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9989Re: [ICON] Re: Lost Patriarchate

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  • Dr.GeorgeK John
    Apr 23, 2005
      Dear All,
      we were reading several messages on discussing the
      catholicate and patriarchate and i am sure that those
      arguments will never converge and touch to any
      conclusions as they are kept parallel today. the
      re-establishment of the catholicate of the 3rd century
      was done in malankara in 1912 for which there were
      objections within the church. however it was made
      right in 1964. still the confusion prevails.

      in one of my old postings i just mentioned about the
      establishment of a bishopate in Parumala seminary
      which is the spiritual power for all our church
      leaders, parishes all over the world and an undisputed
      pilgrimage for all irrespective of cast, creed and
      St.Greegorios of Parumala himself went to Jeruselam
      and accepted the title of Jerusalem Patriarch in
      silence. However; never agreed to the request of HH
      Moran Peter III the Patriarch of Antioch to shift the
      saint's stay to Jerusalem. saint's staying back at
      Parumala resulted in the 2nd Jerusalem for us.
      it is a common sight in Parumala that a bishop is
      alway is visiting the sacred shrine.
      as suggested in my earlier postings can we position a
      bishop in that vacant seminary and re -establish the
      title 'Jerusalem Patriarch' under the St Thomas
      this would fulfil the desire of the saint to activate
      the seminary as the spiritual centre for the church.
      this should be the only place where no Christian shall
      be denied of any sacraments because of the trivial
      church administration.

      with prayers
      Dr.GeorgeK John, Sharjah.
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