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  • Very Rev Thomas P Mundukuzhy, CorEpiscopa
    ACTS 7: 44-53: CHRIST ESTABLISHED GOD�����S TEMPLE 1. Stephen�����s defense 2. God does not dwell in the temple: 1 Kings 8:27; Acts 17:24 3. Believers are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      1. Stephen’s defense

      2. God does not dwell in the temple: 1 Kings 8:27;
      Acts 17:24

      3. Believers are God’s temple: 1 Corinthians 6:19

      4. Obeying the Law is very important.


      1. The Old Testament Day of Atonement Sacrifices
      (Leveticus 6) could not cleanse the conscience.
      2. Christ’s offerings of Himself purges the conscience
      and gained entrance into the heavenly sanctuary.

      ST. JOHN 10:22-38: HAVE FAITH (Holy Qurbana)

      1. Tricky question: Jesus was asked whether He is
      Christ to “catch” Him. If Jesus says that He is
      Christ, He could be labeled as a rebel against the
      Roman Governor; if not, to say that He is tricking the

      2. Nothing Particular: Jesus did not claim anything
      particular. Jews were just the opposite. Only to
      Samaritan woman, Jesus revealed that He is Christ
      (John 4:26).

      3. Accept Him: Jews did not accept the words or works
      of Jesus. They did not change even though they
      realized that Jesus was Messiah.

      4. Recognize Jesus: Recognize Him by His sound and
      knowledge and follow. Good shepherd go after even one
      lost sheep.

      5. Watch and Believe: Jesus and the Father are One. “A
      tree is known by its fruits.”

      6. Do Good Things: Jews tried to stone Jesus. Why
      throw at people who do good things? We have to humble
      ourselves on this day and seek goodness: Psalms 4:6.

      7. Be Mild: Throw roses, not rock: Eph. 4:25-32
      (Lion : “Who is the King?’
      Rabbit: “Of course you are”
      Monkey: “Certainly, you are the king”
      Elephant: Caught the lion at its trunk and threw him
      to the ground.
      Lion got back and said: “If you don’t know the
      answer, you don’t have to be rough, be nice).

      8. Examine Oneself: Jesus told the Jews to stone the
      woman who was caught in adultery by one who is without
      sin (John 8:7). Stick in the eyes, but see speck in
      others’ (Matthew 7:1-5).

      9. Dedication during winter: Cold season. Warm up needed.

      TEST NO: 5

      PLEASE NOTE: The Question Answer part of this Bible
      Study series shall be considered as a CORRESPONDENCE
      COURSE and I would like to remind every one to
      participate in this COURSE to learn more about the
      Holy Bible and the CHURCH. I encourage all Achens to
      announce in the church about this BIBLE STUDY so that
      lots of members can participate.

      1. Who is the first declared native saint of our
      Indian (Malankara) Orthodox Church? In what year was
      this declaration? When do we observe the Memorial
      Feast of this saint?

      2. Recite a personal (if possible your own) experience
      of miracle happened through this saint’s mediation.

      3. Give the reference for “The prayer of a righteous
      man has a powerful effect”.

      4. Who defiled Jerusalem temple and who rededicated it?

      5. Why we should have a treasury in the church?

      6. Who spoke to the Lord face to face?

      7. After King Solomon built the Jerusalem temple what
      did he do first?

      8. Salvation is offered to whom?

      9. (Fill in) --------are God’s temple.

      10. Who told about whom to throw stone who is without sin?


      Very Rev Thomas P Mundukuzhy, CorEpiscopa
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