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2nd Oct - Happy Birthday to H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius!

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  • ICON Moderators
    Happy 83rd Birthday to H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius, B.D., M.A., S.T.M., is the metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese. HG
    Message 1 of 65 , Sep 21, 2007
      Happy 83rd Birthday to H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius

      H.G. Dr. Stephanos Mar Theodosius, B.D., M.A., S.T.M., is the
      metropolitan of Calcutta Diocese. HG was the Director of the first
      North Indian Mission center, St. Thomas Mission (Bhilai Mission) of
      the Church when HG was Rev. Fr. K. K. Punnose.
      Among others the mission center consists of
      1. St. Thomas Ashram
      2. St. Thomas Convent
      3. St. Thomas Balagram
      4. Diocesan Center
      5. Jeevan Jyothi Balawadi
      6. Agricultural Farm
      7. Dairy Farm
      8. Fish Farm

      H.G was the founder of another mission called the Makodiya Mission.
      The Makodiya Mission of the Malankara Orthodox Church was founded in
      1986. Makodiya is a village located in the state of Madhya Pradesh,
      India. English missionaries started the Macodia Mission some 100
      years ago for the uplift of the Adivasis. In 1986 the Bhilai Mission
      bought Macodia Mission Centre and 6 acres of land.

      This is the only Adivasi village mission of this kind in North India
      operated by the Orthodox Church of India. The Mission is operating a
      primary school, a Balavadi, a tailoring school, a typewriting
      institute, and an old age hospital.

      H.G. has been instrumental in establishing an Orthodox congregation in
      Abu Dhabi.


      We thank Thirumeni for his dedication to the Church. We pray God
      enables H.G. to lead us for many more years to come. The ICON family
      seeks Thirumeni's support and prayers

      ICON Moderators
    • Chikku Abraham, Mumbai
      Dear ICON Members, I had put across a thought regarding the above subject which went beyond my good intentions. Anyway i request you to contribute so that we
      Message 65 of 65 , Sep 30, 2007
        Dear ICON Members,

        I had put across a thought regarding the above subject
        which went beyond my good intentions. Anyway i request
        you to contribute so that we can place before our
        Administration a vision for Thrikkunathu seminary for
        the future. We need many many Kalam's in our church.
        Atleast we are not late. A few dreams from my part.

        1. Ankamaly diocese has only very few churches. May be
        20 and if we put together East and West may be a few
        more. Out of which only less than 10 are finacially in
        a position to contribute to the diocese. I strongly
        believe it is the number of churches being less
        compared to many diocese of south, a bishop is not
        interested for full time appointment.

        Therefore we need to attach an additional
        responsibility to Thrikkunathu and it can be the
        office of Catholicate designate.

        I have heard from my grandparents that the orthodox
        and Jacobite fight is basically a fight between
        north/central and south kerala members advocating
        their dominance. The strong hold of people in both
        factions justifies it in their decisions and majority.

        2. There are finishing schools in many places. Why
        cant we have thrikkunathu seminary as a 6 months
        residential finishing school for the final year or pre
        final year seminary students? The curriculum can
        highlight computer training, presentation skills,
        interpersonal behavioural sciences, seminary student
        enrichment programs, along with some theology
        subjects. We can draw a large pool of resource persons
        from our church. Thrikkunathu can have a hostel to
        accomodate 30 or 50 students. It has around 6 acres of

        3. The students of the seminary can themselves host
        and maintain their websites(it is not a great subject
        any one can do)and that of the church. It is lack of
        training that they dont have exposure in many
        areas.Many near by churches also benifit from the
        finishing schools like they can come here for studying
        Aradhana songs etc etc...

        4. There is an MGOCSM owned student center in 45 cents
        built by Theophilus thirumeni near UC College 2 Km
        from Highway. Since now no longer we have resident
        students in UC it is inactive.

        MGOCSM can convert it into a great retreat center with
        the resources of Thrikkunathu seminary and if
        finishing school is a reality we will have resource
        from our educated members.This center can also conduct
        premarital courses.

        5. If it is not a catholicate designate office, one
        resident full time bishop appointed can look after the
        few churches of diocese and also be incharge of the
        finishing school and retreat center which is a need.

        6.I still has in my mind the atmosphere of attending a
        sandhya prarthana of pazhaya seminary when all the
        seminary students together reciting the prayers...a
        heavenly feeling it was. If the concept of finishing
        school works then thrikkunathu seminary also can have
        such an heavenly atmosphere.

        7. As you all know the airport is near by. Just 25 km
        from seminary. All our bishops, priests or even we
        members can stay at seminary instead of hotel or long
        travel if we can have rooms.....

        8. We have 2 schools under the diocese which can be
        lifted or upgraded into a school of repute.

        9. Only when we show genuine interest in seminary and
        its affairs the other faction stop from encroaching
        and people also feel attached.Now they know that we
        are just a handful of people...

        10. Last but not the least, when the seminary grow
        from its yester years of complacency, more and more
        youth and people will like to contribute coz the youth
        of today are demanding and we need to accept change
        that is happening around the world and move

        I invite all orthodox well wishers to add more ideas
        so that we can pass it to the administrators through
        proper channel.....We have to make our presence felt
        at Ankamaly...or else once this generation passes by,
        next generation i can say dont have much involvement
        in church activities in Metro cities......the proof is
        MGOCSM, Youth movement of past years and present.

        Thats why i say "Winning cases are not just enough"
        atleast in central Kerala if we dont grow spiritually
        from the place where we won....else lets dont file
        cases and waste money and stop the fights.

        Chikku Abraham,
        IIT Bombay
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