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Learn from the Jews

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  • Sumam Thomas
    Dear All, Few Days back on TV, a program on Jewish tradition was shown. At age 13, a Jewish child is expected to have a bar-mitzvah (a grand ceremony). Before
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2001
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      Dear All,

      Few Days back on TV, a program on Jewish tradition was shown. At age
      13, a Jewish child is expected to have a bar-mitzvah (a grand
      ceremony). Before this ceremony the child has to attend classes where
      he is taught about the Jewish tradition, he is made to understand
      that he is a grown up man and responsible for his own action. He is
      taught how to lead a responsible, righteous , sinless life.

      This act of the Jewish tradition can have (+ve/-ve points) and i feel
      we should adopt the (+ve aspects).

      I feel our church also should implement a program for children at the
      age of 13 where he/she is taught

      1. what is right and wrong ?
      2. how he/she should lead a reponsible life ?
      3. what sin is ?
      4. How through his/her actions this place can be a better place to
      live in ?
      5. About our Church tradition ? Why traditions are important ?
      6. About Qurbana, How to get prepared for it.
      7. What is the importance of Passover, Easter, Christmas and all the
      other important occasions of the church.
      8. They should be made aware of the different fasting periods
      accepted by our church, why should we fast ?
      9. who our Saints are ? They should also be taught their life history.
      10. How can the church help in times of spiritual need ?

      I am stressing on the age 13 because that is a very crucial age.
      Before the age of 12-13 a child is very small to understand these
      concepts, he /she is more in the play mood and after the age of 15
      he/she is too grown up to listen to anyone and mostly has the 'don't
      care' sort of attitude.

      I know a lot many of these are taught in the Sunday school, but how
      many of the Orthodox children are attending the sunday school
      (reasons can be any like there are no church in the vicinity, or they
      may have tuition class at the same time, or the parents may not like
      the teaching staff etc etc. )

      I feel there should be a well defined course may be during the Summer
      Holidays which should be made compulsory for children of this age.
      The Syllabus should be the same everywhere. As Baptism is compulsory
      for a christian child this course also should be made compulsory.

      Today how many of the younger generation are aware of all these?
      Alas! just a handful who took efforts on their own to study them.
      There are so many children going in the wrong direction, can we not
      do something to bring them back or can we not do something for the
      future generation.

      I am not saying that after a child attends this course he will not go
      in the wrong path or he'll never commit sin, but it can be reduced to
      some extent.

      While discussing this with one of our Thirumenis I was told that the
      Holy Synod, a decade ago, had agreed to a similar kind of program;
      but how many of us are aware of this and have implemented this ? I
      was also told that the Metropolitan of the American Diocese is
      working hard to have this implemented, but i am writing this mail as
      i felt that it should be implemented every where as this is
      something really important.

      Please write your comments.

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