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ICON MATRIMONIAL - ISSUE NO. 1308/2008 - Tuesday, 5 February 2008

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      Look for "Matrimonial Particulars" in every ICON Tuesday Digests.
      If anybody would like to avail this free service, please send the
      relevant information about bride/groom to IndianOrthodox@
      ICON digests reach more than 6,200 families all over the world.
      feel free to forward the matrimonial information to any interested
      parties. We will publish this information every Tuesday in 5 to 6
      consecutive issues. For getting responses the advertiser should
      mention their e-mail address and/or telephone contacts in the
      body of the message.

      We Moderators do not take or assume any responsibility for the
      particulars given by the advertisers. Concerned parties are
      to verify the particulars.
      Further correspondence to be done with the E-Mail address/ Phone No.
      given against each item (pl. note, no space needed after '@'sign in
      E Mails, although space given here for proper display on your screen
      in ICON Digests) quoting the Ref. No. given on the top of each item.
      We would highly appreciate, if you can give us your frank opinion
      this column (positive or negative)including results (if any) to
      IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com for our internal evaluation.




      REF NO: MTM 2227B1
      Orthodox Syrian Christian (Jacobite) parents from central travancore,
      currently settled in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, seek alliance for
      their daughter aged 25/153 cm, Fair, M.A. (English), B.Ed. She
      is working as a teacher in an ICSE school. We are looking for
      a God fearing, well placed Christian boy with good educational
      and moral background. If interested please respond with the
      proposed boy's detailed profile and recent photograph to
      thomas_mathew_tm@ yahoo.com
      contact on mobile - 9426572927"

      REF NO: MTM 2226B2

      Parents settled in the US, hailing from Ernakulam District,
      seek marriage proposal for our elder daughter,
      (23 yrs, 5'3", fair complexion). After graduating
      in neuroscience from a top US school, she is now pursuing
      a PhD (Clinical Psych) at a top Univ of Cal school with full
      fellowship, with the intention of working with autistic children.
      Though born and brought up in the US, she is well versed in
      Malayalam, and in our Orthodox Faith. She is seeking a life
      partner, preferably of Orthodox/Jacobite persuasion, with
      exposure to multiple cultures, to share and cherish the joys
      and hardships as they come.
      Please respond to parents: bk2856@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 2225B2
      We are seeking proposal for our daughter. We are an ancient Orthodox
      family from Central Travancore settled in Chennai. She is holding
      M.B.A degree from Pune University and working for a well reputed
      Bank as a Project Manager at Bangalore. She is 27years/160 cm/
      wheatish complexion/slim. We are looking for a suitable boy who
      is professionally qualified and well employed in India/abroad.
      Interested parties please may contact on my
      EMail ID :- jo_chennai@ yahoo.co.in

      REF NO: MTM 2224B3

      Orthodox parents from reputed family residing in Canada since 2000,
      invite proposals for smart, intelligent and talented daughter, 26
      years, height 5'.4". Born and raised in Bombay till age 20, she is
      Canadian citizen with overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status. Honors
      graduate in International politics from York university, Toronto.
      in South Asian Studies and M.Phil in Media studies from Universty of
      London, U.K. Currently working in news media in Bombay. Wishes to
      settle permanently in India.

      Looking for tall, professionally qualified young men from reputed
      christan families , between 27 to 30 years , born and raised outside
      Kerala, preferably Bombay. Interested parties please contact parents
      with photograph at can_marine@ yahoo.com.

      REF NO: MTM 2223B4

      Seeking alliance for Orthodox girl, 23 years, Canadian citizen, now
      working in Michigan, USA. Completed schooling in the Gulf
      (Middle East) and then graduated from one of Canada's top
      universities. Was campus-recruited for current position in a
      global consulting firm. Currently pursuing studies for professional
      designation as an Actuary. Parents now settled in Toronto, Canada.
      Partner preference: boys from Orthodox/Mar Thoma/CSI background,
      god fearing, highly educated professionals working in US or Canada,
      between ages of 26-28.

      Please contact with family details and photo: pmwed @....

      REF NO: MTM 2222B7

      NRI Christian Orthodox parents invite suitable marriage proposals for
      their daughter 24/155cm, fair, good-looking and God fearing. She has
      completed her B.Tech Engineering from Chennai and is currently
      as an IT Software Engineer in a reputed firm in Abu Dhabi.

      Looking for a suitable groom with similar qualifications and
      preferably residing in Abu Dhabi.

      Interested parties may kindly contact with family and professional
      details, and a recent photograph to E-mail - koshy @...,
      phone - 00971-50-8131842 or 00971-2-6324419.

      REF NO: MTM 2221B8

      NRI (Kuwait) Orthodox Syrian church parents from an ancient and
      reputable family from Ernakulam Dist, invite marriage proposals for
      our daughter, 26, 5’4", wheatish complexion, god fearing, good
      smart and very pleasing personality. She had her schooling in Kuwait,
      graduation and P.graduation in Clinical Psychology at Banglore and
      at present she is doing Masters/PhD programme in Clinical Psychology
      in one of the top Universities in USA. Her only brother, married,
      both are medical doctors in Australia.

