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Re:Common - Coffin Campaign Takes Off

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  • E.S. John, Australia
    Dear Raju, ICON.1915, Message 2. Every age has its own problems and headaches to tackle with, so also Anakku thadi bharama, urumpinu ari bharama, pettedutha
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      Dear Raju,
      ICON.1915, Message 2. Every age has its own problems and headaches
      to tackle with, so also "Anakku thadi bharama, urumpinu ari bharama,
      pettedutha kulanthai thayku bharama". As we don't have answers in
      the bible for each dilemma we face now, particularly in this high-
      tech life, our only solution is to follow the traditions that we
      have been depending on till now. There was a reason for cremating
      Saul, the first king of Israel, and his followers because they
      committed suicide. Nobody else was cremated ever before or ever
      since. When there weren't any facility of digging deep and making
      coffins, our answers used to bury the dead in the deep dig on the
      same day in seasoned mango or similar tree planks that were prepared
      long before, so as to avoid purification and smell. There could be
      many reasons to bury the dead in coffins. To avoid animals to
      unearth and desecrate the body, so also by minor earth quakes,
      flood, that had been the participant of many sacraments while alive
      and also burial ceremony after the death. Secondly, cover the body
      in the coffin symbolically for protection from the demons for at
      least the time while the spirit is travelling for 40 days through
      the aerial realms of oyar, where the devils test them in 20 toll-
      houses. Thirdly, our duty to enclose the body symbolically at least,
      so as to keep it ready for the resurrection for which our physical
      body is needed, because the Lord's coming can happen at any time.
      Fourthly, as our body is the hand-work and the temple of God, utmost
      respect and honour should be given to the human body while alive and
      departed, just like the church that is indwelt by the Spirit of God,
      then only God will show mercy to theirs as well as our spirits. We
      respect the body as the Spirit of God dwelled within for some years.
      Despite Jesus was a pauper, there were Mary to anoint Him before
      crucifixion and Joseph of Arimathea to anoint His body with costly
      ointment and spices and bury Him in a freshly-cut sepulchre. It was
      the Jewish custom to sprinkle the dead with spices, just as the
      devoted place flowers, sosappa and wreaths on the dead body these
      days. It was a great honour and blessing for the biblical Israelites
      to bury the bodies in the tombs of their kindred ones. If we are
      large-hearted in sharing a coffin, why don't we share our wealth
      also as the early Christians did?
      Another alleged reason is that the earth cannot cope with all our
      new high-tech experiments with mother earth. Don't worry about the
      earth during this doomsday culture of raping her and making waste of
      her recourses. Don't worry her about; it is, however, taking her
      last breathings. Refer my article on `eco threat' that I posted in
      this site for further points.
      Finance was a big issue then and now to those who have been poor,
      yet the poor buried their dead in coffins. It is a fact that
      yesterday's poor is today's rich. It is only a cycle. God provides
      the needy with some minimum provisions. Somehow the poor finds some
      money to meet their basic necessities. The people of different
      social divides of today can do according to their basic incomes.
      There were only one income or no income in the families of those
      times; at least a single income in any family or the chance of
      Govt.pension is an option now. Don't make it an excuse to bury the
      dead without a coffin on financial reasons while we spend money
      luxuriously for jewellery, cosmetics, celebrations and club life. We
      shouldn't become like Protestants who don't care about the spirits
      of their departed ones; the Orthodox need both the spirit and the
      body of the departed people later ; don't send them away in grief
      and antipathy; pray for their souls always while we give them a
      decent burial, the second birth after their death. The church should
      nip in the bud this new trend now. Judas defiled the body of Jesus
      by accepting 30 silver coins because he didn't like Mary wasting 300
      denarii for the ointment she spent for. Jesus' reply to Judas is
      this. "Let her alone; let her keep it for the day of my burial. The
      poor you always have with you, but you do not always have me",
      Jn.12. Therefore, the day of burial is important. Our departed one
      also will say to us," This is only once in a life time", believers.

      E.S. John, Australia
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