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Facts about Orissa riots

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  • Shibu P.John, Abu Dhabi
    dear brethren, happened to watch an interview on NDTV last night with Mr. Panda who is the chief of Maoists in Orissa,asserting that they (Maoists) killed VHP
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2008
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      dear brethren,

      happened to watch an interview on NDTV last night with Mr. Panda who is the chief of Maoists' in Orissa,asserting that they
      (Maoists) killed VHP Leader Swami Laxmanananda- the exerpts of the Interview are given on the NDTV.com web site which is reproduced below for those who are not able to read it.
      will the BJP/VHP/Bajrang Dal accept this 'fact' and advise their ranks to stop the violence against 'innocent' Christians.
      will the Orissa Govt. take appropriate steps to stop burning houses and church buildings and killing of poor people in view of this?

      Let's pray for the safety of all those who are suffering in His name

      love & prayers,

      Shibu P.John
      Abu Dhabi

      We killed VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda: Maoists
      Sampad Mahapatra
      Sunday, October 05, 2008, (Bhubaneshwar)

      The Maoists in Orissa have claimed that they killed senior VHP leader Swami Laxmanananda in August, 2008. This killing led to widespread communal violence and attacks on Christians in Orissa. The chief of the CPI Maoists' Orissa unit Sabyasachi Panda told NDTV that they had left two letters on the spot after the killing the Swami but the government deliberately did not make them public.He accused the Orissa government of creating an impression that Christians were responsible for the Hindutva leader's murder.

      NDTV: Why did you kill Swami Lakshmanananda?
      Panda: We ordered death penalty for Swami Lakshmanananda because he was the main member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. They used non-tribal traders' money to build Bajrang Dal and ran a campaign against Christians. They falsely accused Christians of killing cows and of conversions. This forced us to attack him. We left two letters claiming responsibility for the murders. But the Patnaik government suppressed those letters. It is a BJP government, they will support VHP. The state government made it look like Christian groups are responsible for the attack. Christian community in Orissa does not have any Maoist organisation supporting them here.

      NDTV: Do you have a message for the chief minister? Is he on your hit list?
      Panda: No, he's not on our hit list. But he is working as the operational chief of the BJP in the state, he is responsible for the ongoing rioting. He should quit, as he is not capable of handling his post

      NDTV: Despite your repeated claims, why has the Sangh Parivar refused to accept that you killed the Swami?
      Panda: They had planned to carry out the riots anyway. Our actions gave them the excuse. So now they cannot admit that we killed the Swami. If they do, they will have no excuse to attack the people. Why attack us?But the Orissa police are saying that the Maoists' claim is incorrect."We've information on Swami's murder, but can't share it with the media. We go by what investigations reveal about Swami's murder, not speculation", said T K Mishra, Home Secretary, Orissa.

      Meanwhile, on Sunday, Mishra said that the nun who was raped during the mob violence should cooperate with them.This after the police took more than a month to collect the medical report confirming her rape. On Saturday, the nun had told NDTV that so far the police had made no attempt to get in touch with her.
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