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ICON MATRIMONIAL - ISSUE NO. 1328/2008 - Tuesday, 1 July 2008

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      + + + + + Inform! Involve! Inspire! + + + + + +
      + + + I C O N! * * *! M A T R I M O N I A L + + +
      Look for "Matrimonial Particulars" in every ICON Tuesday Digests.
      If anybody would like to avail this free service, please send the
      relevant information about bride/groom to IndianOrthodox@....
      ICON digests reach more than 7,000 families all over the world. Please
      feel free to forward the matrimonial information to any interested
      parties. We will publish this information every Tuesday in 5 to 6
      consecutive issues. For getting responses the advertiser should
      mention their e-mail address and/or telephone contacts in the
      body of the message.

      We Moderators do not take or assume any responsibility for the
      particulars given by the advertisers. Concerned parties are encouraged
      to verify the particulars.
      Further correspondence to be done with the E-Mail address/ Phone No.
      given against each item (pl. note, no space needed after '@'sign in
      E Mails, although space given here for proper display on your screen
      in ICON Digests) quoting the Ref. No. given on the top of each item.
      We would highly appreciate, if you can give us your frank opinion about
      this column (positive or negative)including results (if any) to
      IndianOrthodox@... for our internal evaluation.


      REF NO: MTM 2257B2
      NRI Orthodox parents hailing from Central Travancore, working in
      Abu Dhabi for the last 30 years, invites proposals of professionally
      qualified boys for their younger daughter (BSc.IT + Oracle DBA)
      23 years,155cm, fair complexion, friendly, family oriented and
      god fearing, currently working with a MNC in Abu Dhabi.

      Interested, please respond with proposed boys detailed profile
      and recent photograph to
      vvarghese11@... or call 00971 50 7909793.
      REF NO: MTM 2256B2
      Orthodox Parents from Central Travancore invite proposals for their daughter,
      B.Sc. MLT 22/162, whitish complexion, Family Oriented and God Fearing.
      She is currently working as a blood bank technician for a well reputed
      hospital in Trivandrum. Parents of professionally qualified Christian
      boys with good education and moral background preferably working in
      UAE/Gulf/USA family visa/green card/citizenship holder.
      Interested parties may please call 0479-2342324, 267-991-2111 (USA)

      REF NO: MTM 2255B3
      Parents invite proposal for their daughter(27 years) now working at a
      famous hospital in New Delhi. She is a general nurse, god fearing,
      fair, slim, simple, hard working and good looking. Her parents, from
      ancient middle class orthodox family, invites proposal from parents of
      boys from Orthodox church preferably from Gulf. Please contact:

      REF NO: MTM 2254B5
      N R I Syrian orthodox parents from a reputed family in thumpamon invite
      proposals for their daughter 27, 5/6, fair complexion, God fearing and
      good looking.She is Post Graduate in human genetics from Madrass and
      did her Bsc. in BIO technology from Coimbatore.Currently working as a
      research assistant in one of the govt. organisations in Kuwait.
      Looking for a God fearing,proffessionally qualified and well placed
      boy preferably working abroad.If interested pl. respond immediately
      with detailed profile alongwith the latest photograph to stk150@...

      REF NO: MTM 2253B5
      Orthdox Christian parents settles in USA for the last 32 years
      are seeking proposals for our daughter 29 yrs, wheatish color, 5' 2'',
      God fearing, clean habit. she is working currently in the finance at
      children hospital in Tx.Seeking proposals from parents of God
      fearing, clean habit, born and brought up in USA with good profession
      and moral value.
      If intersted please call 001-512,773-4372,001- 512,251-5714
      OR annmathen@...

      REF NO: MTM 2252B5
      NRI parents from an ancient orthodox family now settled in Kerala
      invites proposal from orthodox parents of similar backgrounds for
      their daughter, fair, 27 / 5’ 1”, God fearing with high moral values
      now doing PhD in neurology in a reputed institution in Kerala.
      Post graduate boys, with similar background employed as professionals
      in a similar field in South India are preferred. Please respond
      with boy’s detailed profile and photograph
      (if possible) to a.sharon23@...

