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A few thoughts on the recent developments in the Church

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  • Jacob Kuruvilla Ambrayil, Kolkata
    Dear ICON Friends, I vividly remember an advertisement in a magazine in the nineties showing mehendi decorated foots of a bride making soft footsteps around
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2008
      Dear ICON Friends,

      I vividly remember an advertisement in a magazine in the nineties
      showing mehendi decorated foots of a bride making soft footsteps
      around the fire [Saptapadi - The Seven Steps] The advertisement had
      the catching caption 'TREAD SOFTLY, FOR YOU ARE TREADING UPON MY

      I am sure every committed Church member dream of a resurgent
      Malankara Church which follows in the footprints of our Lord Jesus
      Christ and the Visionary Fathers who gave us a model constitution
      which we can all be proud of. May I quote from our Church website. "
      The Constitution upholds the autonomy and autocephaly of the
      Malankara Orthodox Church. It is Episcopal in its (polity) and not
      congregational. At the same time it upholds democratic principle by
      safeguarding the rights and privileges of the lay people ". The
      Supreme court of India also gave its stamp of approval in its final
      verdict declaring the validity of the Constitution.

      There are many in the Church (the undersigned included) who would
      like to see the return of the peaceful days of 1958-74. But we are
      all aware of the stark realities and the hurdles to be crossed before
      the same is achieved. But there were welcome signs which showed that
      the Orthodox faction is a united front marching with a direction and
      the reins of the Church are in safe hands. I recall the proud moments
      when His Holiness Catholica Bava himself was present in the
      Thrikkunnathu Seminary on January 26 th this year, and challenged to
      arrest Him before his children were touched. It was again a proud
      moment when in a widely viewed " Nerkku Ner " programme in the
      Asianet Channel Rev. Fr. Dr. Johns Abraham Konatt, the Priest Trustee
      and Dr.George Joseph, the Association Secretary convincingly
      clarified the moral stand taken by the Church in the Thrikkunnathu
      Seminary issue.

      More recently I was fortunate to attend the meeting at St.Thomas
      Cathedral, Kolkata organized to handover the Diocesan Catholicate
      Nidhi collection and thrilled to listen to HG Koorilos Thirumeni ,
      HG Severios Thirumeni (The Holy Synod Secretary ) and Dr.George
      Joseph explain their visions about the Church and the positive
      responses at various centres they visited to the ambitious
      collection target of Rs.3 Crore, how the Church is moving forward in
      the mission field and development field , how the collection is
      going to help build houses for the Church members in Idukky diocese
      with a out place to stay and support other much needed

      But the recent developments in connection with the election of 7 new
      Bishops for the Church is indeed nightmarish , to say the least. It
      is sad to see unwanted controversies being generated and many pour
      fuel to the fire by trying to thrust their own agendas on the Church
      and its forums instead of sticking to the mandates given to them by
      the constitution and constitutional bodies.

      It is a time for all to make an introspection. We have greater
      challenges to face both within the Church (from the other faction /
      from members & leaders in the Church who try to commercialize the
      church institutions ) and from outside (the sheep stealers / the
      communal forces / the indifferent State Government etc.)

      Let us pray for the Church so that all involved persons keep Glory of
      God and Mission of the Church / Peace in the Church in their mind
      upmost when they come to the Church / deal in Church matters. Let no
      one knowingly or unknowingly give chance to the media and those who
      would like to see the Church and its constitutional bodies weakened,
      occasions to ridicule/ strike the Church and its leaders.

      Let us be careful not to tamper with the visions of our forefathers
      about the Church and dreams of the lakhs of silent ordinary members

      With prayers and regards

      Jacob Kuruvilla, Kolkata
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