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ICON MATRIMONIAL - ISSUE NO. 1277/2007 - Tuesday, 3 July 2007

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      + + + + + Inform! Involve! Inspire! + + + + + +
      + + + I C O N! * * *! M A T R I M O N I A L + + +
      Look for "Matrimonial Particulars" in every ICON Tuesday Digests.
      If anybody would like to avail this free service, please send the
      relevant information about bride/groom to IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com.
      ICON digests reach more than 6,000 families all over the world. Please
      feel free to forward the matrimonial information to any interested
      parties. We will publish this information every Tuesday in 5 to 6
      consecutive issues. For getting responses the advertiser should
      mention their e-mail address and/or telephone contacts in the
      body of the message.

      We Moderators do not take or assume any responsibility for the
      particulars given by the advertisers. Concerned parties are encouraged
      to verify the particulars.
      Further correspondence to be done with the E-Mail address/ Phone No.
      given against each item (pl. note, no space needed after '@'sign in
      E Mails, although space given here for proper display on your screen
      in ICON Digests) quoting the Ref. No. given on the top of each item.
      We would highly appreciate, if you can give us your frank opinion about
      this column (positive or negative)including results (if any) to
      IndianOrthodox@ hotmail.com for our internal evaluation.



      REF NO: MTM 1293B1

      Orthodox Syrian Christian parents settled in the US (Originally
      from Kottayam Dist)invite suitable marrriage proposals for their
      niece 22 Years old, 5'.5'' beautiful God fearing and very family
      oriented. Born & brought up in kerala studied through out in English
      medium school(Don Bosco) rank holder. She passed BSc Nursing (Medical
      College) Presently she is doing her bond period working
      as a Sister Tutor. She is preparing for the CGFNS exam.
      We are looking for a God fearing boy with good educational
      and moral background. Interested parties
      from USA may contact vjacob02@ aol.com or 201-837-4073.

      REF NO: MTM 1292B1

      Orthodox Christian parents invite proposals for their daughter 29/161 cm
      working as s/w engineer in Trivandrum. The girl has done her M.Sc (Maths)
      and MCA. She had been an outstanding student all along. Elder sister and
      husband are working in London and younger brother in USA. Father is working
      in South Africa and mother is there with the girl. The whole family has
      permanent residence status in South Africa. We are looking for a God fearing,
      professional boy holding positions in India or abroad.
      Kindly respond to:

      jkoshy@ telkomsa.net
      Tel +27475481180
      Cell +27842080535

      REF NO: MTM 1291B1

      NRI Syrian Orthodox parents from a reputable family invite
      marriage proposals for their daughter 25, 5’6, fair complexion,
      beautiful, God fearing and good looking. She is a postgraduate
      in Human Genetics from Madras and did her BSc in Bio technology
      from Coimbatore. Currently working as a Research Assistant in
      one of the Govt. organizations in Kuwait.
      We are looking for a God fearing, professionally qualified
      & well placed boy preferably working abroad. If interested,
      please respond with the proposed boy’s detailed profile
      along with latest picture to (jms136@ hotmail.com) or (jms136@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 1290B1
      Highly educated, well settled, Orthodox Syrian Christian parents
      hails from an ancient family from Central Travencore
      (came to U.S for their higher studies in their early twenties)
      invite suitable proposal for very fair, smart, good looking,
      humble, religious, family and church oriented, God fearing
      professional graduate daughter, aged 28 years, 5' 4" height
      born and brought up in U.S. For their parents she is the only
      daughter and a son who is very younger to her. We are looking
      martimonial correspondence from parents of a God fearing,
      humble Medical graduates from educated, noble christian family.
      Interested parties please respond with relevant details and
      recent photograph to
      Email: opabraham_savo@ yahoo.com.

      REF NO: MTM 1289B2
      Syrian Christian (Orthodox) professional parents, well-settled
      in the US, invite proposals for their US-born daughter, 28, 5'2",
      very fair, beautiful and God-fearing, with very high moral and
      family values. She graduated from an Ivy League University
      and is currently employed as a Vice President at a reputed
      financial institution in NY. She is also a CFA charter holder.
      Interested US professionals with similar backgrounds, please
      respond with full details and recent photographs to: paajasa@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 1288B2

      Orthodox Christian parents working in Kuwait for the last
      30 years is soliciting marriage alliance for their elder
      daughter, 26, 152 cm, slim with mixed complexion and is at
      present working in Kuwait. The girl has done her MBA and
      is born and bought up in Kuwait.Parents invites proposals
      of boys who is working in Kuwait or in Western countries
      or who is interested to settle in India. We are looking
      for Orthodox christain, God fearing, qualified boy.
      If interested,please mail to
      mgjoseph123@ rediffmail.com with details of the proposed boy.

