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A Meditation of Psalm 107

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  • John Kunnathu
    A 911 Call to Heaven A Meditation of Psalm 107 Psalm 107 invites those who have been redeemed by Yahweh to give thanks. The psalmist reminds them that they
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2005
      A 911 Call to Heaven
      A Meditation of Psalm 107

      Psalm 107 invites those who have been redeemed by Yahweh to give
      thanks. The psalmist reminds them that they were redeemed by Yahweh,
      and were gathered from all the four directions and from all kinds of
      troubles, and therefore, they need to thank Yahweh.

      When we travel along the path of life, we meet with unexpected
      troubles. With all the resources God has given us, we try our best
      to overcome the troubles in order to continue our journey. Most of
      the times we manage to overcome the troubles with the available
      resources. But there are times in everyone's life when we face with
      insurmountable problems that even if we expend all the available
      resources, we can't find a solution, and the troubles hunt us. It
      might be a situation in which we might lose our health, or lose our
      means of living, or even our life. When a life-threatening
      catastrophe strikes us, none of the available resources will be
      enough to face its challenge. Here in this psalm, we see people in
      four such situations: lost in an uninhabited desert (4-9), chained
      in prison (10-16), in the grips of a mortal illness (17-22), and
      caught in the middle of the angry sea (23-32). It is very unlikely
      for people to come out of such situations alive.

      When people approach the gates of death (18), and find themselves at
      their wit's end (27), they will have nothing else to do but to cry
      for help to the almighty. It is often at the gates of death that we
      seek the life-giver.

      God usually does not interfere in our lives unless and until we seek
      help because of the freedom God has given us to make decisions for
      ourselves. We are God's children, and even God respects our right to
      make decisions. Moreover, God expects us to make use of all the
      available resources before calling for help. But once we expend all
      the resources, and we seek help, the response comes immediately.
      Regardless of the situation, it follows the same formula (6, 13, 19,
      28). The 911 call to heaven gets a response right away. It has
      happened several times in my life, and I can assure that it has
      happened several times in the lives of may people who read this.

      When making an emergency call to heaven, what are we going to say?
      We need to realize that we are communicating with our life-giver.
      The one who gave us life has the right to take it back at His will.
      It is an occasion for us to surrender our will fully and totally to
      Him. We need to say: "Not my will but thy will be done. If it
      pleases thee, take me back to thee, or if it pleases thee, let me
      stay here until it is time to come back to thee." Let God decide
      what to do.

      A lot of people desperately make a 911 call to heaven in times of
      need, but when the help comes, they do not even realize that the
      help was a response to their call. What a shame! Therefore, it is
      not enough to cry for help, but we need to wait for it, and when it
      arrives, we need to acknowledge it with gratitude. Regardless of the
      situation, this must take the same formula (8, 15, 21, 31).

      It is a good idea to be in regular contact with our life-giver, not
      just in times of emergency. With a good relationship with Him, we
      will know exactly what to do when we are in an emergency. Also when
      the help comes we will know for sure where it comes from.


      John Kunnathu, Houston TX
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