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Re: Paschal Meditations from St. Isaac of Ninevah

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  • George Varghese, Fort McMurray
    Dear Yesudasan Uncle: Please don t take this in isolation The entire purpose of our Lord s death was not to redeem us from sins, or for any other reason,but
    Message 1 of 15 , Apr 4 5:23 PM
      Dear Yesudasan Uncle:

      Please don't take this in isolation

      "The entire purpose of our Lord's death was not to redeem us from sins,
      or for any other reason,but solely in order that the word might become
      aware of the love which God has for creation. Had all this astounding
      affair taken place solely for the purpose of forgiveness of sin, it
      would have been sufficient to redeem us by other means."

      All I could see from this was how true the Saint is in telling the
      faith of the Church - God who in His love created all creation and who
      became man and was crucified ,rose up ascended into heaven and on sits
      at right hand of the Father .
      How much unworthy of this Love and how disobedeint we are and still His
      love - Please let us not deny that and be a stumble block to those who
      plaed for His mercy.

      I beg others ,please discontinue this thread for many more worthy than
      us have fallen short and fell into heresey.

      In Christ

      George Varghese, Fort McMurray

      P.S As I was also cause to this, Kindly consider this my last
      posting.Please pray for me
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