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History of Thrikkunnathu Seminary - Part I

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  • Babu Kurian Puliyeril, Dubai
    Introduction The reign of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Divannasios 2nd, who was unanimously chosen as the Malankara Metropolitan and Head of the Synod of Malankara
    Message 1 of 888 , Feb 19, 2007
      The reign of Pulikkottil Joseph Mar Divannasios 2nd, who was unanimously chosen as the Malankara Metropolitan and Head of the Synod of Malankara in 1876, known thereafter as Dionysius Vth was an eventful period in the history of the Malankara Orthodox Church. Victory over the case against the reformists, especially, Palakkunnathu Thirumeni, Visit of Antiochean Patriarch to Malankara for the first time in history, Synod of Mulanthuruthy and establishment of 7 Dioceses in Malankara were some of the consequential milestones during his time. Pulikkottil Thirumeni is considered by historians as a luminous visionary and farsighted leader who founded English Medium Schools as well as church and general journals and seminaries (for teaching theology to deacons and to train them). The Malankara Metropolitan decided to start a new Seminary in the southern part of Kottayam and another one in the northern side. Parumala Seminary was the fruit of his labours. The seminary and the church were constructed on the plot of land donated by Arikupurathu Mathen. Chathuruthil Geevarghese Ramban (later St Gregorios of Parumala) was entrusted with the management of the Seminary.

      Establishment of Church and Seminary
      An apt place was spotted at Thrikkunnathu hill (Thrikkunnathu Kunnu) by H.G. Ambattu Mar Coorilose, the first Metropolitan of the newly established Angamaly Diocese, for establishing a seminary in the northern area. Malankara Metropolitan Pulikkottil Mar Dionisious V was overwhelmed by the suggestion and permission for the project was granted immediately. Mar Coorilose took up the responsibility and was fortunate to consecrate a partially completed church there on 2nd March 1989 where he celebrated Holy Qurbana. He breathed his last on 8th March 1891 and the mortal remains were interred at Angamaly church and as desired by him.

      After the demise of Ambattu Thirumeni, HG Kadvail Paulose Mar Athanasius (the first Metropolitan of Kollam Diocese) who had been transferred earlier to Kottayam Diocese by the Malankara Metropolitan, was assigned additional charge of the Angamali Diocese as well. The dream of the Malankara Metropolitan and the faithful to have a seminary at Thrikkunnathu was completed during his period. The construction work of Thrikkunnathu St.Mary's Church was also completed during his time.

      To be continued....

      Babu Kurien Puliyeril, Dubai

      From the Desk of Moderators:
      We thank Mr. Babu Kurien Puliyeril for his well researched article on this very important subject which is much debated now because of the recent happenings in Alwaye and Trivandrum. We will be publishing the same in three parts in the comming digests.
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