      REF NO: MTM 1287B4
      NRI Christian (Malankara Catholic) parents invites proposals for their
      daughter (27/165 cm medium complexion) MBBS now doing MD (both merit quota)
      in a south India medical college - from boys of any Post Graduate stream,
      e-mail: proposals80@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 1286B4

      Orthodox parents invites suitable proposal for their
      daughter 26/165, MSW- Personnel management.
      We are looking for God fearing, qualified boy.
      If interested please respond with the proposed boy's
      details profile and a recent photograph to
      alextroshan@ gmail.com or contact 0091-9447-330710.

      REF NO: MTM 1285B4
      Orthodox Syrian Christian parents settled in the USA
      (Originally from Kottayam Dist.) invite suitable
      marriage proposals for their daughter, 26 years old,
      born and brought up in the USA, god fearing,
      presently completing Ph D. in neuro molecular biology
      (neuroscience) from a prestigious university in the USA.
      We are looking for a god fearing boy with good educational
      and moral background. Interested parties may contact
      marriage@ 1stmedicine.com

      REF NO: MTM 1284B7

      Engineering manager working in dubai,hailing from a reputed marthomite
      family in central travancore invites marriage proposals for his
      daughter,B.Tech from cusat(23,155), fair complexion, smart, religious,
      homely and presently working in Dubai as civil engineer. Parents of
      Marthomite/c.s.i/orthodox employed engineer from reputed institution,
      preferably in similar family backgrounds may please respond with full
      details to abrahampsam@ hotmail.com.

      REF NO: MTM 1283B7

      Orthodox parents settled outside Kerala looking for suitable match for
      their daughter MBBS, currently doing Residency in US. She is 29 years
      of age, 5' 3". fair and good looking. She had a very short marriage.
      Legaly divorced. Responses from Doctors and other professionals in
      US are invited. Interested Parties may write giving details
      to response2ad@ yahoo.co.in

      REF NO: MTM 1282B8

      Orthodox Syrian Christians parents well settled in Coimbatore invite
      proposals for their daugher aged26/158 cm, Fair, MCA. She is currently
      working as Software Engineer in an MNC in Bangalore. We arelooking for
      a God fearing, well placedOrthodox/Marthomite boy preferrably working
      in Bangalore/Chennai. If interested please respond withthe proposed
      boy's detailed profile and photograph tops_silja@ yahoo.com
      or Telephone Number :0422-2250666or Mobile -09443303001

      REF NO: MTM 1281B8

      NRI Orthodox Parents invite proposals for their daughter 23/164cm,
      White Complexion, B. Pharm, born & brought up in UAE, from parents
      of professionally qualified & employed Orthodox boys.
      Contact : 00971-50-5313265, 00971-50-7586146, 0091-479-2467347
      e-mail: lucy.alexander@ borouge.com; tjacob.v@ gmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 1280B10

      Orthodox priest settled in the United States since 1968 is looking for
      his daughter who currently lives and works in New York City. She is a
      family-centered, God-fearing and independent 29 year old, 5'4'', fair
      and beautiful who holds dual masters degrees in business and social work.
      She enjoys traveling abroad, hiking, reading and laughing. Eligible
      bachelors in the New York Metropolitan area with similar backgrounds
      and interests should submit a description and photo to
      j.geevarghese@ sbcglobal.net

      REF NO: MTM 1279B10

      Orthodox parents from central travancore, settled in US, invite
      proposals for their only daughter doctor (MD) 27 years, 5’ 3" fair
      complexion. We are looking for God fearing boy professionally
      qualified with similar educational background, from Orthodox/Jacobite/
      Martomite family. If interested please respond with relevant details
      and a recent photograph to Email: jopadinjar@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 1278B12

      UAE based NRI Orthodox parents from central travancore, good family,
      invite suitable proposals for their daughter who is 24/156 c.m. , B.E.
      (Software Engineer) fair complexion, God fearing and good looking.
      She is currently working as Computer programmer in an oil company
      in Abu Dhabi. We are looking for God fearing, good looking
      professionally qualified and well placed orthodox boy. If interested
      please respond with the proposed boy’s details profile and a recent
      photograph to rsamuel@ adco.ae or phone Tel No. (res) 00971 2 6324419
      (off) 00971-2 6037347 (mob) 00971 50 8131842 India 0091 80 41709141

      REF NO: MTM 1277B12

      CONTACT EMAIL-pakalomattommadom@ hotmail.com.,pakalemadom@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 1276B16

      Orthodox parents from a reputed family invite marriage proposals for
      their daughter 24, fair, God fearing and good looking. Post graduate in
      hospital management (MHM).Presently working in a reputed private
      hospital. We are looking for a God fearing, professionally qualified &
      well placed boy.If interested, please drop in with latest photo
      johnjinu@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 1275B14

