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Re: Women Priesthood, etc

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  • Daniel Thomas
    Dear all, Please read the books written by V. Rev. Kuriakose Thottupuram Chor-Bishop (Chicago,USA) who is more close to Coptic Orthodox Church. Without
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2005
      Dear all,

      Please read the books written by V. Rev. Kuriakose Thottupuram Chor-Bishop (Chicago,USA) who is more close to Coptic Orthodox Church. Without knowing much about Orthodoxy please don't speak anything about Female priesthood. Are we sure that all the Orthodox theologians of our church are writing and reading all these posts?

      Many of the priests (Seminarians) are unaware of what's going on in many forums like this…Do you know that there is a disagreement between our priests--- the strong (staunch) Orthodox priests and liberal orthodox priests about changing that protestant affiliation of our Seminary?? Remember that spiritual stalwarts like Vattasseril Thirumeni and Parumala Thirumeni learnt Orthodoxy at the feet of their gurus by experiencing it where as the present Seminary Students learn papers intellectually from the protestant Scholars. Orthodoxy can't be learnt merely from books or teaching in a period of 4-5 years time; even in that period our students read protestant scholar's books!!!! Remember Orthodox stalwarts were raised in Orthodox Mysticism that has disappeared from our present generation Church living in a pool of money, democracy and cheap politics and cosmetic spirituality. Many of us are really unaware of Holy Orthodoxy!!! Even I myself was unaware about these things few years back when one staunch Orthodox believer happened to meet me. Then I used to read the websites of Greek/Russian Orthodox Church and also happened to read the book written by Dr. Kuriakose Thottupuram Cor-Episcopa-"CHRISTHEEYA POUROHITYAM ORTHODOX VEEKSHANATHIL". He has pointed out many heresies (indirectly) preached by our bishops (in his book). You can contact him and discuss about women priesthood...Don't take it granted for any Canonical matter since a few priests or theologians agree or disagree with you/me about the issue of "Women priesthood" . Most of us presume that having a Ph.D for any priest or layman makes him an Orthodox theologian...NO!!!!!!!!!

      As I told you I was like this few years back and had then this issue be raised I would have stood blindly for the women...I'm not opining about the issue here..but requesting everyone to get a copy of this book written by Chor-Episcopachen and learn more of Orthodoxy...Orthodoxy is not mere tradition or a priest with black robe and skull cap...It is practiced at the feet of the gurus like Pampady Thirumeni unlike present seminary where (according to Chor-Episcopachen) there is no guarantee for Disciplined Orthodox priests like late HH Geevarghese -II Bava mostly who never compromised Orthodoxy for anything. V.Rev.Dr.Thottupuram Chor-bishop had been the secretary of late H.G.Thoma Mar Dionysius of Pathanapuram who was very loyal to our faith and also who was chosen by Parumala Thirumeni at his young age....Chor-Bishop is at Chicago and is working as Professor.His native place is at Chengannur.
      You can get his details by visiting www.orthodoxherald.com

      Hope this would change some people's understanding. My intention is not to defame any priest or bishop or theologian. I just echoed what has been written in the book of Chor-episcopachen. Parumala Thirumeni always advocated the gospel teams or faith teaching people to be under the priests and be official.
      Our forum and many others are controlled by people (ordinary believers who commented about Women priesthood in an Unorthodox way-read the book to be sure of what I am telling) working abroad. Even thought they are doing with good intention I see mere individualism sometimes here with no basic knowledge in Orthodoxy. Learn from Greek/Russian Churches to be enlightened...I tell this since many priests are considered as mere B.Th graduates with protestant influence and not like Pampady thirumeni and HH.Geevargese Baselios-II Bava. Many of our women (including my mother) are from protestant backgrounds and think that Orthodoxy is all about merely what the present priests and bishops say?

      If you are willing please talk with the Chor-Bishop for more information on Orthodoxy...

      In His Love,
      Daniel Thomas

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      Subsequently we have received the following note from the author. Due to overcrowding of messages during this season we could not post the message fast. Also there was need for review and editing the original message.Thanks for your patience and Inconvenience regretted.

      Daniel Thomas wrote:
      I wrote something about woman priesthood and that was not seen anywhere..
      You were interested in posting the feminist postings of both laymen and some clerics...also in posting the messages of some bishops??
      I think you are appeasing the bishops and priests irrespective of Holy Orthodoxy handed down over to us by holy fathers like HH Geevarghese Baselios-II and others.

      Most of the modern clerics are interested in making cheap popularity and money-making policies....Anyway sending the message again.
      Waiting to see your response.....
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