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Re: Women and the Church

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  • Kuriakose M
    This is in response to again Achamma Thomas: It will be a bit difficult to understand me unless people are willing to understand the spirit and goal of my
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
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      This is in response to again Achamma Thomas:
      It will be a bit difficult to understand me unless
      people are willing to understand the spirit and goal
      of my writing. To many I am speaking Greek. Those who
      learned Greek will find it easy to understand what I
      am saying.

      To answer Achamma, I have not started giving the
      reading portion to girls as of now in my parish. When
      time comes I will. I will wait for my church to give
      me permission to do that. But in the mean time, I did
      not find anything wrong in discussing the matter.

      I don't think Achamma's attitude is to start doing
      "some thing" before jump into the big change. It is a
      complete negation of the right of a woman.Why to start
      with small things? If women do not deserve to take
      leadership in worship, why should they be given even a
      portion to read? Are you willing to change something
      for some time? If so, there is a reason for that. You
      are willing to have reading by girls not because we
      have run short of men, are you? If you have a
      legitimate reason, that is a matter of discussion that
      I am part of. Let us stay on that and conduct our
      discussion instead of making blanket negative
      statement on someone's statement. Afterall it is a
      discussion and not decision.

      How bad do you feel if a lady gives a sermon in the
      middle of the Holy Qurbana instead of an Achen? What
      will happen if a lady qualified to preach has spoken
      the word of God? Are you trying to say that it is an
      unchristian thing to do?

      My call is to approach the issue of women from a
      Christian point of view. Either you are not reading my
      entire message, or you are trying to resist anything
      that comes in support of women. Like most others, the
      same old defensive approach is taken in this matter
      too. Why not bring some cardinal arguments instead of
      reiteratng the traditional people's position. Do you
      have something new to say?

      It is interesting to note that a lady herself is
      against the role of women in church. Maybe, most of
      the ladies have the same position? I don't know. I
      leave it for the ladies to say. I hope,sometime soon
      ladies will come out to speak for the right things.
      Because we have been doing a wrong thing for ages, it
      will never become right by repetition.

      Again communion was made the last event in ecumenism!
      Can you say what will happen if we allowed
      intercommunion between all churches in the very
      beginning? I would like to hear that.

      Again, what are the dogmas that we want all to agree?
      Will there be a time when all will agree all? In other
      words, people like you, in the name of love for
      Orthodoxy, are trying to block God's work and plan in
      this world. Dont' we have many churches that have the
      common faith declaration of the
      Niceno-constantinopolitan creed? Can't that be the
      basis of our unity?

      It is easy to ask others to think. But it is necessary
      for all to think before we state anything. That
      thinking should be edifying for Christ not for a
      denominational strand of thinking or a private feeling
      or individual who has the least positive reflection.

      More than 90 years of court case, mutual rivalry and
      cold war did not take us anywhere. We have the sense
      of shame that like many other established Churches, we
      also are covering up what we do for our material
      existence. And we don't want to change!!!

      I still believe that in Christ there is solution for
      eaverything, including DEATH. Who will learn that and
      teach the people? Those who can understand Christ
      beyond all the materialistic and political idealism,
      it will be easy. There is nothing impossible to God.

      Sorry, I make it look like insurmountable a problem!
      Afterall it is only a discussion. Let us cool down and
      talk more logically than politically.

      Love.achen MKK

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