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World Charity: (Part 4 of 4): Connecting Seattle and Kunigal

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  • Rajesh Vargheese, Austin, TX
    World Charity: (Part 4 of 4): Connecting Seattle and Kunigal [Continuation of 4 part series on World Charity: Part 1 (ICON digest 1853), Part 2 (ICON digest
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      World Charity: (Part 4 of 4): Connecting Seattle and Kunigal

      [Continuation of 4 part series on World Charity: Part 1 (ICON digest
      1853), Part 2 (ICON digest 1855), Part 3 (ICON digest 1857)]

      Ever wondered why I would be writing about world charity and Bill
      Gates in this forum. Did you guess I was a Microsoft salesman trying
      to sell Gates? Sorry, wrong guess!

      Part 1 to 3 was building up background for part 4: Connecting
      Seattle to Kunigal. In part 1, we introduced the people that
      influenced the world. In part 2, we focused on the influences they
      brought about through the gates foundation across the world. In part
      3, we narrowed the focus on how these initiatives influenced India
      with special emphasis on AIDS.

      In part 4, we will still narrow the scope to focus on our
      initiatives to address the prevention of the spread of AIDS and see
      how we can benefit from the global initiatives.

      I am sure, many of you, if not all, know about St. Gregorios
      Dayabhavan, Kunigal. St.Gregorios Dayabhavan, Kunigal, is a
      charitable organization established by the Malankara Orthodox Church
      at Kunigal near Tumkur, Karnataka. This charity operates a house to
      care for the Children of AIDS patients and operates a Palliative
      Care Centre for the AIDS patients. In addition it runs HIV awareness
      campaigns, provides homecare for the terminal patients and helps in
      the rehabilitation of the AIDS patients.

      This is the only centre of its kind for AIDS patients in Tumkur
      District where the number of cases reported is more than 10,000.

      When ever, any charity project is started, there is a great chance
      that all of them have two things in common. First, there is a big
      dream to reach out. Second, there is shortage of resources. The
      second constraint affects the first and hence the big dream is
      resized to fit the resources.

      I would imagine this to be the same with St. Gregorios Dayabhavan,
      Kunigal. What would it take to ensure that the dream is not
      considerably resized? Obviously, we all can help. In addition, we
      could look out to benefit from the global initiatives.

      In part three, we saw how the Gates foundation empowers the local
      organizations in the fight against the spread of HIV. HIV is one of
      the main focuses of Gates foundation. In part 3, we saw that in
      India, they are concentrating on the six states that are badly
      affected. We also briefly touched the functional areas (campaigns,
      care for patients...) that they focus.

      The focus (fight against AIDS), its location (Tumkur, Karnataka), and
      the focus (awareness campaigns, care for patients...) of Dayabhavan
      perfectly fits in the criteria for organizations that Gates
      foundation works with. We can benefit not only in reaching out to
      more people by their funding, but also, we can learn from the
      experiences they have from other alliances with organizations across
      the world. This will provide us access to research, proven
      communication and campaign techniques. In short, we can connect
      Seattle (Gates foundation) and Kunigal (St.Gregorios Dayabhavan) for
      a common mission.

      Gates foundation provides grants to organizations through two
      methods namely letters of inquiry (LOI) and request for proposals
      (RFP). While there are thousands of applicants, it does not hurt to
      try. If this sounds reasonable, we can prepare an LOI for requesting
      grant for St. Gregorios Dayabhavan, Kunigal from Gates foundation.
      We would be more than willing to assist Dayabhavan in preparing the
      LOI. Undergoing such an exercise can help us to do a self evaluation
      of our area of improvements, if any.

      At the end of the day, the true meaning of service is in the number
      of hearts that we can touch, more than how we find the means to
      serve them. We can do it independently, with a limited scope or hold
      hands with other initiatives and make a difference in many more
      lives. Please remember Dayabhavan in your prayers.

      May God bless St.Gregorios Dayabhavan, Kunigal. Thoughts, most

      Thanks for your time,

      Rajesh Vargheese,
      St. Gregorios Orthodox Church, Austin, TX
      Moderators' Note:
      We thank Rajesh Vargheese for his sincere efforts to reach out and
      spread awareness about global charity initiatives like the Gates
      foundation and how we can tap into the global resource pool to
      enhance our own charity initiatives like the St. Gregorios
      Dayabhavan Kunigal,Karnataka. We can surely benefit much from
      making such global institutions like the Gates foundation aware of
      the initiatives of the church. Hope we can develop this discussion
      further into an action plan to involve the authorities of
      St.Gregorios DayaBhavan, and further to prepare a LOI(Letter of
      Intent) to forward to the Gates Foundation. Hope ICON members in
      touch with the DayaBhavan authorities in Kunigal, Karnataka will
      take Rajesh's message to them and hope volunteers will come forward
      to further work on the subject matter. Any suggestions and comments
      from the ICON members based on their past experiences or thoughts
      for development are most welcome. Let us keep our charity
      initiatives in our prayers in this Lenten season.

      Previous articles in this series are:
      World Charity: Gates, AIDS and India (Part 3 of 4)

      World Charity: The Gates influence(Part 2 of 4)

      World Charity: Time magazine persons of the year 2005: An
      Acknowledgment for Charity (Part 1 of 4)

      Rajesh Vargheese is the Headmaster of the Austin Sunday school, and
      under his initiative the Sunday school this year has charity as its theme and area of focus.
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