      We are looking for a God fearing, professionally qualified and well
      placed boys from USA with clean habits, preferably from Orthodox/
      Jacobite/Catholics families. If interested, please respond with
      the proposed boy’s details along with latest photo to:
      vkatts52 @...

      REF NO: MTM 2220B9

      We are seeking proposal for our only daughter. We belong
      to a traditional Indian Orthodox family, settled in Nagpur,
      India. Our daughter is 24 yrs old, fair complexion and 5'0",
      she is God fearing and has a blend of modern and traditional
      culture, she finished her B. Sc. in Biotechnology from Nagpur
      University, she is an active member of church choir and other
      Church youth activities. We are looking for a God fearing,
      professionally qualified & well placed boy. If interested,
      please contact the girls father via email, pt_mathews@ yahoo.com.

      REF NO: MTM 2219B9

      Indian Orthodox Christian parents well settled in USA seeking
      proposals for their daughter, 25 year old, fair complexion,
      God fearing, family oriented, holding her Master’s degree in
      and currently working as an auditor in one of the major accounting
      Proposals are invited only from Orthodox Christian boys settled or
      currently working in the USA. The boy should be under the age of 30,
      and having good family background, God fearing and holding a masters
      Interested parties please send a detailed bio-data and family
      along with a recent photograph to mailannaj@ gmail.com.

      REF NO: MTM 2218B9

      Orthodox Parents settled down in US invite proposals from
      professionally qualified Christian boys for their daughter 31,
      5'3" B-Tech in Computer Science who is on a H1B visa working
      for a prestigious publication at Newyork. She is smart, good looking
      with a pleasing personality, convent educated and God fearing.
      Interested parties may e mail the bio-data and picture to
      matreply13@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2217B9

      Orthodox girl, 26 yrs, 154 cms, medium complexion, MBA graduated,
      B/B in kuwait and also working in Kuwait is seeking proposals
      from Orthodox boys, with similar qualification and well employed
      in Kuwait or abroad.Planned vacation on January 1st week to kerala.
      Those interested may mail in detail with biodata and photograph
      to mgjoseph123@ rediffmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2216B12

      Parents settled in Canada invite marriage proposals for their
      daughter.She is 25 years old very tall and beautiful, God fearing
      and has good blend of kerala and north american cultures.
      She has Bsc (Hon) and B-Ed, degree,working as a high school
      teacher we are looking for proposals from parents of very tall
      well educated God fearing Christian boys.
      Please contact af2gts@ hotmail.com or 905-387-2207

      REF NO: MTM 2215B14
      Looking for suitable, well-qualified groom for soft
      spoken, family oriented, orthodox girl from good
      family background. Educated in Bangalore, girl is
      Electrical & Electronics engineer, worked for 10 years
      with Singapore based company in Bangalore, and
      recently completed MBA from Connecticut, USA. She also
      has her own home in Bangalore. Interested parties
      contact "jollyalex@ yahoo.com"


      REF NO: MTM 2209A1
      Orthodox Syrian Christian parents (belongs to Panakamattath
      and Thottumukkathu family) recently settled in Parumala, Tiruvalla,
      invites proposals for their son 29yrs, Fair, God fearing 5’6,
      M.Tech (from Suratkal R.E.C), at present working with an MNC in

      We are looking for girls from ancient and traditional Orthodox
      Christian family, God fearing, with strong Orthodox Syrian Christian
      faith, beautiful, well placed Orthodox Syrian Christian girls,
      born and raised outside Kerala preferred with good educational
      and moral background to settle down in Bangalore.
      If interested please respond with proposed girls details
      profile and recent full size photograph to eliz_mail@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 2208A2
      US settled orthodox parents seek marriage proposal for their son,
      29/169, fair, handsome,God-fearing with exemplary character,
      BS in computer Science, working as project Manager
      in one of the reputed company in USA. and also studying
      for MS computer science; from parents of fair, beautiful,
      God-fearing girls with exemplary character.
      Please reply to: geo248@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2207A3

      Seeking alliance for Orthodox Boy,28,165 now working in Doha,
      M.B.A . B/B
      - Outside Kerala. Partner Preference: Girls from Orthodox/MarThoma/
      Jacobite background, god fearing,Engineering / M.B.A professionals

      Please contact with family details and photo:john.leena@
      Contact No.- +919820844106
      REF NO: MTM 2206A4

      Orthodox Christian parents well settled in USA, from Central
      invite marriage proposals for their son, 25 yrs, 5’10" with a B.S.
      degree in Accounting from the United States, working as an Auditor
      currently attending graduate school for M.S. in the United States
      parents of professionally qualified girls.

      Interested parties please respond to geo49 @... with

      REF NO: MTM 2205A5

      Proposals are invited for a Hyderabad-based Syrian Orthodox
      groom aged 31 years - height 5'11, working as a Sr. Manager (heading
      the Software Division) in a telecom-based public limited company in
      the HiTech City, with a good salary. Parents are from reputed and
      wellknown families in Kottayam. Educational background encompasses a
      B.Sc in Computer Science followed by various Microsoft certification
      programs, and is currently pursuing MBA (IT) from ICFAI. Living with
      mother, as father is no more. The bride should be medium to tall,
      fair, good looking and smart, with a good family background. May be
      working or non-working, depending on her choice. No demands. Please
      write to mother at maryc2020@... or call 040-65960831
      (Mrs. Mary Joseph).

