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Feast of Dormition

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  • Alex Abraham
    Hello everyone, Since this feast coming up for our church, the Feast of Dormition, of the demise of our beloved St. Mary, the mother of God, I thought I d
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      Since this feast coming up for our church, the Feast of Dormition, of
      the demise of our beloved St. Mary, the mother of God, I thought I'd
      share my thoughts. This day commemorates the perunaal of my church,
      St. Mary's Jackson Heights, NY. This day, August 15, is very
      important for the Orthodox Faith. We take lent and fast two weeks
      prior to this day, and keep it as one of the High Holy days. I am not
      going to write about the feast per say, but about St. Mary. St. Mary
      is my personal Patron Saint.

      I know someone who is related to me, who always asks me the age old
      questions, "Why must you give so much importance and prominence to
      Mary, she is not important. Why do you pray to her (or other saints
      in fact) when prayer directly towards Christ Jesus is enough?"
      Eventually they went on to tell me that interceding to Saints is what
      directs our attention elsewhere forgetting Christ our Lord, and if I
      keep on interceding to Saints, I will not enter into the Kingdom of
      God. All these questions, I used to never be able to answer, but
      after asking numerous Priests, Bishops, Deacons and Seminarians about
      why we intercede to Saints and give so much importance to St. Mary, I
      am now more knowledgable on the subject. I wrote an article in my
      church's silver jubilee Souvenir, entitled, "The Blessed Woman, Our
      Patron Saint: St. Mary." I want to include several excerpts (most of
      the article) from that article in this writing.

      Many people think that the Orthodox, Catholic, etx. faiths are
      worshipping Mary..."But when we intercede to St. Mary, we are not
      worshipping her, for only God is worthy of being worshipped, but we
      are asking her to pray for us while she is in Heaven praising God
      also. A lot of people also say that there is no need to have anything
      special set aside for St. Mary, for she only bore the Lord, and that
      is nothing special; but to bear the Lord is above all else in this
      world. The Almighty God would not have chosen this weak, sinful,
      virgin woman to bear the Savior if she was not worthy."

      "St. Mary is a model for what we should become in Christ. She was
      unconditionally obedient to God. St. Mary led a life of celibacy, and
      though this is not the ideal life for a Christian, her spiritual
      purity, her wholehearted devotion to God, all this is worthy of being
      called Blessed and emulated. While we pray to her, we are honoring
      that she is the first to receive our Lord and also it signifies out
      view of who Jesus is. In the Orthodox tradition, mainly Greek, they
      call her, Theotokos, which literally translates to `God-bearer.' This
      points to the face that her Son is both fully man and God, because
      she bore Him, making him part human, and the Holy Spirit conceived
      her, which makes Him part Godly. We see her before any saint, and
      even the angel Gabriel has said, "Rejoice, highly favored one, the
      Lord is with you; blessed are you among women!" (Luke 1:28). Another
      evidence of her worthiness is with Elizabeth, who spoke, "Blessed are
      you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb! But why is
      this granted to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?"
      (Luke 1:42, 43). Mary also herself said that everyone will honor her
      for generations to come, for she said, "For behold, henceforth all
      generations will call me blessed" (Like 1:48).

      As we clearly see, God has intended for us to honor Mary, and
      therefore we honor her in any way we can. We ask her, as the first
      believer and the mother of the Church, for guidance and protection.
      We venerate her, but we do not worship her, for worship belongs to
      God alone.

      We pray, `Hail Mary, Full of Grace,' in Malayalam, `Krupa Niranje
      Mariame Ninakku Samadhanam,' or in Syriac, `Shlom lekh bthoolto
      Mariam, Maliath taibootho.' We recite this prayer at every common
      prayer, and we do not do any prayer without this. We are blessed to
      have her as our Patron Saint, and we ask you, O St. Mary, pray for
      us, guide us and protect us."

      I hope that my article is sufficient to give Honor to our St. Mary,
      mother of our Lord. Let us intercede to St. Mary, to pray for our
      weak and sinful souls, so her son, our Lord Jesus, will have Mercy.
      God Bless you all always and at this feast time.

      Alex Abraham
      Piscataway, NJ
    • Dr.Vinu Thomas, Dubai
      I am glad Mr.Alex Abraham has brought up the prominence and importance of our dear and Blessed Mother of God ( Theotokos ) as we are approaching the memorial
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 7, 2007
        I am glad Mr.Alex Abraham has brought up the prominence and
        importance of our dear and Blessed Mother of God ('Theotokos') as we
        are approaching the memorial feast of her Dormition.

        During my school days as a Sunday school student, I was listening to
        a message by HG late Paulose Mor Philoxinoes (who later became HB
        Baselious Paulose II, Shresta Catholicose), the Metropolitan of
        Kandanad diocese of the then unified Malankara Orthodox Church. He
        asked the students, on a pastoral visit to our parish, as to who is
        sitting on the right hand of Jesus our Lord. Nobody knew the answer
        but it was evident that it was declined by Jesus to the sons of
        Zebedee, James and John, leaving the issue to be fulfilled by our
        Father in Heaven. HG further went on to say that this position , on
        the right hand of God the Father, it is believed, is being given to
        none other than Blessed Saint Mary. (HG mentioned that it is not
        written anywhere but our Holy Fathers believed and taught so). It
        left a big imprint in my mind, the way HG compared her humility and
        her elevation. She is indeed a very cardinal person in God's heavenly

        About five years ago I had the opportunity to visit the office of a
        Lebanese Coptic Christian Lawyer in Dubai. I had met him in the lift
        and accompanied him to the office room. As soon as he enterted his
        office room he closed the door and started praying in silence
        looking at a small icon, hung on the back of the door, for few
        minutes before he could begin his daily work. He became emotional as
        he reveringly expressed his dependance on Saint Mary and her praying
        guidance. I was moved by his act of faith in her intercession. Eventually I also got a picture of Saint Mary with Lord
        Jesus as a child in her arms and hung it at the back of the entrance
        door of my clinic workroom. It kept on reminding me about a really
        loving and caring Mother who keeps on pleading for a weak
        faithful like me. It has given me a sense of security and confidence
        as well as progress with success over the years.

        I have observed in many Catholic families where mothers, wives and
        daughters pray continuously through (Nanma Niranja Mariyame 'Novenas'), using the Rosary, for Saint Mary's intervening
        guidance and find their husbands rising in their jobs and children
        doing well in health and studies, though the male folks hardly say
        any Novenas and rarely go to Church.

        Blessed Saint Mary is someone who never fails to answer our pleading
        requests for mediation and prayers even as she did in the marriage
        feast in Cana of Galilee.This very first testified miracle of Jesus
        was indeed inspired by her.

        It is with pleasure, thanksgiving and gratitude to a praying, loving
        and guiding Mother I observe the preparatory Lent before the Feast
        of Dormition.

        "Thannodu Apekshikkunnavarude Yachanakale Nirasikkathavale,Amme
        martha Mariyame,Njanngalkkuvendi Apekshikkeneme!".

        Dr.Vinu Thomas, Dubai.
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