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  • T V Varghese,BANGALORE
    MGOCSM 93rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE 26th to 29th Dec 2001 Venue:Mar Theophilus Study Centre Kottayam Theme: Witnessing Christ (Acts 1:8) This year’s
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2001
      MGOCSM 93rd ANNUAL CONFERENCE 26th to 29th Dec 2001

      Venue:Mar Theophilus Study Centre Kottayam

      Theme: Witnessing Christ (Acts 1:8)

      This year�s annual conference saw the coming together of 198 delegates
      representing 41 units from Kerala, Madras, Bangalore, Bombay, Doha and
      Kuwait at a unique venue.The programme comprised of a public meeting, music
      sessions,study classes, group discussions, workshops, seminar, retreat, etc.

      26th Dec The programme commenced with the consecration and inauguration of
      the Mar Theophilus Study Centre by H.H.Baselius Marthoma Mathews II.
      Rev. Fr. Dr. M.C. Cherian celebrated the first Holy
      Qurbana in the new chapel in the complex. The new building is a
      beautiful three-storied structure, which houses the office of the MGOCSM and
      the study centre and has facilities for conferences, library, etc.
      It is dedicated to the memory of late Philipos Mar Theophilus Thirumeni
      ,who served MGOCSM first as General secretary and later as
      President for a long period and made several contributions to the growth of
      this movement. It was during H.G.�s term that the students centres at
      Trivandrum and Aluva took shape.

      Funds to the tune of Rs.75 lakhs were raised for the construction of the new
      centre. Ten percent of the total amount is being utilized to provide
      scholarships to deserving students and for the purchase of sewing machines
      to provide a livelihood to needy women.
      The inauguration was followed by a public meeting presided over by H.H. The
      Catholicos. H.G.Philipos Mar Eusebius-President of the MGOCSM , H.G.
      Geevarghese Mar Coorilos-Vice President , H.G. Paulos Mar Pachomios- Vice
      President , and Shri Sunny Kalloor- Municipal Chairman spoke on the
      occasion. A message from Shri K.M. Mathew � Chief Editor , Malayala Manorama
      , was read out in his absence. The architect and contractor who were
      instrumental in completing the construction of the study centre in record
      time were felicitated on the occasion. The president Thirumeni
      appreciated Rev. Fr. Dr. M.C. Cherian for all his effort put in to
      raise the funds and greeted him with a �Ponnaada�.

      The conference formally began at 4.00 p.m. with the hoisting of the flag by
      H.G. Philipos Mar Eusebius. In his inaugural address, H.G. remembered all
      the people who were responsible for setting the spark to the first students
      conference 93 years ago and all those who guided its fortune in the
      following years, and thanked God for their wonderful work. He also reminded
      the gathering of the contribution of the MGOCSM in producing many leaders of
      the church among the clergy and the laity.

      Rev.Fr. Dr. K.J. Gabriel from Orthodox theological Seminary kottayam ,
      led the first Bible study .He spoke about witnessing Christ in our
      lives . He stressed the need to recognize the witness of womenfolk
      in the church .

      The following session consisted of talks by people from various walks of
      life who spoke about their experiences in witnessing Christ in their
      respective areas of work. The speakers were Dr.Jacob Thomas , MGDM Hospital
      Kangazha ; Rev. Sr. Sophia Principal SGM Nursing School, Parumala ;
      Advocate Alex George Eruthical , Kottayam Bar Council and Ms. Angel
      Kuriakose a student.

      27th Dec H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos celebrated Holy Qurbana. The
      main address of the day was by Rev. Fr. Bijesh Philip, Vice Principal ,
      Nagpur Orthodox Seminary, whose message was about witnessing Christ in
      Church and Society. According to him we live in a consumerist society which
      has a �disposable culture�- a dispose after use culture. Another fast
      growing culture is that of violence which is leading to the glorification of
      violence. He emphasized that our lives should be a witness of Christ.

      Justice Benjamin Koshy of the Kerala High Court spoke about how he
      witnesses Christ and prays for God�s guidance in taking right decisions
      before giving a verdict and before the hearing of a case.. He has
      remembered with gratitude the inspiration he has received from
      MGOCSM during his student days .

      The highlight of the day was the warm reception accorded to the newly
      ordained Most Rev. Thomas Samuel, Bishop of the Madhya Kerala
      Diocese of the CSI, and to H.G. Geevarghese Mar Coorilos Vice
      president of MGOCSM who was elected as President of National
      Council of Churches in India ( NCCI ) .

      In the afternoon H.G. Geevarghese Mar Ivanios, Metropolitan of Kottayam
      diocese led the retreat with three talks interspersed with meditation. This
      was followed by Holy Confession.

      28th Dec Rev. Fr. M.P. George, assisted by the Sumoro choir celebrated
      The Holy Qurbana in English. All the delegates received Holy Communion .

      The day�s bible study was an interactive session led by H.G. Geevarghese Mar
      Osthathios who fielded hundreds of questions from the participants. H.G
      has pleaded to the warring factions in the church to unite to
      witness Christ in India .
      This was followed by an address by Rev. Dn. Issac B. Prakash on the topic
      Witnessing Christ in Personal and Family Life which was well received and
      appreciated by everyone.
      The group discussion, which followed, saw the participants engaged in active
      discussion and debate. The findings and outcomes of these discussions were
      rather enlightening.
      In the evening, Mr. P.C. Cyriac IAS, former Chairman of Tamil Nadu Transport
      Corporation, who resigned from his job to head the new Christian TV channel
      �Jeevan TV� sponsored by the Orthodox, Catholic, CSI, Marthoma, Jacobite and
      Chaldean churches in Kerala,addressed the gathering on Attaining Our Goals
      in the Christian Way�.

      The day�s programme came to an end with the �Talent Night� which was
      entertaining and showcased the various talents of the participants..

      29th Dec H.G. Philipos Mar Eusebius celebrated Holy Qurbana on the
      concluding day. This was followed by the plenary session, evaluation, and
      the concluding session.
      The conference concluded at 1 p.m. with benediction by H.G. the President

      The conference provided the opportunity for the participants from various
      places to converge at one place and spend a few days in thought on the
      theme. The participants also gained enlightenment from the talks by various
      eminent and learned personalities.
      This year�s conference also provided a platform for the interaction between
      the younger generation of students and the President Thirumeni as well
      as senior members of MGOCSM who guided the movement in the past and saw
      its growth over the years. The lively singing sessions that were held every
      day were led by Rev Fr. Thomas Zachariah.
      On the whole the entire conference was well organized and the organizers,
      office-bearers, senior friends office staff and student delegates deserve
      all praise for their commendable work. Praise is also due to the student
      leaders elected from each group who controlled the various sessions and
      those who did a wonderful job of serving food to the delegates.

      Report prepared by T.V.Varghese, a delegate and Senior friend from
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