      Proposals are invited for an Orthodox Christian, divorced girl of age
      30, 5'5", slim, pretty and of medium complexion. Electronics Engineer.
      She has a 6 year old son. She is soft-spoken and of good character and
      now working at Technopark as a project Engineer, drawing good salary.
      She is very caring and responsible person. She is looking for somebody
      caring and a father figure for her child. Prefer Widower to Divorcee,
      since she had very bad experience in her married life. Tried her best to
      stay married for the sake of the child, but it became very difficult.
      She is coming from an above-average family. Her two brothers are
      married & settled in Canada & UK. One is an Engineer and the other a
      Doctor. Her father is a Mechanical Engineer. Only serious enquiries are
      welcome. Preference for proposals from US.
      gikko948@ gmail.com



      REF NO: MTM 2184A2
      Orthodox parents seek proposals for their 31 year old son -
      MS in electrical engineering from a U.S university,
      and MSc/ 168 cm/ wheatish complexion, working as a teacher
      in U.S, holding H1-B visa. He is currently in kerala on
      leave till first week of August. Proposals invited from
      parents of professionally qualified girls. If interested,
      please contact with details and photos at
      vpcharuvilla@ yahoo.co.in or call at 0468-2343468.

      REF NO: MTM 2183A4

      Orthodox Christian parents working in Kuwait for the last 30 years
      is soliciting marriage alliance for their elder son, 29, 170 cm working
      in Toronto, for Canadian Television. The boy has completed his
      GCE A levels in Kuwait under British Educational System, graduated
      with BFA degree from University of Denver and undergoing MFA degree
      from Academy of Arts University, San Francisco (graduating spring 2008)
      while also working. He holds Canadian Citizenship and looking for a
      life partner, 24-28, minimum 166 cm height, fair complexion,
      well educated, has good command of English and is working in the
      Gulf or the West.
      If interested, please contact (bridegroom.kuwait@...)
      with details of the proposed girl.

      REF NO: MTM 2182A4

      Orthodox parents settled in canada seek bride for our son,
      28 years old, 6ft tall, fair and handsome, born and brought
      up in Canada currentrly working as an IT professional with a
      reputed company. We hope to find a good looking and well mannered girl,
      western educated and settled in north America, UK or Australia.
      If interested please contact plkuruvilla@... for more information,
      with a recent photograph if possible. All correspondence will be treated
      with strict onfidentiality.

      REF NO: MTM 2181A4
      Orthodox Christian parents settled in London invite
      marraiage proposals for their son, Doctor (MRCP),
      Age: 27 years, Height: 173 cms, Fair and Handsome.
      Interested parents please respond with biodata and
      recent photograph of the girl.
      Email: drproposals@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 2180A5
      Bride wanted for Marthoma doctor aged 32, working in Kerala for the
      last 4 years with expertise in general and laparoscopic surgery. He is
      a MD from Tver University in Russia and has also passed FMGE conducted
      by MCI. Family consists of widowed mother and younger brother
      (Dentist). He is interested in going abroad after he finishes his post
      graduation in India.

      Please respond to : manipsam@ yahoo.com

      REF NO: MTM 2179A5

      Orthodox Parents settled in Kodumon,Pathanamthitta,Kerala invite
      proposals for their son 28, Engineer(B.E. Mumbai University), who
      grew up in Mumbai, andpresently working in a reputed software firm in
      Chennai, from parents of Orthodox/Jacobite/Marthomite girls of
      comparable background. Please send email with photograph and profile
      if interested to mathew.samuel24@ gmail.com or call phone
      in Kerala: 91-(0)4734-205-483.

      REF NO: MTM 2178A7

      MBBS doctor (~26/167), just joined for post graduation in India,
      looking for doctor/ architect/civil engineer/charted accountant.
      Parents, Indian Orthodox doctors in UAE, from Central Travancore.

      Contact address: elsheba@...

      REF NO: MTM 2177A7

      Orthodox Parents(Retd. Dy. Ex. Engineer, Irrigation Dept.) invite
      proposals for son 28,165, M.B.A presently working as Asst. Manager
      with HDFC Bank. Parents of qualified professionals are requested to
      contact. john_leena@ yahoo.com with their complete details.
      9820097090 / 0240-2483758.In case of any queries, please revert back.

      REF NO: MTM 2176A8
      Proposals are invited for an Orthodox Christian male aged 43, divorcee
      (no issues), fair, 179 cms, slim B.Com, PGDCA, teetotaler, self-
      employed, having house and property, from God-fearing girls, including
      divorcees or widows (with no issues) willing to settle down in Kerala.

