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Re:Is it a good thing to have opinions?

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  • E.S.John, Australia
    Dear Younger Brother, ICON.2089, 6.& 2088, 3. �����Expressing opinions can be harmful only if people hold on to their opinions and fight for them. Once Tom
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006
      Dear Younger Brother,
      ICON.2089, 6.& 2088, 3.
      ”Expressing opinions can be harmful only if people hold on to their
      opinions and fight for them. Once Tom expresses an opinion, he needs
      to forfeit his ownership of that opinion. It becomes a property of
      the group to think further about. Tom does not have to hold on to it
      or fight for it just because that opinion came from his mouth”.
      Please don’t think that I object certain opinions for the sake of objecting, nor is this an objection of your personal opinions. What you said is correct. Instead of holding to one’s own opinion that is only a product of one’s commonsense only leads to a fool’s paradise . While opinions lead to confusion, observations that penetrate one into the land of the mysterious realms are more dependable means of identifying with the unseen truths. Everyone should be allowed to say one’s opinions, but the opinions that hijack the truths that the holy fathers have discovered at the expense of their own blood will have to be followed and practiced zealously by the Orthodox Church members. Our opinions that have become the stereotyped banalities of the high-tech life have no relevance to the orthodox mysticism and frugal lifestyle of the old spiritual warlords. Strictly speaking, we don’t have the right to speak against the Orthodox Church values, while ignoring and denying the religious truths that are handed down by our predecessors. As one Nobel prize scientist has put it this way, “we don’t have the right to live in the land of our forefathers’ because we have polluted not only the equilibrium and ethos of true spiritual vastness but also raped mother earth, causing climate changes and depletion of the essentials that are the primary sources for leading a natural life that whet our religious life. No meaning in giving our personal opinions on impersonal matters as the destiny and the redemptive scheme of humanity lies in the hands of God who harness this and other universes of stellar distances. We are only pigmies in the lands of unseen cosmic worlds. “Follow me” is the right recipe of Christ who gave it to st.Peter when the beloved one was on his knees.
      “One hundred years later, in 1983, in the same city of Chicago, there
      was another conference of world religions commemorating the one in
      1893. This time there was another Indian as the focus of the
      conference—Dr. Paulos Mar Gregorios. He inaugurated the conference
      and also exhorted the world religions to work together to create a
      new world civilization”
      Comparing the contributions and eminence of Swami vivekanda and Paulose Mar Gregorius itself identifies your affinity that invites the proclamation of erudition and gnosticism, not the religious piety and sainthood of the church seers. Paulose mar gregorius was an intellectual giant who captured world attention by thirumeni’s versatile genius. I have only read thirumeni’s ‘Cosmic Man’ that is a product of wide readings and research which a common man like me could not comprehend it entirely. It is full of Latin, Greek and French phrases and includes the allusions of classic literature. One who become a student of parapsychology, for example, The theosophical society, Rosicrusion, etc, can be launched into an unlimited mysterious world of unknowns, yet that is not the vista of orthodox Christianity. People should realize that a world religion of multi-faith syncretism is not Orthodox spirituality; it is a unique kind of its own that has no parallel in this world. As the Orthodox Church has become a miscellaneous amalgam of heterogeneous alienations, it can be validated with the famous Shakespearean aphorism, “There is nothing good or bad but thinking make it so’. Swami Vivekanda’s or Mar Ggrogirius’s ‘ Parliament of World Religions’ or mar Osthathios’s Atraita, Adaitha philosophy or ‘Love is God’ concept is an alien ideology that is squeezed into the body of Christ by them, and their supporters who stifled the beauty and freedom of Orthodox Christianity don’t truly belong to the commonwealth of Orthodox church. The theories of the genetic intellectual elites can be identified with gnosticism or altruism that was shunned and repudiated by st.paul long time back. It is easy to weave a world religion, like that of Raja Mohan Roy or Akbar, if I remember correctly, and find refuge under it for our security and cheap popularity among the spiritual imbeciles and whetting for one’s own megalomania. Despite Homer and john Milton were eminent poets who also dwelt in the religious amphitheatres, they were not like illiterate St.James, st.peter, and others who were the real foot soldiers of Christ. It is not intelligence but feeling make followers for Christ. If the heart and mind work together harmoniously for the glorification of the Almighty, Satan makes his cocoon around the intellect that is only a part of the human body, not of the inner man in its entirety. There have been heretical pioneers, lunatic genii and genetic elites who have left footmarks on the pages of history, yet there is none to excel the magnetic mine fields of the academic illiterates like Parumala thirumeni and kallaseril Bava and other hermits because their orthodox piety led them to the zenith of spiritual luminosity, so also the Galilean fishermen who were entrusted to fish men for the Lord. Heroes and hero worship that blind our eyes is good, but the independent observations and penetration that excel pedestrian opinions lead to the path of truth. “Speak fitly, or be silent wisely” because ‘silence is the best speaker’, like the universe that works silently.

      E.S.John, Australia
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