      REF NO: MTM 2251B5
      Orthodox Syrian Christian ( Jacobite ) parents from Angamaly , Ernakulam Dist ,
      invite suitable marriage proposals for their daughter 27 / 5' 5" , fair , slim ,
      family oriented and God fearing .She is a Bachelor in Physio Therapy from Kerala
      University and currently employed in U.K with BPT registration.Her student visa
      is valid for next one year and awaiting for the work permit.
      Interested parties , preferably from those who are employed in U.K / Europe
      with family visa / work permit may send bio - data alongwith recent photograph
      to e - mail ( tvarghese@... OR kochattu@...
      Mob: No 09846100928 / 0491 2572709.

      REF NO: MTM 2250B6
      Proposals invited for an Orthodox Syrian girl, belonging to a
      respected family and settled in Mumbai, 34yrs, Fair, Tall 5' 6" (M.Com ),
      working with a bank in Mumbai . If interested please respond with details
      and recent photograph to reena_george1@...
      or call 00912228838852.

      REF NO: MTM 2249B6
      Orthodox Parents, belonging to a respected family in
      Pathanamthitta district (Mallapally) invite proposals from Orthodox
      Parents of God fearing and professionally qualified boys for their
      daughter, B Physio therapy 22 years, God fearing, fair, slim, will
      be completing studies 2008 end.
      Please e-mail details to vka24@...

      REF NO: MTM 2248B7
      Orthodox family from Kerala looking for suitable boy.
      Girl is a MSc BEd, Currently doing her MEd. Excellent
      academic records. God fearing, simple and pious.
      Proposals invited from Orthodox/Jacobite families
      (Chemmachens, God fearing individuals). Please send
      a brief bio-data with photograph to
      mathew.samuel24@ gmail.com
      (without a space after @) for more information.

      REF NO: MTM 2247B7
      Professional orthodox parents, settled in U.S. for more
      than thirty years seek alliance for their daughter
      28 years old, medical doctor, born, brought up and
      educated in U.S.She is 5'4", of medium complexion,
      very spiritual and has the best of both eastern
      and western values She is starting her residency
      in Atlanta in July.We are looking for boys of similar
      education and values of any christian denomination.
      If interested, please contact us @ aluminadi@....

      REF NO: MTM 2246B8
      ORTHODOX Christian parents settled in USA are looking for suitable groom,
      preferably professionals (Doctors/Engineers/ IT) for their daughter, 32 years,
      5'1", who is an MD working in New York, interested parties may email bio data
      with recent photo to kalyanamusa@...

      REF NO: MTM 2245B8
      NRI Syrian Orthodox parents from a reputable family invite marriage
      proposals for their daughter 26, 5’6, fair complexion, beautiful,
      God fearing and good looking. She is a postgraduate in Human Genetics
      from Madras and did her BSc in Bio technology from Coimbatore.
      Currently working as a Research Assistant in one of the Govt.
      organizations in Kuwait.
      We are looking for a God fearing, professionally qualified & well
      placed boy preferably working abroad. If interested, please respond
      with the proposed boy’s detailed profile along with latest picture
      to (jms136@...) or (jms136@...)”.

      REF NO: MTM 2244B9
      NRI Syrian Orthodox Doctor parents, hailing from a reputed family in
      Central Travancore invites proposal for their daughter studying for
      MD (Dermatology) in a leading Government Medical College in Kerala,
      26/160, fair, beautiful, god fearing.We are looking for a Post Graduate
      Doctor / studying for Post Graduation from any Christian denomination,
      preferably Orthodox, who is god fearing, well behaved and with clean habits.
      Please respond with detailed profile and a photo to: kadavilc@....

      REF NO: MTM 2243B10
      Orthodox Syrian Christian parents settled in Kollam,
      invites proposals for their son 28yrs, Fair, God fearing
      5'11" (Mechanical Engineer B Tech ), at present working
      with an MNC in Abudhabi, UAE . We are looking for girls
      from ancient and traditional Orthodox Christian family,
      God fearing, with strong Orthodox Syrian Christian
      faith, beautiful, well placed Orthodox Syrian Christian
      girls, If interested please respond with proposed girls details
      profile and recent full size photograph to deepakpapachen@...
      or call 0091 4742706040 (Home), 0091 9746031940

      REF NO: MTM 2242B10
      Othodox Christian parents settled in USA are seeking proposals for
      their daughter, 27 years old,very fair, 5'5", god fearing, clean habit,
      B.S. Software Engineer . She is currently working as a Software Developer.
      We are seeking proposals from parents of god fearing, good looking,
      clean habit, orthodox boys with good profession. If interested please
      contact us with bio-data and recent picture. email usa_otown2@...