      REF NO: MTM 2204A5

      We are seeking an alliance for our elder son, ages 27, working in one
      of the oldest and largest MNCs in the IT/Computer field. He is a
      B.Tech from College of Engineering Thiruvananthapuram and is working
      in the Product Development field of the Company at Bangalore.
      Schooling all over India at good Public/Residential Schools. He is a
      God fearing and responsible boy, caring and fun loving. Has one
      brother, working in Animation also at Bangalore. We, the parents are
      both employed in a PSB, father as Executive and Mother as Sr Manager.
      Father from ancient Chengannur family and mother from Kottarakkara
      (Marthoma). Our base is in Thiruvananthapuram. Looking for a girl
      preferably in IT/HR field, who is family oriented.email
      susaneapen2001 @...

      REF NO: MTM 2203A6

      Jacobite employed parents from Kottayam district invite proposals for
      their son, 27/172, MCA, working as a Senior Software Engineer with a
      reputed US MNC in Bangalore Proposals inviting from parents of
      God-fearing,good looking and qualified girls from Jacobite/Orthodox/
      Marthoma family. Please contact with details and photographs to
      georgethomasin@ gmail.com . Ph:0481-2517003 (M)9446509003

      REF NO: MTM 2203A6

      I, Rev Fr PM Varghese, Mathacheril, belongs to an Orthodox Christian
      family from Kottayam Diocese invite suitable marriage proposals for
      son (Mathew) who is 33 years old, fair and 5’ 6’’ tall. He is God
      fearing, church oriented, and presently working as IT support
      in Burger King (Olayan Group) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
      We seek matrimonial correspondence from parents of God fearing and
      good looking Christian girl (except Pentecost) with medical
      (Nurses). Interested parents please respond with relevant details to

      E-mail: send2mathews@ yahoo.com or anish_abraham@ smc.com.sa

      Ph: 00966-553121520 (Anish -brother in law)

      or 00966-502538966 (Mathew)

      REF NO: MTM 2202A8

      Well settled doctor parents belonging to the Orthodox church from
      Central Kerala seek alliance for their son 29/175, B.Tech from Model
      Engineering College, Kochi and M.B.A from XLRI Jamshedpur, at present
      working as an Executive in a prestigious firm in Delhi from fair,
      well qualified / employed girls. Interested parties may please
      at apma46 @...

      REF NO: MTM 2201A9

      Orthodox Jacobite Syrian Christian Parents invite suitable
      alliance for their son 27 years, 6 ft, dark complexion and
      handsome from Central Travancore, born and bought up in Chennai,
      B.Tech (Chennai), MS(USA), running own software business in US.
      Parents and only brother (also MS and married) settled in USA.
      Girl can be from any Christian Denomination, Doctors/Engineers/Equiv.
      willing to settle in USA.
      Interested parties may contact tj_thomas25@ yahoo.co.in"

      REF NO: MTM 2200A10
      Orthodox Christian parents settled in USA, from Central Travancore
      invite marriage proposals for their son, 25 yrs, 5’10”, accounting
      graduate, employed in civil service and currently pursuing master’s
      degree from parents of professionally qualified girls, preferably
      in the healthcare field.

      Interested parties please respond to: geo49@ optonline.net

      REF NO: MTM 2199A10
      Orthodox parents from a well reputed family, residing in the
      United States for 35 years looking for an alliance for their Son,
      30 years old, 5'10, ordained deacon, M. Div in Theology, M.A.
      in counseling and has represented the church in several ecumenical
      Working in the healthcare field, God fearing, good looking.
      Looking for a girl, dentist/pharmacist from a reputed Orthodox/
      Jacobite/Mar Thoma family. Interested parties contact Alex Thomas
      with full details and picture.

      mobile no.050- 616 4271
      alex1964@ emirates.net.ae

      REF NO: MTM 2198A11
      Indian Orthodox Christian parents from USA invite suitable
      marriage proposals for their son, Assistant Professor of
      Neurology in a world renowned Medical College in the US.
      33 years, 6'1'', 175 lbs., very fair, God fearing, non smoker,
      non drinker, speaker and leader in the community, innocent
      divorce of a short marriage, no liabilities from Orthodox/
      Jacobite/Mar Thoma girls, MD, single or innocent divorcees
      with no liabilities.Please contact with complete details
      and recent photograph to vj23191@ yahoo.com or call 914-420-

      REF NO: MTM 2197A12

      Orthodox parents looking for a bride for their Son who is
      25 , 5' 10 currently an MD and doing his residency in USA .
      Looking for a God fearing , fair, tall, good looking & family
      oriented girl from a Christian family with similar qualifications
      and background , preferably living in USA or Canada.
      Contact email: jjjack_4321@ yahoo.com

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