all, Many changes has to be made in our church and we all agree to that. But,let me bring into your attention,some of the important changes that have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
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      Dear all,
      Many changes has to be made in our church and we all agree to
      that. But,let me bring into your attention,some of the important changes
      that have to be made in our church in order to grow more and better. I would
      like to group my points as follows:
      1) *Bishops transfer:*
      Already we have discussed a lot regarding this
      subject and it is under the consideration of the synod. But, decision is still
      pending. This has to be implemented soon. I think this is the best time to
      implement bishops transfer. Some of our dioceses are now running without
      bishops and some bishops are not well enough to handle the diocese charges.
      Moreover, we are now consecrating 7 new bishops. So, my suggestion is, the
      newly ordained bishops have to be given the smaller dioceses and the seniors
      have to be transfered to other bigger dioceses. For example, we can take the
      case of Mavelikara diocese. It's the smallest diocese in our church (I think
      so). HG Pachomious thirumeni has to be given a little more bigger diocese
      according to his seniority and a new or junior bishop has to be appointed
      there. This transfer should take place all over our church. I hope, the
      church leadership will consider this as a serious thing and discuss this
      matter in the higher level. The abilities of all the bishops have to be
      utilised by all our dioceses rather than in a single area.

      2)*Marriage days has to be increased:*
      Indian Orthodox church members are spread all
      over the world now. Many of the batchelors are working in the middle
      east also. They are getting leave in 2 or 3 years, that too might be in the
      Holy lent period. I'am not telling to make any change in that. But, atleast
      we can increase the days allowed for marriage to 5 inspite of the present 2
      days. Now, as you all know, only Sunday and Monday are allowed for marriage in
      our church. People are suffering a lot due to this rule. It was implemented
      at a time when 98% of orthodox church members were in Kerala itself. This
      has to be changed. Many bachelors are now marrying on other days by taking
      the Kalpana. Why can't we allow more days for marriages? I think, we can
      allow all days except Wednesday and Friday for marriages. I hope, the higher
      authorities will discuss this issue and take an appropriate decision. Marthoma
      church doesn't have this rule. Moreover,even Jacobite faction also rearranged
      the days for marriage.
      3)*Sunday School education for a better tomorrow:*
      We, the Orthodox Christians are very much proud
      of our church. But, with great dissapointment,let me tell that, many of our
      members are not at all intrested in sending our children to the sunday
      schools. Many of our children are not interested to go to Sunday schools.Everyone should understand that only
      this Sunday school education will make a person a true Orthodox christian.
      Later in their life,the children will understand that. Those whoever has not
      been to Sunday schools, will be weak in faith. This children can go away
      from Orthodox faith when they go for studies or abroad. So, parents have to
      strictly follow up this matter. Church also has to make it mandatory that, a
      sunday school 10th class pass is required for any church related matters
      like marriage approvals,appointments etc.

      4)*Pre-marital counselling, a must:*
      We are being taught that marriages are taking
      place in heaven and it has got a great divine value also. But, in this fast
      growing world,family problems are increasing day by day. So,inorder to make
      our people strong enough to face the challenges of life,they have to be
      given a counselling session before marriage. Already,this is being
      implemented by some dioceses in our church. Dioceses like Trivandrum,
      Thumpamon etc. has already implemented that. In Roman Catholic church, the
      certificate of the pre-marital course attended is a must for marriage. This
      has to be implemented in our church also for a better family life. I invite
      the attention of church leadership into this matter.

      I have written only some of the points which I feel relevant at this time. If anything wrong (I'am not an expert in writing English), please forgive me.

      Let's pray for the good of our church & for the health of Ephipanious

      With prayers & regards,

      Arun Thomas
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