      REF NO: MTM 2227A1
      Orthodox Parents living in the Gulf for the last 20 years hailing
      from Pathanamthitta District and settled in Bangalore invites
      proposal for their son 28 years, 5’8”, God fearing, B.Com working
      in UAE as an Accountant and pursuing his MBA; invites proposal
      from parents of professionally qualified or Employed Christian
      girls with recent photos and contact information
      to: woodpeckers99@...

      REF NO: MTM 2226A1
      US settled orthodox parents seek marriage proposal for their
      son,30/169 fair, handsome,God-fearing with exemplary character,
      BS degree in Computer Science, Software Engineer, presently working as
      Senior Product Manager in one of the reputed Software Companies in USA.
      also pursuing MBA., inviting proposal from parents of fair beautiful, God-fearing
      girls with exemplary character. Please reply with bio-data, recent photographs to:

      REF NO: MTM 2225A3
      We are looking for a bride for our son 24yrs 170cms(DoB 05/7/84), he
      is actuarial science graduate working in a reputed insurance company.
      he is waiting for the result of his final board examination paper to
      be an FIA. He has done extremely well academically. We are seeking
      alliance from suitably qualified girl. contact kerala54@...

      REF NO: MTM 2224A4
      Orthodox Syrian Christian(Jacobite) parents settled in Muttuchira,
      Kottayam invite suitable marriage proposals for their handsome son
      aged 27 with 164 cm height. God fearing, good natured, family oriented,
      running business. Interested parties may
      please contact :- 9847977815 or 04829282162.
      Email:- cicythomas28@...

      REF NO: MTM 2223A4
      Orthodox Syrian Christian (Jacobite) family settled in Kerala
      invite suitable marriage proposal for their son 31, 5' 7"
      medical Dr. from Nepal currently working in Pathanapuram
      and studying for the entrance exam for post graduation.
      Fair, slim,God fearing with excellent moral values.
      interested parties may contact ninuthomas@...
      or 0476-2872041

      REF NO: MTM 2222A6
      Mumbai Settled Orthodox Christian parents are seeking proposals
      for their son, 30 years old, 6'1", B.E. Software Engineer.He is
      currently working as a Project Leader in New York. We are seeking
      proposals from girls who are working / studying in the US. Please
      Contact us with details and recent picture at matmat06@...
      Mobile: + 91 - 9819328692

      REF NO: MTM 2221A9
      Proposals are invited for an Orthodox Christian Boy (29),
      Height: 5.3"; Wheatish Medium Complexion: Average Body Type:
      Graduate; working as an Accountant with a prominent firm
      in Abu Dhabi, UAE. With Family Status from parents of God
      fearing Christian girls, preferably B. Sc Nurse/ Graduates
      / PGs in Science or Commerce.
      Contact: tharakan_sjt@... or telephone: 00971 50 2367640

      REF NO: MTM 2221A10
      US settled orthodox parents seek marriage proposal for their
      son,30/5'6" fair, handsome,God-fearing with exemplary character,
      completing dentistry( DDS) in US soon, inviting proposal from
      parents of fair, beautiful,slim, God-fearing with exemplary
      character ,and professionally placed girls
      Please reply with bio-data, recent pictures, and contact
      informations to: usa_otown@...

      REF NO: MTM 2220A11
      Orthodox parents from Pathanamthitta district, living
      in New York for about three decades, looking for a
      suitable bride for their son aged 25. he is doing his
      final year MD in a very prestigious Medical school in
      the united states.

      Please contact with a recent photograph and
      details at sue.rajan@...

      REF NO: MTM 2219A11
      Orthodox parents of a well respected family looking for a God
      fearing,well mannered medical doctor/dentist single or divorced with
      no liability,for their son MD an assistant professor of Neurology in a
      medical college in New York,God fearing with high moral values,non
      drinker,non smoker, a leader in the Christian community,33 years old,
      short lived married life.Interested parties please contact through
      e-mail - samsung339@... or cell phone 845-521-5745.
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