      Contact:thomasmathew47@ gmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2175A8

      Orthodox Parents settled in Bangalore Invite suitable marriage
      proposals for their son 27/178,BE (E&C) with MBA Finance.presently
      a company Manager at Baharin.The girl should be fair, God fearing
      and good looking. Preferably Orthodox Engineering graduate/MBA,Below
      25/5'4" and above. Reply with a recent photograh and bio-data.
      email jacob15mammen@ yahoo.com.mobile 9448551081

      REF NO: MTM 2174A10

      Orthodox parents invite proposals for son 31,168, hailing from central
      travancore, M.Com., M.Phil., ACA, chartered accountant, presently
      working in dubai in the corporate office of a reputed company. Parents
      of professionally qualified girls are requested to
      contact. sab_panacea@ hotmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2172A14

      Orthodox Christian parents from Central Travencore seeks suitable
      marriage proposals for their only son 29 yrs, 166 cms,God Fearing ,
      church oriented and invloved in social work (MBA, Associate Member
      of Insurance Institute of Inida (same as CA)), presently working in
      a General Insurance Company in Underwriting Dept. in UAE), from
      parents of girls of God-fearing(Important), well educated.He will be
      coming to India on April Second week. Please Contact:
      renjiauh29@ rediffmail.com

      REF NO: MTM 2171A15

      Proposals invited for a Jacobite doctor, MBBS, MRCP; 30years old,
      179cm. Brought up, qualified and working in the UK. Looking for a welleducated, God fearing, tall girl from a respectable Orthodox/ Jacobite/Marthomite family. email- johny_ns@ yahoo.co.in

      REF NO: MTM 2170A16

      NRI Marthomite parents invite proposal for their son, 27, 5.7,
      Completed MBBS and presently doing MSc Neuro Science.Ony one sister, got married and settled in Germany. Contact 00965-5611071 or 965-6473650 or 91-479-2303132. kunjachanjohn@ yahoo.com

    • Mark Sadek
      The greatest gift of God, which we mostly need and which we very often obtain from God, through our prayers, is peace or rest of heart. As the Lord Himself
      Message 2408 of 2408 , Jun 22 5:51 PM

        "The greatest gift of God, which we mostly need and which we very often obtain from God, through our prayers, is peace or rest of heart. As the Lord Himself says: 'Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.' Therefore, having obtained this rest, rejoice, and consider yourself as rich and possessing all things."

        St. John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ.


        "Those who are planted in the house of the Lord Shall flourish in the courts of our God."  Psalm 92:13


        The Bible reading for the 16th of Baunah, June 23, is: 
        32 Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom. 33 Sell what you have and give alms; provide yourselves money bags which do not grow old, a treasure in the heavens that does not fail, where no thief approaches nor moth destroys. 34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 35 Let your waist be girded and your lamps burning; 36 and you yourselves be like men who wait for their master, when he will return from the wedding, that when he comes and knocks they may open to him immediately. 37 Blessed are those servants whom the master, when he comes, will find watching. Assuredly, I say to you that he will gird himself and have them sit down to eat, and will come and serve them. 38 And if he should come in the second watch, or come in the third watch, and find them so, blessed are those servants. 39 But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. 40 Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. 41 Then Peter said to Him, Lord, do You speak this parable only to us, or to all people? 42 And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? 43 Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. 44 Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has. (Luke 12:32-44)
        Departure of St. Abba Nofer the Anchorite.

        The Bible reading for the 17th of Baunah, June 24, is: Luke 12:32-44
        The Return of the Relics of the Great St. Mark to the New St. Mark Cathedral.
        Departure of St. Latsoun El-Bahnasawy.

        The Bible reading for the 18th of Baunah, June 25, is: Matthew 12:22-37
        The Inauguration of the New St. Mark Cathedral in the Monastery of Anba Rowais.
        Departure of St. Damianos, 35th Pope of Alexandria.


        Prayer Requests:
        If you have an update on a prayer request, please let me know.

        Please remember the following in your prayers:

        The families of the recently Crowned Martyrs in Egypt and everywhere. May God grant them strength and peace.
        Urgent: Amal - Cancer.
        Urgent: Magda - Cancer.
        Anthony Cacho - Recovery from heart surgery on 6/1 (valve replacement and bypass). Also, his wife for comfort.
        F - Unable to walk for 3 months with a leg infection
        C's uncle - Stage 4 cancer.
        Sam - Drugs Addiction.
        Hannah - Battling epilepsy, depression and anxiety.
        Erice - Young girl with a troubled family life and suicidal thoughts.
        Yaga - Cancer.
        Robert - Infant with a rare kidney disease.
        Faith and family - Healing and guidance 
        Ricardo F. - Health issues
        Thomas, Matthew, Irene and Ayman M.
        Evelyn - Cancer
        5 years old Luke - Health issues
        Daoud - Peace.
        Edith D.

        The unity of the Churches and all Christians.

        Egypt and the Christians in Egypt, Syria, Iraq and Pakistan. "Blessed is Egypt My people." Isaiah 19:25

        Please pray for the peace of the world.

        Please remember me in your prayers.

        "casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
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